Q4 2021

26 BUILD Q4 2021 Best Architectural Fabrication Specialists 2021 - Italy EXTRAVEGA Milano Srl Benefit Corp, an exemplary, full-service architecture and interior design fabrication company, has been building outstanding works all over the world. From its proven global portfolio to the outstanding way it conducts itself, both with its clients and staff, EXTRAVEGA has made itself a front-runner in the modern architectural and interior design world, forever pushing forward towards the next best project. In addition, it operates with corporate environmental responsibility at its core, dedicated to ‘treading lightly’ when it comes to its creations. aving been in operation since 1985, EXTRAVEGA is a company with a burning passion for its industry that fuels its every move. An architecture, design, and development firm carrying the prestige of being an Italian company, EXTRAVEGA is a dynamic and international presence that operates all over the world to implement its stunning project work and make further waves in the sector. Fundamentally, with the installation of custom-made, high-end, large-scale architectural builds and interior design work on a global level, EXTRAVEGA is spurred ever onward by the values that fuelled its creation. In essence, these include the principles of keeping itself dynamic, adaptable, and a positive impact on people and place, putting social and environmental responsibility at the heart of its enterprise in order to show its clients its desire to progress towards further excellence in step with the rest of its industry. At the end of 2020, it decided to use this to fuel its move into becoming a benefit company, incorporating this into its company objective and aiming for objective above profit goals, with the aim of having a positive impact everywhere it goes. This, alongside its empathic customer service, allows a client to trust that they have made a good decision when choosing EXTRAVEGA as their architectural and interior production firm of choice. They trust it with their know-how, management, and skills, and it is humbled by the fact that so many clients have made it their choice, excited that due to its consistently excellent work, many of these clients have gone on to recommend it by way of word-of-mouth referrals. Every time, it proves it is worthy of this trust by way of the reliability and steadfastness of the services it offers, resulting in something perfectly to specification, on budget, and within the timeline required. All of this is part of its mission to ‘spread beauty all around the world’. Moreover, its services are comprehensive, and each undertaken to an expert level; this includes its development estimates and conceptual budgets, valueproviding engineering, analysis of the best means and methods, analysis of design feasibility, management of the logistics, development of construction phase plans, creation of long lead procurement, and more. Each of these are conducted with the client’s best interests in mind every time. H EXTRAVEGA, since 2020, has been working hard in this way to maintain the trust its clients put in it throughout the pandemic and nowadays, it is ready to continue creating more beautiful, sustainable construction projects, and is excited to see what challenges are brought before it next. Company: EXTRAVEGA Contact: Jolyne Marcato Website: extravega.com Aug21634