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www.build-review.com Best Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling Company – Missouri More for Less Remodeling More for Less Remodeling is a reliable remodeling business that makes a huge difference to the homes of Missouri. With over two decades behind it, More for Less Remodeling has built an empire. Here we take a closer look at what it does as it wins this award in the Home and Garden Awards 2023.

BUILD Home and Garden Awards 2023 2 ABOUT THE HOME & GARDEN AWARDS 2023 BUILD Magazine is proud to welcome you to the sixth annual Home and Garden Awards! We are excited to be hosting this popular programme once again in 2023, where we will aim to recognise the top performers and leading innovators working in the field today. The pandemic was extremely challenging for many industries, with multiple enforced lockdowns limiting operations and putting businesses under immense financial strain. The Home and Garden sector, however, was able to endure through these difficult and unfamiliar circumstances by providing a service for the public who were suddenly spending most of their time at home. The Home Improvement market experienced drastic growth during 2020, and this surge has continued throughout subsequent years, as homeowners internationally have been committing more time and money to Interior Design, Gardening, Home Decoration, and Kitchen & Bathroom projects than ever before. Experts are predicting that Garden Landscaping will achieve long term growth in residential settings, as the more healthconscious younger generation begin to get on the property ladder and drive expansion in this sector. Gardens provide a space for outdoor exercise and the ability to home-grow fresh produce, so as Health & Fitness trends remain popular amongst Millennials the Landscaping Services industry looks set to significantly benefit in coming years. Sofi Parry, Senior Editor Website: www.build-review.com AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

Home and Garden Awards 2023 BUILD 3 Contents 4. More for Less Remodeling: Best Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling Company – Missouri 8. La Residence Interiors: Most Stylish Luxury Furniture Brand - Southern England 10. Out of the Woods Custom Cabinets & Countertops: Best High-End Kitchen Cabinetry Firm 2023 – Utah 12. Genuine Interiors: Most Innovative Design Services Provider - New Jersey 14. Grupo Marver: Most Pioneering Aluminium House Fixtures Company 2023 - Europe 15. Tree Nest: Best Design Christmas Tree Stand Manufacturer - China 16. Lodge Builders Botswana: Best Luxury Lodge Builders 2023 – Africa & BUILD Innovation Award in Sustainable Building - Africa 17. MM Interior Design Company: Home Staging Company of the Year 2023 - ROI 18. Master Germ and Odor Removal: Best Corporate Disinfection Service Provider - Arizona 19. The Yarn Dispensary: Best Local Yarn Shop – Southeast England 20. Pamela Williams Interior Design: Most Innovative Interior Design Firm 2023 - Atlanta 21. D4Vintage: Best Vintage Furniture & Homeware Restoration Company - Northern Ireland 22. Shower Pans LLC: Leading Shower Pan Providers - Georgia 23. Peggy Prendeville Interior Design: Most Client-Focused International Interior Architect and Designer – London 24. Kendra Mays Designs: Best Interior Design & Renovation Company - Southern California 25. Goralnick Architecture Desigh Studio, DPC: Best Furniture Designer (New York): Barry Goralnick

