Q4 2021

33 Q4 2021 BUILD A Modern Twist on Traditional Art As a multidisciplinary architecture and design company, Impromptu Projects Limited shapes the industry with its ground-breaking work. For its active involvement and state-of-the-art inventions, it has now won 2021’s Most Outstanding Multidisciplinary Architecture & Design Studio – Macau. Here we take a look at what Impromptu creates. ounded by João Ó and Rita Machado, and as a multi-award-winning multidisciplinary architecture and design studio, Impromptu Projects Limited forms elaborate, bespoke pieces across Macau, S.A.R. of China. As its focus spans architectural projects, ephemeral structures, interior design, public spaces, curatorial services, and projects aimed at the local community, Impromptu excels in a multitude of areas that make it the best in its industry in Macau. Impromptu’s architectural expertise is its unique selling point as it creates some of the most intricate, elegant, and personalised pieces that dissolve problem areas within exhibitions, displays, buildings, and urban spaces. Impromptu’s studio attempts to consult and contribute to the designs of each exhibition and art display through the power of its urban thinkers. Contributing through eight categories of architecture, bamboo, unbuilt, exhibitions, curatorial, publishing, research and storefronts, Impromptu truly adds value to design. The work of the founders has been exhibited internationally, including as representatives of Macau at the Venice Biennale in 2009 and 2014. Along the way, the duo has won multiple awards and prizes for their efforts. These awards include Architecture MasterPrize (2021, Los Angeles), Architizer A+Awards (2021, New York), Art Award in Public Space and Sustainability (2020, Portugal), the A’Design Award (2015-2016, Italy), the International Design Awards (2016, Los Angeles), and the 40 Under 40 Award from Perspective Magazine (2008, Hong Kong). F Aug21294 By giving in to the power of temporary structure, Impromptu displays its artwork in public view to have a positive effect on individuals. Its traditional bamboo structures have been exhibited all throughout Impromptu’s time, and they make a huge impact on the art consumers of today. For example, its Model for the Impossible Black Tulip is made from bent bamboo splints to create an unbelievable flower shape that can be beautifully observed from every angle. This thought-provoking, complex shape is awe inspiring and reflective of the delicate nature of humankind. Meanwhile, one of their unique curatorial projects comprises an expressive graffiti in Taipa Village is bold and striking to the eye. By decorating areas such as these, it is breathing life into the surroundings. Next to a slightly overgrown, run-down area that isn’t much more than clumps of old buildings and pavement spewing weeds, Impromptu presents something that is bursting with life and renewed energy to remind us that not every run-down area needs to be abandoned completely and forgotten forever. For inventive, emotive pieces, Impromptu offers wild exhibitions, amazing graffiti pieces, and intricate publications that leave its viewers and readers feeling moved, amazed and inspired. Contact: João Ó & Rita Machado Company: Impromptu Projects Limited Web Address: https://impromptuprojects.com/