Architecture Awards 2023

BUILD Architecture Awards 2023 6 known restaurant chains across Mexico, the country’s leading television networks, and multiple large corporate offices. Not only has Huatan successfully redefined the look of these commercial spaces, but it has also made a tangible difference in residential sectors. These curated landscapes cultivate a sense of familial connection, enhancing everyday experiences and bringing joy to families within their tastefully designed gardens. In addition to its captivating work in landscape design, Huatan is renowned for its creative abilities in both public and private festivals and events. The company’s vibrant and imaginative participation in these occasions is proof of its distinctive originality and commitment to enhancing green spaces. Daniel has been at the helm of Huatan for over 16 years – a tremendous level of dedication from a strong leader with a great vision for a more sustainable way of living. Ensuring that he, and his team, is committed to creating spaces that will stand the test of time, act as great sources of joy, and make the world a cleaner, greener place to live. ince 2006, Huatan has been serving customers in both the commercial and residential sphere. Huatan continues to surpass all expectations in order to create a greener landscape in Mexico. Also working in four major cities in the US – Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Texas – and very soon, Florida - Huatan has already started unbreakable partnerships throughout its time. Founder and CEO, Daniel Gómez Bilbao, shares an impressive list of their clientele, which extends to real estate developments, prestigious hotels, a major airport, and various public and commercial spaces, thus shaping the aesthetic appeal of numerous establishments. Huatan’s expertise in landscape design is appreciated by some of the most wellAs the human race, it is of utmost importance that we come together to create a more eco-friendly, sustainable, and green world to live in now – as well as for future generations to come after us. Huatan is a cutting-edge, international firm which utilises a plethora of technological advancements to improve design, architecture, environmentalism, care, and the preservation of our planet. We learn from Huatan’s Founder and CEO, Daniel Gómez Bilbao, as it wins its title in the Architecture Awards 2023. S Mar23487 Most Reliable Landscaping & Gardening Business 2023 – Mexico City “For more than 15 years and with over 10 million square feet planted, we have had the amazing opportunity to transform grey into green with each of our projects and services.” “Our passion is to work to make the world greener.” “For us, each project has specific needs and is completely unique. This is why we seek to design every green space in a special way.”