BUILD Home and Garden Awards 2023 4 simply save time and money, but it prioritises customer satisfaction so that everyone can experience a premium service. When it comes to time, More for Less Remodeling understands that time is precious, and we only have so much of it to dedicate to large projects before we run out of motivation, inspiration, and strength. This is where More for Less Remodeling truly shines. It can completely transmogrify your space in a fantastically small amount of time, especially in comparison to how long other companies or individuals could potentially take to do the same job. Offering perfect planning from the very beginning, More for Less Remodeling helps homeowners with price and materials, right through to installation and transformation. It strives to cater to its customers’ needs, whilst keeping them up-tospeed on what can be done, giving them an honest service. This ensures that each customer is entirely aware of what is possible, and what is a design that will stand the test of time once applied to their home. With regards to pricing, More for Less Remodeling isn’t the most or least expensive. It is simply fair. We could save a lot of money by choosing More for Less Remodeling, in comparison to doing things ourselves if we are inexperienced, in comparison to employing a team of people that don’t work as well as a team, or in comparison to using materials that don’t last and require us to re-do our work again in the future. The More for Less Remodeling team guarantees that it will create the home of your dreams, on time and every time, so that you can truly express yourself and live life to the full. As a local family-owned and run business, More for Less Remodeling serves the Metro St. Louis area with confidence and pride. The entire team are more than just employees. Although they are valued cogs in More for Less Remodeling’s well-oiled machine, they are also members of the family. They ensure each customer has what they need, and they work as a team to make sure the business can operate smoothly for the future as well as the present moment. Never failing to show how they care; they apply their knowledge and expertise to each project. Their passion shines through every remodeling job and, no matter the size of the project, they all have something of value to add. Our home is a place where we can relax at the end of a long day. We can grow our family and create memories together, grow together, and simply exist in a blissful harmony with our personal passions. Remodeling services such as transforming kitchens and bathrooms, as well as the creation of custom basements and additional living spaces, are much needed by a huge number of the population. Our houses are a reflection of us, and they are the place we turn into our homes – so that we can learn, grow, and discover more about who we, and our loved ones, are. More for Less Remodeling is a one-stop-shop for all of our remodeling needs and wishes. It promises excellence – and it always delivers. This home improvements business doesn’t More for Less Remodeling is a reliable remodeling business that makes a huge difference to the homes of Missouri. With over two decades behind it, More for Less Remodeling has built an empire. Here we take a closer look at what it does as it wins this award in the Home and Garden Awards 2023. O Jan22596 Best Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling Company – Missouri

Home and Garden Awards 2023 BUILD 5 They also make customers feel safe and secure in their own homes, while they work tirelessly to perfect and produce the best outcome for them. With helpful suggestions for arrangements, materials, and maintenance, contact and help doesn’t simply stop after the initial consultation. The team guides the customer through the entire journey because that’s exactly what it is – a journey to be enjoyed. Never using subcontractors, Owners, Chris and Angela Courtwright, have hand-picked and constructed a team that is comprised of dedicated individuals that are permanently part of the team. They take care of each project as though it is within their own homes, and they are there to support customers at any point throughout the process. Chris and Angela are proud of their team and, although they are the owners, they are involved in everything small and large detail on a daily basis. They treat their staff members like family and offer them great benefits. Not only this, but they have weekly meetings on Fridays to catch up and host raffles for fun. There’s plenty of fun to be had at More for Less Remodeling, as the large team have years of friendship between them. This atmosphere of friendly, happy, and respectful interactions extends to each customer experience, securing ongoing relationships with customers from all around the area. Chris tells us, “Our goal is to go beyond your expectations – meeting a budget, timely completion, and quality of workmanship. Our dedication to intelligent solutions and customer satisfaction is the core of our philosophy. We’ve combined our deep expertise with a renowned level of integrity and transparency, serving as the foundation for all we do.”

BUILD Home and Garden Awards 2023 6 More for Less Remodeling has acquired the vacant Police department and the run down car wash to rehabilitate and add to their showrooms. Taking places that were unused and transforming them into places where we can experience greatness and inspiration, the whole team has done the area proud. Opening their newest showroom in 2018 and awarded the Harold O. Kessler Beautification Commercial New Construction Award in 2021, from St. Lous County, MO, More for Less Remodeling has consistently become recognised for its work. More for Less Remodeling’s unique selling point has to be the amount of heart that the entire team puts into every project. They have created a red-carpet service that means they can handle everything from the very start to the end steps, and they all believe in their motto, “More Quality Less Headache”. Its favourite project to date is its current remodeling project where it is totally transforming a kitchen and four bathrooms. Its ability to create stunning, pristine spaces such as these blows its customers away. As just one example of the kind of reviews More for Less Remodeling gets, a delighted customer – Edward Aguado – took the time to say, “I have had a whole lot of experience dealing with contractors and I can say I would recommend this company to anyone. I was stunned when I realized the amount of time and relentless effort the team and especially Chris would put into every last detail of my bathroom remodel. Honestly, I was intimidated prior to starting my bathroom remodel. I knew I wanted a high-end job but had no idea where to begin. “Chris and his lovely wife Angela walked me through every step of the way. I was also IMPRESSED with the way they built from scratch my custom-built basin. I must have talked to 4 other contractors about this project and Chris was the only one that smiled and said, “that’s easy”. The bottom line is this company built me a top-notch high-end bathroom at a very fair price and they finished way ahead of schedule! Hire him.... you will not regret it!” In 2018, More for Less Remodeling won in the Better Business Bureau (BBB) TORCH Awards for BBB Servicing Eastern & Southwest Missouri & Southern Illinois. “The TORCH Awards recognize businesses and charities that exemplify high ethics in their treatment of customers, employees, and suppliers. Nine businesses and three charities are being recognized in 2018!” More for Less Remodeling has won multiple awards over its lifespan and being a multi-award-winning company, it has truly earned a lot of respect for itself. It has now won Best Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling Company, Missouri, from us at BUILD. We are overjoyed to have had the opportunity to unveil More for Less Remodeling as the winner of this accolade. And we are sure to see More for Less Remodeling go on to achieve even more wonderful things as it consistently pampers its customers. To arrange a free design consultation along with estimate, contact More for Less Remodeling today! Contact: Angela Courtwright Company: More for Less Remodeling Telephone: (314) 458-5592 Web Address: https://www.moreforlessstl.com/

