Q4 2021

Q4 2021 The Architecture of Synergy Giving Back to Nature TrustMgt OOKI Architects & Associates is a firm operating out of Japan with an internationally growing prestige and a reputation for excellence. Handling a diversity of different projects of all types, for clients of all trades, its work both in methodology and in style fits itself perfectly to any brief, with an expansive portfolio that has impressed awards committees since its founding. Also in this issue: Enigma Engineering Solutions Ltd Building Better for the Future Wyatt Management General Contractor

BUILD Q4 2021 2 Welcome to the Q4 issue of BUILD Magazine. As always, we endeavour to be your source for all the latest news and features from across the global construction and property industries. As we come to the end of a busy and in many ways pivotal year in the construction and property industries, we may be forgiven for thinking that the businesses within are ready to slow down and relax. In this issue of BUILD Magazine, however, it is clear that this is not the case. The best and the brightest from around the world are instead taking on all they have learnt in a year that has pushed us to examine key concepts such as sustainability, mental and physical wellbeing, and flexible working systems, and preparing to implement them into their strategies for 2022 and beyond. This month, we are delighted to present OOKI Architects & Associates, an award-winning architectural company of Japan that boasts this modern and forward-thinking approach to its varied portfolio. From museums to care homes, OOKI Architect’s rich collection of projects exemplifies an innovative philosophy centred on the synergy of natural landscapes and functionality to create buildings and spaces that pay homage to both the future and the planet. Join us as we discover similar stories of success from a global industry that is seeing a shift towards sustainability and modernisation for a better and greener future. We look forward to welcoming you back in 2022 for the next issue of BUILD Magazine. Alex Abraham, Editor Website: www.build-review.com AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

Q4 2021 BUILD 3 4. News 6. The Architecture of Synergy 8. Advanced Spaces for Excellent Living 9. Raising the Bar 10. The Company Putting the Customer at the Heart of Construction 11. The Sustainable Future of Engineering 12. Building Better for the Future 14. Ace Copper Specialists: Sheet Metal Roofing Fabricator of the Year – Canada 15. A Thrilling Development 16. Balfour Landscapes Ltd: Best Garden Design/Build Company - Hampshire 17. African Bamboo: Best Tropical Bamboo Decking Manufacturer 2021 18. You Build It, J&S Cleans It 19. King Brothers: Best Full-Service Home Renovation Company – Berkshire 20. HOLLSPA: Best Custom Floating Shower Bench Manufacturer - USA 21. Inside Out Oxford: Beautiful bespoke garden rooms that don’t cost the earth 22. D&D Architect and Interiors Pty Ltd: Best Architectural Feasibility & Documentation Consultancy - Victoria 23. BkT Architecture: Best Rural Planning and Architectural Design Practice – South West England 24. Buildeo: Best Commercial Construction Company - UK 26. TAGES: Best Architectural Fabrication Specialists 2021 - Italy 27. RJHArchitecture: Best Residential Architecture and Design Firm 2021 – Central London 28. B.Russo Designs: Best Hospitality & Retail Architectural Design Firm - Texas 29. Rewarding Renovation Excellence 30. The Landmark Architects of the Tucson Landscape 31. Global Pageant:Best Independent Third-Party Inspection and Testing Company 2021 32. Enigma Engineering Solutions Ltd: Best Family-Run Bulk Recycling Solutions Provider - UK 33. A Modern Twist on Traditional Art 34. Lopez Salas Architects: Best Performing Arts Facility Architecture and Interior Design Firm – Texas 35. Invest in Success! 36. Better Excavation for the Future of Construction 38. Building the Future of Architecture 39. A. Pashenko creative architectural workshop: Leading Building Design Studio of the Year 2021 - Ukraine 40. Design With A Difference 41. Dias Architects: Best Office Project (Cyprus): Office Building – Kyriacou Matsi 42. Giving Back to Nature 44. Studio Artemell: Interior Designer of the Year (Europe): Emell Gök Che 45. Prime Secure: Best Provider of Innovative Security for Construction Industry 2021 – Glasgow 46. Vastine Remodeling: Best Residential and Commercial Remodelling Contractor – Greater Houston 47. Broken Blinds: Best Motorized & Bespoke Blinds Maintenance Service – Greater London 48. Comma: Best Intelligent Control Systems Manufacturer 2021 49. Hats Off to This Hands-On Approach 50. Winners’ Listings Contents

