Q4 2021

14 BUILD Q4 2021 Sep21634 Sheet Metal Roofing Fabricator of the Year – Canada Ace Copper Specialists is an expert provider of high-end metals such as copper, zinc, and bronze, offering custom architectural sheet metal fabrication and installation services. Most of the company’s work is on ultra-high-end residential homes, adding elements such as roofs, wall panels, chimney caps, gutters and downpipes, fascias, flashings and more. ce Copper Specialists was founded by the late Paul Dore in 1984 and taken over by his son-in-law, Principal Ryan Hickmore, in 2020. Over 37 years after its inception, Ace Copper remains true to the mission and vision laid out by Paul, as Ryan explains: “Our mission is to provide the architect, builder and owner, with solutions to see their dreams become a reality. Providing them with custom, quality, artistic, specialty metals that will enhance the uniqueness and value of the product. We believe that every one of our clients deserves a creative architectural experience.” Ace is a family-run business that considers their values in everything they do. Integrity, quality, teamwork, collaboration, and responsibility are always the basis when working with all their clients, such as architects, custom home builders, interior designers, and homeowners. With over three decades of experience in the business, Ace Copper serves mostly repeat customers from architects and builders who value the care and quality they have experienced from their projects with the Ace team. Ace Copper’s staff are the heart of the business. Without the talent and artistry of the hardworking men and women who make up the team, the company would not be the cornerstone of the industry they are today. Ace is a group of enthusiastic and creative individuals who share a desire to add their artistic touch to the architecture of the future. This comes with extensive experience in all aspects of custom sheet metal fabrication and installation due to so much of the business’s work being entirely custom A made. Also, the team is highly adaptable, which is very useful with projects constantly changing specs and many framings not being precisely straight. Additionally, metal is not a very forgiving material when cladding something uneven, and the company’s staff are more than capable of compensating for that. While Ace Copper has decades of experience and massive success within the industry, it has also faced its fair share of challenges. Many of the company’s projects are started months or years ahead of their deadlines, so it can take a while for significant economic changes to catch up to the market. A good example is COVID-19. As COVID hit the world, Ace was working on projects that had been initiated in the year(s) prior. It is only now that the building industry is seeing the effects of the global pandemic in many ways, such as reduced residential construction, shipping delays, and available crews. Finding talented, experienced workers – an already significant challenge before the pandemic - has been made much more difficult. This is in addition to other areas for concern, such as the rise in sheet metal and different building material prices. Ace Copper continues to benefit from years of specialist experience and an internal company culture that is practically familial, ensuring the smooth operation and constant forward momentum, enabling it to overcome such adversities over the past 37 years. Determined to maintain the high standards of creativity and professionalism it delivers – and buoyed by its recent success at the BUILD Construction and Engineering Awards – Ace Copper remains excited about the future and the work it continues to do for architects, builders, contractors and homeowners. Each of Ace Copper’s clients deserves a creative and outstanding architectural experience and to have their dream builds made a reality with the supply of quality, specialty sheet metal. Ace Copper has a very bright future where it will continue providing top-notch service to architects, builders, contractors, and homeowners, inevitably exceeding their expectations every time. Company: Ace Copper Specialists Contact: Ryan Hickmore Email: [email protected] Website: www.acecopper.ca Ace Copper Specialists