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BUILD Home and Garden Awards 2023 8 and marketing in order to keep developing the business. The company has plans to expand its spacious showroom and continue to grow their invaluable team in order to keep developing the business. Thus, it is able, each season, to continue adding complementary pieces to its collection, including furniture, fabrics, and home accessories which it knows its customers will adore. Indeed, La Residence Interiors is committed to staying ahead of trends, always exploring how it can expand its colour and fabric selection for its upholstered furniture, aspiring to offer 500 different product and colour choices by 2025. As such, the team has observed an increased interest amongst customers to reinstate their dining rooms, as well as a desire for smallersized tables among those with new-build properties. To accommodate this, La Residence Interiors plans to add more sizes to its product offering. The company recently unveiled its Cavendish and Westcott collections: two striking new lines of coffee, console, and side tables which put a modern twist on its classic style. Combining the warm gold bronze metal with rich wood, these products offer a contemporary touch on interiors. Sarah says, “The challenge of designing this collection was to create an elegant design that perfectly complemented our existing furniture and accessories. We believe our customers can create a coordinated and sophisticated look by introducing either collection to their home.” Key to knowing what your customer wants is actually knowing who your customer is. La Residence Interiors knows exactly who its shoppers are, coming in the form of professional and educated females who are in their forties. they love entertaining at home and have a passion for luxury interiors and home styling. They want excellent quality furniture that is competitively priced and readily available, and for this to come with a personal service – which is just what La Residence Interiors can provide. The company’s headquarters and showroom are situated in Surrey and is an inspiring place to visit, offering customers an aesthetically pleasing and desirable selection of room settings. Upon entering the showroom, customers will be welcomed to relax and browse the furniture, while enjoying a complimentary coffee and discussing their requirements with La Residence Interior’s knowledgeable staff. Their offices are equally as he venture that is La Residence Interiors began when Sarah and Dan Cook were struggling to find high-quality, luxury furniture to style and furnish their own home – and they decided to design a few pieces of furniture which they had specially made. What followed was visitors who saw their furniture asking where it was from, wanting to buy similar pieces themselves. From this, came the idea to create an exclusive collection of their very own furniture and décor – and La Residence Interiors was born. Dan and Sarah began their La Residence Interiors journey inspired by their love of France and their having a home there. Hence the name using the French language, and the distinct Gallic overtones used to style some of their pieces, such as the classic French-style Louis armchair. The only way was up for La Residence Interiors as it grew and expanded its collection , moving on to create timeless, elegant, classic furniture that harmonises with a wide range of interiors, from French farmhouse to Huf Haus. Sarah comments, “Our company has been fortunate to experience significant growth and we continue to build incredible long-lasting relationships with our customers. We’ve come a long way from where we started. Recently, the company has expanded its showroom in Surrey, and it has a small but mighty team working in sales Celebrating 10 years in business, Dan and Sarah Cook are the founders of La Residence Interiors , an exclusive luxury brand providing stylishly designed furniture to the UK market. Primarily an online retailer, La Residence Interiors also has a showroom in Surrey to which customers travel from all over the UK so they can explore the latest styles. We speak to Sarah to discover the company’s recipe for success as it celebrates a win in the Home and Garden Awards 2023. T Feb23068 Most Stylish Luxury Furniture Brand - Southern England