BUILD Q4 2021 News iddlesbrough property developers, Python Properties has seen a record number of new tenants across their Teesside office buildings. The organisation’s portfolio of commercial properties within Teesside, consisting of Boho Zero, Cargo Fleet Offices and The Co-operative Buildings, have taken over 25,000 square foot of new lettings in this year alone. The new tenants who have taken up space include the UK’s number one insurance broker Bespoke Financial, Middlesbrough Council, Echo-U and global engineering company Mott Macdonald. The new tenants come after Python Properties has invested over £300,000 into improving their three buildings during the pandemic. This includes their most recent transformation of Boho Zero, formerly known as Royal Middlehaven House. More than your typical office space, each building has a range of amenities including art galleries that can be used as exhibition space, manned receptions, on-site cafes and secure car parking to name a few. Discussing the recent success, Martin Johnson, partner at Python Properties said: “It has been great to see a large number of new tenants across our three buildings in Teesside, including many new companies and companies from outside of our area, particularly during this extremely challenging time. “When we first acquired the buildings, they were run down and in need of a major overhaul, we have since worked hard to regenerate each building into high spec office space built for modern day businesses, so it’s great to see local, national and indeed global companies recognising this and choosing us as a place to base their business.” Partner, Peter Broome added: “We strive to offer more than the standard commercial rental experience whether this be through our flexible lease terms or low service charges. “We’re dedicated to providing the best service to our tenants and even provide bespoke office fit-outs to meet our tenant’s exact requirements.” Speaking on their recent move to Middlesbrough, new tenants in Boho Zero, Echo-U said: “We chose to open a third contact centre in the heart of Middlesbrough city centre because it offered so many benefits to the business, including a large talented Record number of new tenants across Teesside office space for Middlesbrough property developers M pool of local people that would be able to deliver the outstanding customer service we provide and a well-connected location. “Boho Zero was chosen because of its large, modern office interior, central location and added perks for our team including on-site cafe, gallery and parking. Python Properties are a professional and dynamic business partner to work with that have delivered a great office product in a very quick timescale for us.” Middlesbrough Mayor Andy Preston said: “It’s been the toughest 18 months in living memory, so this is an amazing achievement by a fantastic local company. “Python Properties are delivering the sort of office accommodation modern, ambitious employers are looking for, and that’s helping to create jobs and prosperity. “Middlesbrough’s on the up, and success stories like this are building the foundations of an amazing future.” Python Properties are commercial property specialists with over 25 years’ experience and their portfolio of commercial properties also expands beyond Teesside to include West Yorkshire and Greater Manchester.

• Kebony’s patented wood modification technology enhances the qualities of sustainable softwood, giving it the characteristics and usability of premium hardwood • Kebony enables the production of sustainable and environmentally friendly wood at low cost, which has the potential to transform the construction industry • Kebony has demonstrated strong year-on-year growth, and will use the funding to expand and scale across the European and US markets Kebony, the leading environmentally friendly wood modification technology company, today announces a successful EUR 30 million funding round led by Jolt Capital and Lightrock. Kebony’s vision is to reduce CO2 emissions and tropical deforestation using its patented wood modification techniques, which produce superior wood in an environmentally friendly way. The key disruptive trends in the construction industry are expressed by the need for greener, safer, and better products, as the standard construction materials concrete and steel are large emitters of CO2 globally. In addition, the current large market for tropical wood is set to be replaced by enhanced wood to protect biodiversity and reduce tropical deforestation. The Kebony® technology permanently transforms sustainable wood species such as pine into Kebony wood with features that are comparable, and in some cases superior, to those of precious tropical hardwoods. This unique environmentally friendly process is also a superior alternative to traditional wood treatment based on impregnation with wood preservatives. Kebony’s EUR 30 million financing round is led by Jolt Capital and Lightrock, who will join longstanding Kebony shareholders such as Goran, MVP, FPIM, PMV and Investinor, of which the latter two will remain represented on the Board of Directors. The capital injection will expand and accelerate Kebony’s growth initiatives in core markets in Europe and the US. The funding will enable Kebony to further penetrate a EUR 3 billion market and leverage the underlying megatrends of producing sustainable materials for the residential and non-residential construction industries. “Kebony produces the most beautiful and ecological wood on the market, with a superior quality that is both environmentally friendly and cost-effective. To further leverage opportunities within the enhanced wood technology industry, we are proud to announce Jolt Capital and Lightrock as new investors in Kebony, “says Norman Willemsen, Chief Executive Officer of Kebony. “At Jolt Capital we have a strong interest in material science Sustainable wood pioneer Kebony raises EUR 30 million in funding round companies which leverage their patented technologies to offer sustainable products. With over 20 years of R&D in woodtech and a well-proven process that gives cultivated soft woods the desirable properties of hard tropical ones, Kebony is one of them. We are thrilled to finance the expansion of their European production facilities to both support the strong market growth and offer an alternative to rainforests deforestation,” says Antoine Trannoy, Managing Partner at Jolt Capital. “Kebony is perfectly positioned in the race for a decarbonized world with an ambition to be the leader within wood modification technologies. We look forward to supporting the company to implement its growth strategy and to leverage the significant operational scalability and continue the profitable growth journey,” says Kevin Bone, Partner at Lightrock. “The new management team has conducted a successful transformation of the company, and with backing of our new high-quality investors providing improved financial flexibility, Kebony can accelerate growth, enhance its technology development roadmap, and explore potential acquisitions. The addition of Didier Roux and Rebekah Braswell to the Board of Directors will strengthen Kebony’s expansion and scalability. Coupled with the company’s unique selling proposition and backed by double-digit growth, we believe Kebony is ideally positioned to unlock the full potential of sustainable and enhanced wood” says Cornelius Walter, newly appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors. “Kebony reported a revenue growth of 23% in the first half of 2021, compared to the same period in 2020, with a strong positive EBITDA. The revenues in 2020 had already increased by 26% yearover-year, with a significant EBITDA improvement, driven by the company’s geographical growth strategy in key markets. The finalization of the private placement significantly strengthens Kebony’s financial flexibility and supports the accelerated growth strategy,” says Thomas Vanholme, Chief Financial Officer of Kebony. “As early investors in Kebony, we were impressed by the technology and the market opportunity that lay in substituting tropical hardwood with a sustainable alternative. We have seen the company through its transition from an early pioneer in the modified wood market to being a market leader in the segment, with demonstrated international growth potential. We are delighted to have Lightrock and Jolt Capital bring momentum to scaling Kebony in the years to come. What better way to make a massive impact on sustainability than stopping logging of precious tropical hardwoods, whilst still providing a long-lasting wood alternative to concrete, plastic and steel?” added Thomas Hoegh, Founder and CEO of Arts Alliance Ventures. Carnegie AS and Pareto Securities AS have acted as financial advisors to the company.

