Q4 2021

21 Q4 2021 BUILD Inside Out Oxford: Beautiful bespoke garden rooms that don’t cost the earth With more people than ever working from home, sprucing up your house has never been more appealing. That’s where eco-friendly, award-winning company Inside Out Oxford Ltd comes in. The Oxford-based brand provides bespoke garden rooms that are designed specifically to meet their client’s needs. In the 2021’s Design and Build Awards from BUILD, the firm was named 2021’s Most Outstanding Garden Room Company - the UK. We take a look to see just how they’ve been able to thrive in turbulent times. he space we have is incredibly valuable, and making the most of it is more important than ever. The team at Inside Out Oxford are passionate about working with their clients to turn their dream garden space into a reality and their bespoke garden rooms are beautifully crafted, using the finest materials. The Inside Out Oxford team are experts at creating gorgeous spaces for their customers to work, rest, and play in, whether it’s a garden office, home gym, art studio or cinema room. Inside Out Oxford builds its designs from scratch on site, meaning that their designs can be easily bedded into the fabric of the garden that they are in. The company is dedicated to using eco-friendly, sustainable and locally sourced materials wherever possible, finding building solutions that won’t cost the earth. This is in contrast with the rest of the market, which is saturated by offthe-shelf suppliers. For the most part, these companies offer the chance to choose from pre-existing designs, pre-fabricating a building for delivery to the site where it is assembled. The decision to build in a way that is bespoke, working around and with the natural environment of the garden means that the Inside Out Oxford team only use the best craftspeople in the business. Each of their projects is unique, with an end-result that is inspired by the relationship that develops between them and their clients. The decision to take this path means that Inside Out Oxford doesn’t find competition with off-the-shelf suppliers, as they both appeal to very different audiences. While the team has already achieved so much, there are still many challenges that they have yet to overcome. The double-whammy of both Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic has caused shortages of vital materials and essential craftspeople. The impact of Brexit is likely to affect this industry for a long time, particularly as Inside Out Oxford is so committed to the use of high-quality materials, assembled at the hands of unparalleled craftspeople. Whilst supply remains tricky, with maintaining supply chains a problem facing many industries, the demand for the services of the Inside Out Oxford team has never been higher. During T Aug21779 the COVID-19 pandemic, people have spent considerably more time at home and are all looking for ways to increase the amount of value they can get from the space they have. This has led garden rooms to be considered essential by many, as opposed to a luxury item. And Inside Out Oxford has gained a trusted reputation for providing space solutions that don’t break the bank. Growing a company like Inside Out Oxford is no easy task, particularly as much of the team’s work has come from wordof-mouth. Recently, the team have run a few projects for homeowners where they have provided the supply routes for materials and guidance for them to build their own garden rooms. There’s a clear demand for this sort of structured product offerings so the team are branching out into providing this service. This comprehensive process that will include designs, help with planning permission, plans and instructions on key elements of the construction that will enable and empower others. Over the years, the team have built a tremendous reputation and have committed to maintaining the high standards that are required. Their growth is built on a plan that embraces uniqueness over uniformity and quality over quantity. For something special and out of the ordinary, this is the team to call. Company: Inside Out Oxford Ltd Name: Walter Cundy / Jim Gabriel Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.insideoutoxford.uk