Q4 2021

25 Q4 2021 BUILD hard to professionally rectify any issues should they arise. As it always puts customers first, it does everything within its power to respond to their needs and ideas. Ultimately, each decision is up to the customer as they cooperate with Buildeo to complete every project to a flawless degree. By joining forces with the customer, Buildeo is able to translate all ideas from paper to brick, paint, and technical systems. With more than 25 people in the company, Buildeo has a growing team of professionals that all play an invaluable part in the design and building process. Its team is dedicated to carrying out every project with grace and dedication so that it can uphold its 96% happy customer reputation. With experience working with a plethora of commercial projects, Buildeo has worked with restaurants, bars, offices, industrial units, warehouses, shop fittings, and showrooms. Commercial buildings include non-residential buildings such as offices, educational and healthcare buildings, retail buildings, industrial buildings, and entertainment buildings. This means that Buildeo responds to the need for non-residential buildings in a swift and diverse way, with the ability to adapt to each industry. With its commitment to producing the best results for its customers, Buildeo understands the importance of industry development and trends. By following the commercial industry trends, it is able to promote the most up-to-date ideas and current systems. With a financial crisis in the UK and part shortages, Buildeo has done everything it can to do more for its customers. It still sources the best parts and delivers the greatest technologies in spite of the issues that have arisen in the industry. Working on commercial projects across the UK has meant that Buildeo has a lot of experience with hotels such as Holiday Inn and service stations such as Welcome Break. Its wide and varied portfolio shows that it has worked to a flawless standard, with an innovative finish for every project. With the use of Scandinavian style furniture Buildeo reflects the minimalist, clean nature of the design team. It uses a defined style that leaves customers feeling less mentally cluttered and more relaxed. Scandinavian style has evolved greatly over time and allows for unique designs that promote a feeling of wellbeing for everyone who experiences it. That’s why Buildeo uses this style in residential and commercial buildings, so that it can invite a fresh and open feeling for all residents and visitors. Not only does it form inventive and original designs, but it also carries out electrical, heating, and plumbing solutions for the properties. By providing all of these services Buildeo is able to create something not only from the ground up, but something that is perfectly functional and long-lasting. Its in-house design team can take any small ideas and turn them into a fully-fledged projects. So, instead of sourcing and hiring an architect or engineer, customers can rely on Buildeo to provide everything they need to an agreed budget and in a timely manner. By discussing the entire process with customers, Buildeo forms a plan and financial structure going forward. It makes sure to work to what the customer needs with regards to the space that they are transforming as well as their budget. For an unmistakable finish and unparalleled customer service, Buildeo is the place to visit. It provides everything you will need from start to finish, with no hidden costs or negative surprises. You can rest assured that you are in the right place, at the right time. Contact: Jakub Piorkowski Company: Buildeo Web Address: https://buildeo.co.uk/