6 BUILD Q4 2021 Apr21673 The Architecture of Synergy OOKI Architects & Associates is a firm operating out of Japan with an internationally growing prestige and a reputation for excellence. Handling a diversity of different projects of all types, for clients of all trades, its work both in methodology and in style fits itself perfectly to any brief, with an expansive portfolio that has impressed awards committees since its founding. iromoto Oki is the founder of OOKI Architects & Associates, a company taking a research-based approach to a myriad of different building and construction projects, ranging from massive hotels to hospitals and casinos. It has also cut its teeth on the creation and building of hot spring facilities and private funerary facilities. Fundamentally, OOKI Architects & Associates has been inspired by the surroundings in the local area in which it works, taking an in-depth and analytical approach to environmental problems and ethnic issues in order to integrate buildings into the surroundings in which they sit. This allows them to naturalistically grow up from the landscapes as though they were meant to be there. Moreover, OOKI Architects & Associates seek to respect and beneficially add to the local ecosystem and social structures in which they work, believing in a philosophy of treading lightly and forging a sense of belonging for his clients. He has taken this attitude to a multitude of builds at this point – over 400, in fact – all of which he has transformed into examples of buildings that give back. Furthermore, the brilliance of these buildings has allowed OOKI Architects & Associates to become a household name internationally, resulting in recognition from awards councils; this includes the 2021’s Leading Architecture Firm Japan 2021, Design & Build Awards, the 2020’s Outstanding Property Award for London for which it walked away with a platinum win, and 2020’s A’ Design Award and Competition for which it won the bronze. These awards have allowed its reputation for prestige and exemplary client-focused work to precede it. As a consequence, OOKI Architects & Associates’ work is recognizable across the board, contracting it for a project guarantees the quality of the end product, and its reliability as a firm is well-known. One of the buildings that it has applied its workings to in order to create something outstanding is the Museum in Wakayama, Japan. Fundamentally, this quayside establishment has been created to evoke a sense of whimsy and wonderment in those who visit it, creating different visual effects depending on how the guest approaches it – from a vantage point within a boat it seems to float atop the water, and if visiting in a car it gives the impression of swaying gently with the tide. Crucially, this aesthetically links it to the marine environment, creating a synergy that the client loves. It was created by using a combination of the right materials in a kind of juxtaposition, the glass wall on the outside and the inner solid wall holding different properties and therefore, when seen one atop the H other, causing an illusion of slow and steady undulating movement, not unlike the gentle roll of waves. The effect is magnificent; and thus, the facility has been able to achieve its visual and functional goals as a space of culture in Tanabe and an area of recreation, relaxation, and meditation. Another example of a build that OOKI Architects & Associates handled for its clients has recently been a private studio that also functions as a care centre. Found in Saga, Japan, Atelier K PLAN was an idea drummed up for a family, designed to reflect the client’s origins in everything from the design and form of the building to the way it was positioned. Dutifully, it was designed to allow visitors to face the sea – specifically, to face a country beyond the sea – angled thusly to allow them to feel this connection with the nation, even when it is many miles away.

