Architecture Awards 2023

BUILD Architecture Awards 2023 84 ased in Brooklyn, JPA has earned a reputation for excellence wherein they can tackle any challenge that a client might throw at them. Whether the focus is on sustainability, affordable housing, historic preservation, custom design, or any combination of these, the team work tirelessly to achieve their goals and progress them to ultimate success. JPA strives to find architectural solutions that are always site-specific, sensitive to the environment and have the ability to genuinely improve lives and communities at large. The JPA team’s promise is to handle your projects whether they’re renovations or constructions from the ground up. Each challenge is unique, and so the team are able to proceed from the conceptual designs of what might be built all the way through to the completion of the construction process. Needless to say, having a steady pair of hands at the tiller throughout an often-complex process makes an enormous difference to how the operation works. We caught up with Jon Powell to find out more about some of his more recent projects. “We just finished renovating a 1850s building in Newburgh, New York, that we believe was designed by Calvert Vaux, one of 19th-century America’s most renowned architects,” he told us. “Our goal was to create five new housing units that fit into the urban fabric – and 21st century living – while preserving the building’s character and bringing its grandeur back to life.” While a historic building, the difficulties that the team faced were imminently modern. “The city of Newburgh, in New York’s historic Mid-Hudson region, faces a housing shortage, which was only compounded by supply-chain disruptions and a surge in house prices during the pandemic,” Jon tells us. “We had to navigate all this, along with the usual surprises lurking behind old walls, to build housing that retained or restored enough historic detail to qualify for preservation-related tax credits.” Working on a project like this demands an approach which is always hands-on and incredibly transparent. Weekly meetings are an absolute must to review progress on the design or technical development of the project. “Once construction begins, we continue our weekly meetings at the site, with the contractor and any clients who wish to see progress in person,” Jon explains. “Since architecture projects can be fast moving and multi-faceted, we use task-management software to make sure smaller items don’t fall through the cracks.” As a small practice with a strong reputation, it’s little wonder that much of the work received by JPA is through referrals. Working across a variety of different project types has meant that the team has also been able to showcase its work in a host of different design and trade publications. Looking ahead, the future seems bright for Jon and his intrepid crew. “We have three extensive renovations of historic buildings in New York City and New York’s Hudson Valley that will keep us busy for a few years,” he says. “One of these projects is a 16-unit, mixed-use (residential and commercial) affordable housing project, also in Newburgh, New York. It encompasses the renovation of a dilapidated 1880s townhouse and a groundup addition on the vacant lot next door. When complete they will function as one building.” It’s clear that the JPA team have a lot on their place, but still space for new ideas and concepts that come through the door. “We’re always looking for new clients who want to complete a thoughtful and beautifully designed project,” Jon says with a smile. It’s clear that clients are also looking for a team that can meet such high standards as JPA as well! Company: Jon Powell Architecture PLLC (JPA) Name: Jon Powell Email: [email protected] Web Address: JPANEWYORK.COM Timeless architecture is not built in a day, but the team at Jon Powell Architecture PLLC have made it their mission to do it as near as possible to this, while maintaining the highest possible standards. In the Architecture Awards 2023 from BUILD, we were delighted to award the team for their incredible achievements. We caught up with them to find out more. B Mar23391 Most Client-Focused Residential Architecture Firm 2023 - Northeast USA