Q4 2021

16 BUILD Q4 2021 Sep21113 Best Garden Design/Build Company - Hampshire Learning from the past and looking forward to an exciting future, Balfour Landscapes Ltd is a landscaping, groundworks, and renovations company setting itself apart from the crowd by way of its commitment to responding to its industry. Operating with a sensitive, in-depth understanding of client needs and the demands of the market segment, this company has gained renown for continuously being what the sector needs when it needs it. alfour Landscapes Ltd, a company established in 2008, cut its teeth on covering all aspects of landscaping and ground works. To this day, these very services have become widely renowned as exemplary, with Balfour Landscapes becoming a gem of its industry with its fantastic end results and outstanding commitment to brilliant customer service. This, of course, has been shaped by the year in which it began; it found its feet during the crucible of a recession, and so this company is not unfamiliar with handling significant challenges, finding new and innovative ways to ensure that its staff and its clients are well supported. Certainly, this has helped it during the past 18 months with the hurdles that the pandemic has placed before businesses worldwide. Since its founding, Balfour Landscapes has developed a large roster of clientele, and it is proud to say that manner of its customers become familiar faces. With the simple goal of creating a good business that manages landscaping and ground works with efficiency and excellence, keeping its customers at the forefront of its mind, it has cultivated its own success, with many customers leaving glowing reviews and going on to recommend it to family, friends, and peers. Of course, being such a comprehensive service provider, it ensures to keep its finger on the pulse of its industry in order to keep up with what the market segment’s demands and trends currently are. Over the years, this has allowed it to accrue vast knowledge and repute for everything from its drainage to its pond creation services, and even pergola development. Recently, it has also found a great demand for bespoke home offices has come into vogue with the new prevailing paradigm of home-working, many people choosing to continue working remotely even as the dust of the pandemic begins to settle. Whilst its services adapt and change with the fluctuations of its market, Balfour Landscapes has been careful to ensure its values do not. Throughout its life cycle and during the last 14 years, it has been consistently dedicated to being a professional end-to-end solutions where honest advice and genuine, empathic customer service takes precedence, all offered by a trustworthy team of experts. Moreover, it finds it incredibly important that this team is made up of people with a true passion for the industry and for the principles that forge the core at this company’s heart, giving their absolute all for every single client who walks through its doors to ensure they leave B satisfied. Whilst this has taken some time to curate, for Balfour Landscapes, it has been worth every second for the brilliance of the resulting team. The projects have grown in complexity, but the simplicity of the good-natured mission that forms its foundation has remained, serving it well as it continually innovates and adapts. Being a relaxed, friendly, people-first company, it has approached the challenges of the past 18 months with sensitivity, stepping up to the plate to help its industry respond to the boom in demand for bespoke home renovation services and ready for the oncoming changes that will surely result from the Covid-19 outbreak beginning to resolve. Once again, in this manner it wishes to give thanks to exemplary team, as each one of them helped Balfour Landscapes to push through the challenges and are helping it to shape the bright future that is surely in store. Company: Balfour Landscapes Ltd Contact: Chris & Dan Stiles Website: balfourlandscapes.co.uk Balfour Landscapes Ltd