7 Q4 2021 BUILD There are no sharp edges included in the building, allowing the qi of the construction to flow unimpeded from the mountain on the east side to the sea in the west, and up to the top where the round object that forms the centre of prayer to their ancestors sits. The congregational area has been placed so that the building can be a functional centre for familial activity. During the ideation, build, and developmental processes, OOKI Architects & Associates was lauded by its clients for its consistent empathic and sensitive way of working, always taking the time to understand the client and the end-users it is creating the building for. Therefore, the result is a build that takes pride of place in the OOKI Architect’s portfolio, complete with a place of reverence, relaxation, and family that is a respectful homage to the dead and a restful place of remembrance for the living. By assembling the building around nature how it did, OOKI Architects & Associates allowed the prayers to flow in a seaward direction. On the other hand, whilst it excels at concepts of seriousness and reverence, it can also apply its exemplary design methodologies to create spaces of fun and whimsy; its Marunouchi Helios is an amusement centre in Ehime, Japan, and again plays with the idea that the building looks different from different perspectives. There are two patterns that have been drawn on the side of the building, layered in such a way that the viewer sees different things depending on their vantage point. This brings the liveliness and joy of the interior to the forefront of the façade, preparing visitors for what they can expect within, whilst nearby the several sightseeing spots provide additional points of excitement and intrigue to a muchneeded place of entertainment and leisure. Moreover, it was the hope of both the client and OOKI Architects & Associates that the pop design will provide an energy and playfulness to an area that previously had no locales for entertainment and leisure – offering a place of both social gathering and rejuvenation through human connection. It built on this idea further with its EVO 3 building. Created for a plot of land in Fukuoka, Japan, the layout and design of EVO 3 is one of growing vegetation and plant life that shows OOKI Architects & Associates range even when working with similar concepts. Much like Marunouchi Helios, it’s a place for relaxation and leisure. However, unlike the pop design stylings of that build, EVO 3 focused more on a connection to nature. Consequentially, its design is one that draws in the greenery around it and gives the impression of having sprung up from the surrounding foliage, with the plant life following the visitor into the building proper and guiding them around the halls and rooms, giving the whole place a light, life, and energy. The vitality that visitors can enjoy when in the building itself is second to none. EVO 3 is one of OOKI Architects & Associates prized builds, one that makes use of natural terracotta colours in order to allow the greenery to take centre stage and guide the eye, with added warmth from the occasional terracotta tone. The hall, therefore, uplifts and calms, and OOKI Architects & Associates has achieved a source of inspiration and pleasure for the local people as a result. Although each of these were vastly different builds, a couple of results remain consistent with OOKI Architects & Associates’ work; the satisfaction of the client, and the effectiveness of how its work positively impacts end users. Due to this, it’s easy to see how OOKI Architects & Associates has made itself one to watch. Company: OOKI Architects & Associates Website: ookikenchiku.co.jp

8 BUILD Q4 2021 Oct21168 Advanced Spaces for Excellent Living Working with housing associations and authorities, ModPods International Ltd produces houses that appeal to the senses whilst also focusing on the practical, for a more inclusive future. With a shortage in living spaces and materials, it has been a tough year for construction companies. However, ModPods has recently won Leaders in Manufacturing Modular Housing Pods, 2021 - The United Kingdom. Here we look at what it contributes to the housing market, despite the shortages and challenges it has faced. stablished in 2017, ModPods International Ltd is a leading house manufacturer in the UK. Working with Birmingham City Council, ModPods creates housing that abides by the Nationally Described Space Standards (NDSS). Its expansive range of well-designed, necessary dwellings please its clients as well as provide a living space that really makes a difference to the way we see housing. With its contemporary designs and fresh outlook, ModPods presents inventive and defined, advanced buildings for a more sustainable future. According to the UK Government, NDSS spaces must be comfortable, energy efficient, and meet building control standards. ModPods meets and exceeds these building standards as it creates only the best living spaces through its work with local authorities across Nuneaton, Bedworth, Broadlands Housing in Norwich, and the Royal Borough of Greenwich in London. By working with local authorities, ModPods is able to deliver innovative and exceptional buildings that are fit for living to the places that need them most. It provides creative spaces and, importantly, eases the housing crisis in the UK. Above all else, however, ModPods exceeds expectations and creates more than just liveable spaces. Formed in order to ease the housing crisis in the UK, ModPods caters to the demographic needs for social housing. As its client base is predominantly made up of - but is not limited to - local housing authorities and registered social housing suppliers, ModPods provides quality units that cater to all the living space needs of its target audience. Delivering an average of 21-week construction processes, ModPods severely reduces the waiting time for such living spaces, in comparison to other construction companies. By shaving off a good amount of time, whilst exceeding standards, ModPods has a brilliant unique selling point that beats its rivals every time. ModPods has a diverse, motivated team that is determined to create the best modular living spaces for its clients. And indeed, E it is certainly making an impression on the industry, beginning with its position as a finalist in the Offsite Award ‘Social Housing of The Year’ category, to its most recent success at the 2021 Design and Build Awards as the Leaders in Manufacturing Modular Housing Pods, 2021 – The United Kingdom. Not only are these buildings maintainable, but they are also affordable and highly desirable. With their fully insulated, fire regulation and SAP compliancy, ModPods formulates housing that promotes good health and safety for its inhabitants. Built for comfort, ease and security, ModPods creations are both advanced and operational for accessibility and luxury. As the industry faces many challenges due to the global pandemic, with shortages of materials and individuals not able to work, ModPods has demonstrated its versatility and effectivity in providing solutions in the face of adversity. For instance, the firm has altered its consultation operation and moved to a more online presence with the means of Zoom and Teams as communication tools, so that it can still progress in its design plans. Continuing its plan for growth, ModPods is shaping the future of spacious, safe, and overall exceptional dwellings for a wide variety of customers across the UK. For a sustainable, ambitious, and successful endeavours, ModPods provides the answers. Contact: Jonathan Roscoe Company: ModPods International Ltd Web Address: www.modpodsinternational.com

