Q4 2021

11 Q4 2021 BUILD The Sustainable Future of Engineering PGI Engineering, widely known as ‘2021’s Leading Provider of Sustainable Engineering Solutions’ for Spain, is a Madrid based company that has made a name for itself with its consistently exemplary and innovative engineering services. Ensuring that its client’s builds are safe for end users, environmentally sustainable, and efficiently designed, its work creates the spaces of tomorrow in a changing world, shaping the future of architectural engineering and the prevailing paradigms within. n the global world of engineering, the field is competitive and dynamic. Fundamentally, PGI Engineering is a business helping to further develop this, pushing the industry as a whole towards a brighter future with its delivery of efficient, innovative, and sustainable global engineering solutions that are suitable for all manner of different building types and uses. Being a worldwide firm in and of itself, it boasts over 30 years of experience, and with over 5000 projects already under its belt, it has managed to develop an exemplary roster of loyal clients who use it as their one-stop-shop for all things engineering, appreciating its special focus on transversality quality and ecologically friendly solutions. In the past, PGI Engineering has worked on all manner of projects from MEP to FP systems – as well as energy and sustainability certifications, logistical workings, industrial factors, and data centre engineering – but by its very nature these are not the only things it holds competency in. Furthermore, throughout its business, it is permeated by an attitude of innovation and looking towards the future, which creates an atmosphere of always pushing itself to being able to rise to the next challenge that it market faces. No matter the engineering challenge, PGI Engineering is confident that if it doesn’t have the solution at the time, it will in short order. In this manner, it grows both itself and its clients in a way that promotes wellbeing for its staff and the wider industry. Its passion for its sector, the soundness and reliability of its services, and the quality of the innovations it implements have all made it a standout voice across all corners of the globe, with a burning curiosity and dedication that has ensured a fast and stable rise to the top. Moreover, it understands that engineering is a complex industry. With this in mind, it is aware of the consistent commitment to having one’s finger on the pulse of updates and developments that a company must have in order to thrive, and manages this elegantly and with sophistication. The understanding of its sector that operating in such a way has allowed it to develop ensures that each stakeholder is treated like a partner, and each client is approached like a collaborator, with everyone’s ideas and perspectives being given the weight and value they deserve. Alongside this, it ensures that its work creates spaces that promote people’s I wellbeing, forever mindful of its impact on people and planet. PGI Engineering wishes to tread lightly in its operations, defining and promoting a new model of engineering where economic, social, and environmental diligence take precedence alongside the drive towards a final product. With its 170 experts, even with the challenges posed by the pandemic, PGI Engineering was able to adapt. Critically, it implemented the RESET certification into its services, allowing the monitoring of air quality in order to allow clients peace of mind that the spaces they are creating will be safe for the end-users, working on new models of construction, operation, and asset management that will allow for minimised negative externalities, increased longevity, and integrated network systems. Over the next five years, it will be continuing to grow and develop similarly, forever keeping the tenacious drive towards better and more sustainable engineering in mind as it secures further strong relationships with its stakeholders. Contact: Solange Carrasco Website: pgiengineering.com Sep21697