Q4 2021

24 BUILD Q4 2021 wner Jakub Piorkowski began working on his first interior design projects in 1999. He then moved to Germany in 2000 to study civil engineering alongside completing some freelance developments. Buildeo was set up in the UK in 2007 and shows no sign of slowing down as it attracts more customers. With its unique interior design service, Buildeo creates a space that is both practical and original. For a commercial or residential project, Buildeo knows that it is important to construct something aesthetically pleasing as well as something that works in a sustainable and efficient way. Buildeo collaborates with its customers to guide them and aid them in shaping their design ideas for the best results Aug21696 Best Commercial Construction Company - UK When searching for an excellent construction company that will Stretch the Boundaries of Quality, it can be a difficult time knowing where to turn. Buildeo turns dreams into a reality with its many services. It focuses on what the client wants whilst having a deep understanding of the industries that it works with so that it can truly make a difference to the overall image and build. We learn more about these services as we take a look at the work it does around the UK. O imaginable. It takes the customer through its five stages: an initial meeting, design development, submission of construction documents, installation, and project completion. All of these areas are equally valued and essential for each project. From initial process to project completion, Buildeo prioritises its customers ideas. It has practiced a process that is a proven routine of success, meaning that it can gather information, plan and estimate, confirm plans, develop design and permits, select sub-contracts, create on-site works and admin, and complete the project whilst offering post-work maintenance. Buildeo’s mission is to prioritise customer satisfaction for a pristine finished product that they can be proud of. It stands by its promise of complete customer satisfaction by working