9 Q4 2021 BUILD Sep21970 Raising the Bar As Nielsen House - our 2021 Best For Bespoke Interior Design North West of England title holder - celebrates almost three decades of delivering impressive design schemes, we take a close-up look at one of their client projects and the importance to their team of taking a collaborative approach. ucked away in the Cumbrian village of Staveley surrounded by the Lake District landscape, Nielsen House draws upon the majestic beauty of this breathtaking national park as inspiration for their work. With a nod also to founder Sarah’s Scandinavian roots, there’s the northern hemisphere natural colour palette, and the inclusion of interesting indigenous materials and layers of texture to create comfort and impact - all distinctive features of the Nielsen House signature style. Add in also extensive in-house design experience from places as diverse as the Middle East, Russia and Africa along with the studio’s vast library of suppliers sourced over many years from across the world, and this fusion of influences makes for exciting design solutions that see clients – both private and commercial - returning time and again for repeat commissions. One long-standing client is the Gilpin, a luxury hotel nestling in the countryside close to Lake Windermere. Sarah, and more recently the Nielsen House team, have worked with the Cunliffes, the Gilpin’s owners, for more than 25 years. At the heart of every brief has been a focus on creating memorable guest experiences - and with Nielsen House working alongside the family and the project architects, the hotel’s interiors have always been an integral part of the story. Its latest Spa Suites project has been the partnership’s most ambitious yet, with five 100 square metre timber lodges cantilevered over a giant pond. Internally, the designers have taken a biophilic approach, fusing boundaries to bring the outdoors in and connect with nature not only visually, but also non-visually. Throughout, there’s tactile texture with natural materials such as bamboo, cork, silver birch bark and stone, whilst planting, native greenery and large-scale fern images reflect the great Lakes outdoors. Creative use of lighting and sound enhance the suites’ appeal, with the therapeutic trickle of a water feature flowing down each living wall into the stream below adding to the guests’ overall sensorial experience. The end result is exceptional. Lauded for ‘raising the bar on luxury spa suites’, the Gilpin scheme, completed only recently, has already been named Best Hotel Suite Europe 2021 at an International Hotel and Property Awards event; an accolade they themselves attribute in part to the close relationships they enjoy with the Cunliffe family, the project architect and other spa suite partners and suppliers. This alliance and spirit of co-operation, they say, is one of the secrets to the scheme’s success. But this inter-disciplinarily approach is not unique to their Gilpin projects. Whilst Nielsen House design wonderful interiors T across a range of property types and styles and for a broad spectrum of clients, their most effective and outstanding creations are often the result of early-stage collaboration with architects, contractors and other consultants. Either instructed directly by the client at the outset or from the architects themselves, the team’s involvement from project inception helps to influence a property’s design and layout from an interiors perspective. With Nielsen House focusing on the interiors details, architect’s plans can accommodate their innovative designs and materials. This includes collaboration in areas such as the positioning of walls, windows, and lighting to create an inspirational ‘flow’ through a property. Project managing the design delivery, procurement and installation alongside appointed contractors also ensures budgets and timings are controlled and delivered. By understanding the client’s ideas, vision, and aspirations, along with their lifestyles, socialising and how each area of the property will be enjoyed, the design team, architect and contractors can jointly deliver a home that exceeds even the most discerning client’s expectations. Contact: Steve Howard Email: [email protected] Web Address: https://www.nielsenhouse.co.uk/

10 BUILD Q4 2021 Sep21919 The Company Putting the Customer at the Heart of Construction Being the ‘Leaders in Innovative Architectural Design Solutions’ in 2021 for Northamptonshire, Idea has secured its place amongst the design and construction industry as a front-running voice. With extremely impressive ways of handling planning permission, permitted developments, and local guidelines, Idea promises to make the process of securing, designing, and implementing a new development or project as easy as possible, working with its clients to create a result that is to specification, on time, and within budget. dea, a company boasting extensive knowledge of everything from local planning guidelines to permitted developments and the implications of those developments, is an architectural design company with 20 years of experience and a stellar reputation. Fundamentally, it uses its in-depth knowledge of planning procedures and technical requirements to build compliant residential houses and new builds, as well as housing developments, commercial properties, educational institute buildings and sports venues. Its projects range across a myriad of styles and budgets, working on builds that go up to £10 million. Therefore, when it comes to construction and design, it has an expansive breadth and depth of experience that it can use to bring to life all manner of builds; it invests deeply in the positive outcome of a project and the satisfaction of a client, working hard to ensure that each customer is taken on a journey from beginning to end that results in a product they’re happy with. In essence, this is its core goal. Throughout its operations, it won’t be happy until a client is, and with an ethos that ‘everyone deserves good architecture’, it strives to make it as accessible as possible with delivering on time and to budget project realisation. When it began, Idea made the decision to maintain a wide range of clients. This, it has found, has given it the vast experience it has needed to become a truly comprehensive and extremely knowledgeable design and construction company, able to handle all manner of challenges. The company has thusly handled everything from small private home extension to small developer site creation, all the way up to large developments covering more than 100 homes or commercial office creation, consistently keeping to the unique selling point that has made it a standout voice in its industry. Critically, this USP is its total package. In essence – and from the very beginning of a client’s time working with Idea – it will always champion the best and brightest technologies and innovations in its sector in order to create the best results. These include 3D imaging, video walkthroughs, interactive plans, and personal service, drilling down into the client’s specifications and ideas in order to lend its expert guiding I hand to the planning process, ensuring that everything fits with what the client imagines. In this manner, it truly seeks to raise the bar in architecture, being an incredibly competitive voice that has drawn a multitude of clients to it over the years, growing by way of their client’s word-of-mouth referrals thanks to the care and diligence this small husband and wife team and their one other employee put into the work they do. Moreover, it has created an internal culture of loyalty and trust that each of its clients laud as exemplary, helping them with the sometimes-arduous task of handling planning permission details with sophistication and ease. This is something Idea will be continuing long into the future, moving forward with its expansion as a business and looking forward to starting on the several large projects that are in the pipeline, including opportunities in Europe and the UAE. Company: Idea Contact: Honey Simson Website: idea-at.com

