Q4 2021

45 Q4 2021 BUILD Jul21182 Prime Secure Prime Secure is one of the UK’s leading and most-accredited providers of security systems and personnel for the construction, corporate and property sectors. It led the shift from manned guarding to CCTV technology in the construction market and has been innovating ever since. rime Secure is a family-run company with a culture of openness and inclusivity. All employees have regular and direct access to directors, and with its Fiver Initiative and Waking Watch Initiative, it is demonstrably ethical. Prime Secure takes exceptional care of its staff – they are at the heart of the business and critical to its operations, delivering care, communication, and service that others simply cannot match. The company’s contracts feature more points of contact, checks, visits and support than anyone else in the industry. Its service and support staff to customer ratio is unrivalled in the industry, and a big part of this is the performance of its employees. A happy, healthy person is best for all involved. Prime Secure recruits people who are experienced and knowledgeable. It doesn’t employ people and tell them what to do – it lets them tell it how the business can improve. With that said, Prime Secure also operates a trainee scheme for engineers where it helps to give young people the chance to get a foothold in the security industry. As a security provider, Prime Secure had to put in place extensive COVID-19 security measures to allow it to continue to operate. It was visited by an independent assessor who not only approved the measures it had taken but commented that the company had gone significantly further than most in providing a safe, supportive workplace for staff during the pandemic lockdown restrictions. Not content with just keeping its own staff safe, Prime Secure introduced a range of services and products to help other businesses navigate the pandemic safely, including COVID-19 marshals, contactless temperature checking systems, thermal cameras to detect COVID-19 symptoms, facial recognition and contactless access control systems, COVID-19 vests, and more. Prime Secure’s technical expertise, market-leading technology, and unrivalled service mean it is the first choice for many of the country’s leading construction companies, property managers, corporate and retail clients, and more. Ever since it drove the shift from traditional manned guarding to CCTV technology for construction sites, Prime Secure has been innovating a range P of market-leading security products which outperform those of its competitors. Its peoples’ technical expertise has allowed the company to remain at the forefront of construction security, as well as break into new markets like wireless fire alarm systems designed to affordably negate the need for expensive waking watch fire marshals in buildings found to contain problem cladding following the tragedy of Grenfell Tower. The company is now launching a wireless common fire alarm which will remove the exorbitant cost of waking watch fire marshals for tenants and leaseholders in buildings found to have cladding problems. This alone can impact thousands of people’s lives, potentially saving them from financial ruin and helping prevent them from losing their homes. Prime Secure is also, as part of its Fiver Initiative charity arm, seeking to partner with a homeless charity to help individuals experiencing homelessness find specially built accommodation, access training and support, and eventually study with Prime Secure to gain SIA accreditation and a job with the company. Its team is looking forward to getting stuck into such a rewarding project. Company: Prime Secure Contact: Sally Young Email: [email protected] Website: www.prime-secure.co.uk Best Provider of Innovative Security for Construction Industry 2021 – Glasgow