Q4 2021

10 BUILD Q4 2021 Sep21919 The Company Putting the Customer at the Heart of Construction Being the ‘Leaders in Innovative Architectural Design Solutions’ in 2021 for Northamptonshire, Idea has secured its place amongst the design and construction industry as a front-running voice. With extremely impressive ways of handling planning permission, permitted developments, and local guidelines, Idea promises to make the process of securing, designing, and implementing a new development or project as easy as possible, working with its clients to create a result that is to specification, on time, and within budget. dea, a company boasting extensive knowledge of everything from local planning guidelines to permitted developments and the implications of those developments, is an architectural design company with 20 years of experience and a stellar reputation. Fundamentally, it uses its in-depth knowledge of planning procedures and technical requirements to build compliant residential houses and new builds, as well as housing developments, commercial properties, educational institute buildings and sports venues. Its projects range across a myriad of styles and budgets, working on builds that go up to £10 million. Therefore, when it comes to construction and design, it has an expansive breadth and depth of experience that it can use to bring to life all manner of builds; it invests deeply in the positive outcome of a project and the satisfaction of a client, working hard to ensure that each customer is taken on a journey from beginning to end that results in a product they’re happy with. In essence, this is its core goal. Throughout its operations, it won’t be happy until a client is, and with an ethos that ‘everyone deserves good architecture’, it strives to make it as accessible as possible with delivering on time and to budget project realisation. When it began, Idea made the decision to maintain a wide range of clients. This, it has found, has given it the vast experience it has needed to become a truly comprehensive and extremely knowledgeable design and construction company, able to handle all manner of challenges. The company has thusly handled everything from small private home extension to small developer site creation, all the way up to large developments covering more than 100 homes or commercial office creation, consistently keeping to the unique selling point that has made it a standout voice in its industry. Critically, this USP is its total package. In essence – and from the very beginning of a client’s time working with Idea – it will always champion the best and brightest technologies and innovations in its sector in order to create the best results. These include 3D imaging, video walkthroughs, interactive plans, and personal service, drilling down into the client’s specifications and ideas in order to lend its expert guiding I hand to the planning process, ensuring that everything fits with what the client imagines. In this manner, it truly seeks to raise the bar in architecture, being an incredibly competitive voice that has drawn a multitude of clients to it over the years, growing by way of their client’s word-of-mouth referrals thanks to the care and diligence this small husband and wife team and their one other employee put into the work they do. Moreover, it has created an internal culture of loyalty and trust that each of its clients laud as exemplary, helping them with the sometimes-arduous task of handling planning permission details with sophistication and ease. This is something Idea will be continuing long into the future, moving forward with its expansion as a business and looking forward to starting on the several large projects that are in the pipeline, including opportunities in Europe and the UAE. Company: Idea Contact: Honey Simson Website: idea-at.com