11 Q4 2021 BUILD The Sustainable Future of Engineering PGI Engineering, widely known as ‘2021’s Leading Provider of Sustainable Engineering Solutions’ for Spain, is a Madrid based company that has made a name for itself with its consistently exemplary and innovative engineering services. Ensuring that its client’s builds are safe for end users, environmentally sustainable, and efficiently designed, its work creates the spaces of tomorrow in a changing world, shaping the future of architectural engineering and the prevailing paradigms within. n the global world of engineering, the field is competitive and dynamic. Fundamentally, PGI Engineering is a business helping to further develop this, pushing the industry as a whole towards a brighter future with its delivery of efficient, innovative, and sustainable global engineering solutions that are suitable for all manner of different building types and uses. Being a worldwide firm in and of itself, it boasts over 30 years of experience, and with over 5000 projects already under its belt, it has managed to develop an exemplary roster of loyal clients who use it as their one-stop-shop for all things engineering, appreciating its special focus on transversality quality and ecologically friendly solutions. In the past, PGI Engineering has worked on all manner of projects from MEP to FP systems – as well as energy and sustainability certifications, logistical workings, industrial factors, and data centre engineering – but by its very nature these are not the only things it holds competency in. Furthermore, throughout its business, it is permeated by an attitude of innovation and looking towards the future, which creates an atmosphere of always pushing itself to being able to rise to the next challenge that it market faces. No matter the engineering challenge, PGI Engineering is confident that if it doesn’t have the solution at the time, it will in short order. In this manner, it grows both itself and its clients in a way that promotes wellbeing for its staff and the wider industry. Its passion for its sector, the soundness and reliability of its services, and the quality of the innovations it implements have all made it a standout voice across all corners of the globe, with a burning curiosity and dedication that has ensured a fast and stable rise to the top. Moreover, it understands that engineering is a complex industry. With this in mind, it is aware of the consistent commitment to having one’s finger on the pulse of updates and developments that a company must have in order to thrive, and manages this elegantly and with sophistication. The understanding of its sector that operating in such a way has allowed it to develop ensures that each stakeholder is treated like a partner, and each client is approached like a collaborator, with everyone’s ideas and perspectives being given the weight and value they deserve. Alongside this, it ensures that its work creates spaces that promote people’s I wellbeing, forever mindful of its impact on people and planet. PGI Engineering wishes to tread lightly in its operations, defining and promoting a new model of engineering where economic, social, and environmental diligence take precedence alongside the drive towards a final product. With its 170 experts, even with the challenges posed by the pandemic, PGI Engineering was able to adapt. Critically, it implemented the RESET certification into its services, allowing the monitoring of air quality in order to allow clients peace of mind that the spaces they are creating will be safe for the end-users, working on new models of construction, operation, and asset management that will allow for minimised negative externalities, increased longevity, and integrated network systems. Over the next five years, it will be continuing to grow and develop similarly, forever keeping the tenacious drive towards better and more sustainable engineering in mind as it secures further strong relationships with its stakeholders. Contact: Solange Carrasco Website: pgiengineering.com Sep21697

12 BUILD Q4 2021 Sep21138 Building Better for the Future Wyatt Management is a leading general contractor that specializes in projects ranging from ground-up construction to remodeling and tenant finishes. A Winner of 2021’s Leading Commercial Construction Specialists – Texas, the company’s leaders, Jeannette & Tim Wyatt, share their insights into the company’s success. elf-proclaimed “Lean, Mean Construction Team,” Wyatt Management first set its mark in commercial construction through the mastery of remodel projects for quick-service restaurants and retail clients including Arby’s, Firestone, Jiffy Lube, McDonald’s and Wendy’s, among others. That was in 1998. Today, the company is pushing the envelope with its commitment to Lean Building in order to deliver a smoother, more efficient construction process for trade partners and owners alike. While clients still include quick service restaurants and auto care stores, Wyatt has branched out into building fast-casual restaurants and bars, entertainment and recreation facilities, medical office buildings, retail strip centers, and more. Wyatt’s BuildBETTER™ methodology was rolled out this past year, which brings together its standard operating procedures, known as the Wyatt Way, along with Lean principles. “Lean Building applies clear and concise scheduling systems to keep all parties on the same page,” says Tim. “This, along with a collaborative spirit, creates an atmosphere that is unrivalled for small and mid-sized general contractors,” adds Jeannette. Working closely with new and expanding brands such as Dutch Bros Coffee, Mendocino Farms and Rachel’s Mediterranean Grill, who are looking to gain a footprint in the state of Texas, is a great source of pride for Wyatt. “With 20 years in business, we’ve learned that an awesome client experience not only drives new business, but it makes the work far more rewarding for us and for them,” says Jeannette. According to Tim, the quality of the experience starts with their team and is dependent upon open and honest communication. “I’ve never known a construction project without its challenges. But if you’re completely transparent with your client and come to them with solutions, rather than just problems, you’re able to create a relationship of trust. Like any relationship, if the trust isn’t there, it’s just not likely to last,” says Tim. “By building that trust, we’re able to enhance efficiencies, minimize conflict, and overcome any challenges we encounter together.” S Unlike large, national contractors, Wyatt has found success in staying close to home. “We can travel outside of Texas,” says Tim, “but there’s really no reason to.” After many years of trying to manage business across the state out of its home

13 Q4 2021 BUILD office in The Woodlands, Tim and Jeannette learned that they can be most successful as a GC and better partner to its clients, by duplicating its business model in the regions their work takes them. They started out by building a team in Dallas, and then expanded to San Antonio and Austin. “It’s paved the way for stronger relationships with owners and developers and there’s no end in sight,” remarks Jeannette. The Wyatt’s say they will continue to prioritize teamwork and communication so they can build smarter and better for the future. Contact: Jeannette L. Wyatt Company: Wyatt Management General Contractor Web Address: https://www.wyattmngt.com/

14 BUILD Q4 2021 Sep21634 Sheet Metal Roofing Fabricator of the Year – Canada Ace Copper Specialists is an expert provider of high-end metals such as copper, zinc, and bronze, offering custom architectural sheet metal fabrication and installation services. Most of the company’s work is on ultra-high-end residential homes, adding elements such as roofs, wall panels, chimney caps, gutters and downpipes, fascias, flashings and more. ce Copper Specialists was founded by the late Paul Dore in 1984 and taken over by his son-in-law, Principal Ryan Hickmore, in 2020. Over 37 years after its inception, Ace Copper remains true to the mission and vision laid out by Paul, as Ryan explains: “Our mission is to provide the architect, builder and owner, with solutions to see their dreams become a reality. Providing them with custom, quality, artistic, specialty metals that will enhance the uniqueness and value of the product. We believe that every one of our clients deserves a creative architectural experience.” Ace is a family-run business that considers their values in everything they do. Integrity, quality, teamwork, collaboration, and responsibility are always the basis when working with all their clients, such as architects, custom home builders, interior designers, and homeowners. With over three decades of experience in the business, Ace Copper serves mostly repeat customers from architects and builders who value the care and quality they have experienced from their projects with the Ace team. Ace Copper’s staff are the heart of the business. Without the talent and artistry of the hardworking men and women who make up the team, the company would not be the cornerstone of the industry they are today. Ace is a group of enthusiastic and creative individuals who share a desire to add their artistic touch to the architecture of the future. This comes with extensive experience in all aspects of custom sheet metal fabrication and installation due to so much of the business’s work being entirely custom A made. Also, the team is highly adaptable, which is very useful with projects constantly changing specs and many framings not being precisely straight. Additionally, metal is not a very forgiving material when cladding something uneven, and the company’s staff are more than capable of compensating for that. While Ace Copper has decades of experience and massive success within the industry, it has also faced its fair share of challenges. Many of the company’s projects are started months or years ahead of their deadlines, so it can take a while for significant economic changes to catch up to the market. A good example is COVID-19. As COVID hit the world, Ace was working on projects that had been initiated in the year(s) prior. It is only now that the building industry is seeing the effects of the global pandemic in many ways, such as reduced residential construction, shipping delays, and available crews. Finding talented, experienced workers – an already significant challenge before the pandemic - has been made much more difficult. This is in addition to other areas for concern, such as the rise in sheet metal and different building material prices. Ace Copper continues to benefit from years of specialist experience and an internal company culture that is practically familial, ensuring the smooth operation and constant forward momentum, enabling it to overcome such adversities over the past 37 years. Determined to maintain the high standards of creativity and professionalism it delivers – and buoyed by its recent success at the BUILD Construction and Engineering Awards – Ace Copper remains excited about the future and the work it continues to do for architects, builders, contractors and homeowners. Each of Ace Copper’s clients deserves a creative and outstanding architectural experience and to have their dream builds made a reality with the supply of quality, specialty sheet metal. Ace Copper has a very bright future where it will continue providing top-notch service to architects, builders, contractors, and homeowners, inevitably exceeding their expectations every time. Company: Ace Copper Specialists Contact: Ryan Hickmore Email: [email protected] Website: www.acecopper.ca Ace Copper Specialists

15 Q4 2021 BUILD Sep21398 A Thrilling Development When in need of a change, an extension, or any kind of development, searching for an architectural design company that will work through designs tirelessly can become a tiresome task in itself. However, this is not the case with Design Spec Ltd, which has recently won Leading Architectural Design Group, 2021 - United Kingdom. Here we talk to Managing Director James Collinson about its success. ith its head office based in Hockey, Essex, Design Spec Ltd is a fixed fee architecture company that has customer service at the forefront of its solutions. It believes that a great service should be provided on a fixed fee basis, nationally. This mission drives it forward in all of its endeavours and pushes it to reach more customers that desire something astounding. Having offices scattered around from Richmond to Enfield, Hertfordshire to Colchester, and more, Design Spec has all the tools required to build something perfect for a wide variety of singles, couples, and families across the UK. Modern, fresh, and open spaces happen to be its forte and it is dedicated to producing the best extensions, conversions, and developments on the market. Managing Director James Collinson tells us of its unique selling point. “We can work on all projects from commercial properties, blocks of flats right down to a single internal steel beam or visuals. We are different to our competition as we provide any service, any size for a fixed fee. We also provide an unlimited design stage for all homeowners. This has been a gamechanger for single-family projects as they tend to struggle to know exactly what they want, so an unlimited design stage is necessary for us and them to truly bounce enough ideas for us all to feel comfortable pushing the project forward,” he says. Design Spec’s Virtual Reality equipment makes for an original experience. Customers can witness what their home would look like after an extension, conversion, or development, all with the power of the Oculus Rift S coupled with Design Spec’s powerful software. By using this kind of technology, designs can be manipulated and changed down to the tiniest detail. Throughout COVID-19, James shares, “Our most notable improvement has been in the uptake of new technology such as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Prior to Lockdown, these services seemed to be an afterthought and very much a luxury, now, they seem to be considered alongside the Planning and Building Control applications which you may call our breadand-butter work.” This is something that is most definitely going to stay, as it has proven to be entirely successful and popular with customers everywhere. When it comes to its team and the people that Design Spec hires, it aspires to have a team of Architectural Project W Managers that “come with an over dominance of experience in the field and an underwhelming ability to simply listen to a client’s needs. By hiring Project Managers with a limited design background, we ensure that their people skills are above all other traits, meaning our clients love speaking to us and ultimately leaving us amazing reviews,” James adds. In the future, Design Spec is doing all it can to maintain a fixed fee service and now that it has your attention, James adds, “We would like all readers to join the Architectural Revolution today. Help us spread the fixed fee architecture service to the entire country. As we approach 2022, we would like to partner with more surveying companies and continue our push towards the Midlands and then the North.” For a unique experience, coupled with cutting-edge technology, find Design Spec doing what it loves. Contact: James Collinson Company: Design Spec Ltd Web Address: www.designspec.co.uk

16 BUILD Q4 2021 Sep21113 Best Garden Design/Build Company - Hampshire Learning from the past and looking forward to an exciting future, Balfour Landscapes Ltd is a landscaping, groundworks, and renovations company setting itself apart from the crowd by way of its commitment to responding to its industry. Operating with a sensitive, in-depth understanding of client needs and the demands of the market segment, this company has gained renown for continuously being what the sector needs when it needs it. alfour Landscapes Ltd, a company established in 2008, cut its teeth on covering all aspects of landscaping and ground works. To this day, these very services have become widely renowned as exemplary, with Balfour Landscapes becoming a gem of its industry with its fantastic end results and outstanding commitment to brilliant customer service. This, of course, has been shaped by the year in which it began; it found its feet during the crucible of a recession, and so this company is not unfamiliar with handling significant challenges, finding new and innovative ways to ensure that its staff and its clients are well supported. Certainly, this has helped it during the past 18 months with the hurdles that the pandemic has placed before businesses worldwide. Since its founding, Balfour Landscapes has developed a large roster of clientele, and it is proud to say that manner of its customers become familiar faces. With the simple goal of creating a good business that manages landscaping and ground works with efficiency and excellence, keeping its customers at the forefront of its mind, it has cultivated its own success, with many customers leaving glowing reviews and going on to recommend it to family, friends, and peers. Of course, being such a comprehensive service provider, it ensures to keep its finger on the pulse of its industry in order to keep up with what the market segment’s demands and trends currently are. Over the years, this has allowed it to accrue vast knowledge and repute for everything from its drainage to its pond creation services, and even pergola development. Recently, it has also found a great demand for bespoke home offices has come into vogue with the new prevailing paradigm of home-working, many people choosing to continue working remotely even as the dust of the pandemic begins to settle. Whilst its services adapt and change with the fluctuations of its market, Balfour Landscapes has been careful to ensure its values do not. Throughout its life cycle and during the last 14 years, it has been consistently dedicated to being a professional end-to-end solutions where honest advice and genuine, empathic customer service takes precedence, all offered by a trustworthy team of experts. Moreover, it finds it incredibly important that this team is made up of people with a true passion for the industry and for the principles that forge the core at this company’s heart, giving their absolute all for every single client who walks through its doors to ensure they leave B satisfied. Whilst this has taken some time to curate, for Balfour Landscapes, it has been worth every second for the brilliance of the resulting team. The projects have grown in complexity, but the simplicity of the good-natured mission that forms its foundation has remained, serving it well as it continually innovates and adapts. Being a relaxed, friendly, people-first company, it has approached the challenges of the past 18 months with sensitivity, stepping up to the plate to help its industry respond to the boom in demand for bespoke home renovation services and ready for the oncoming changes that will surely result from the Covid-19 outbreak beginning to resolve. Once again, in this manner it wishes to give thanks to exemplary team, as each one of them helped Balfour Landscapes to push through the challenges and are helping it to shape the bright future that is surely in store. Company: Balfour Landscapes Ltd Contact: Chris & Dan Stiles Website: balfourlandscapes.co.uk Balfour Landscapes Ltd