Home and Garden Awards 2023 BUILD 9 inviting, tastefully furnished to provide a comfortable and pleasant work environment for their employees. La Residence Interiors has a culture which nurtures and guides their staff, encouraging them to grow and develop throughout their career. The company is aware of the state of the industry in which it operates, too, with Sarah telling us, “The UK home and garden industry is currently in a period of growth, with the home sector leading the way for us. Luxury furniture shops have seen an increase in demand in recent years, especially since the pandemic, as consumers look to invest in quality products that will stand the test of time, while also contributing to the overall aesthetic of their homes. However, La Residence Interiors does not let any of the challenges faze it as it unfalteringly delivers an extraordinary service to clients. La Residence Interiors deliver an extraordinary service to their clients and Sarah shares how the magic happens behind the scenes at the company: “Our core values are great quality, service, style, and competitively priced. We strive to provide our customers with top quality furniture that exceeds their standards and expectations. We design and source our own furniture to ensure creative and quality control when introducing new pieces and to guarantee that only the highest-grade materials are used. “We also offer excellent customer service, providing a personalised touch to our customers and helping them find the perfect piece for their home. We believe that style is paramount, and we strive to design furniture that is stylish, elegant, and timeless. We take pride in our designs and ensure that each piece is carefully crafted to ensure that the highest standards are met. By upholding these core values, we are able to provide our customers with the highest quality furniture and service, while also ensuring that our furniture is stylish and competitively priced.” So, when it comes to approaching a new project, the La Residence Interiors team focuses on five key areas. These are: 1. Design: They are devoted to creating designs that are modern, timeless, aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, and functional. 2. Quality: They use only the finest Belgian linens and American white oak to guarantee products are of the highest quality and built to last. 3. Pricing: La Residence strives to offer competitive prices for its furniture, so its customers are able to purchase excellent quality and stylish furniture at a competitive price. 4. Availability: The company ensures its pieces are readily available for customers to access furniture when they want it. If an item is in stock, delivery will be 7-10 working days UK-wide. 5. Personal Service: La Residence Interior’s goal is to provide an outstanding customer experience by offering personalised service to customers. It wants to create a trusting relationship with them so they feel comfortable and secure when shopping with them. The showroom atmosphere is very informal and relaxing, and customers can enjoy a coffee or just browse, experiencing its products first-hand whilst discussing their furniture requirements with the company’s friendly and knowledgeable staff. Now La Residence Interiors has its sights set on the future, which is looking very bright indeed. Sarah gives us an insight into what this entails: “2023 promises to be an exciting year for our company. We are looking forward to celebrating our 10-year anniversary, launching new products, and redesigning and extending our Surrey showroom. We will also be exploring other opportunities to expand our reach and grow our business. “Our goal is to continue providing high quality products and services to our customers and to also continue to grow our team. We are excited for what the future holds and look forward to serving our customers for many years to come.” Company: La Residence Interiors Email: [email protected] Website: www.laresidenceinteriors.co.uk

BUILD Home and Garden Awards 2023 10 do, Do the Work that we have been entrusted with, Do the Right Thing when mistakes are made, so we can Deliver an Amazing Experience for all our clients.” These values are the very crux of every business decision and daily excursion, and they have delivered Out of the Woods to an elevated status of greatness – giving it the edge over its competition in the area. Out of the Woods’ Director of Sales and Marketing, Mark Moeller, says, “We use our core values in all aspects of our business. Whether we are working with clients or hiring employees, our core values are at the heart of decision-making process. These guide and ultimately drive our success, for if we to remove any one value, it is very difficult to achieve the others.” Transparency is greatly important to Out of the Woods. Mark says, “With any new project, our teams meet with the clients to thoroughly cover our process. Within that initial meeting, we go step by step in the measure, selection, design, manufacturing and install process. We strive to provide as much clarity to the process so that we can ensure that we are the right fit for the clients, and they are the right fit for us.” By communicating exactly what can and can’t be done, Out of the Woods takes dreams and transforms them into a reality but also lets the client know if their dream needs to be tweaked in order to truly work. It is this open dialogue that helps Out of the Woods to build long lasting relationships that can stand the test of time – much like its products. Managing expectations is just one way that Out of the Woods ensures a positive experience that doesn’t disappoint at any turn. “Many projects go through multiple changes and a project review is done that involves our designer, manufacturing and installation teams to make sure we are looking at all aspects of the project from start to finish, before we sign off with the client,” Mark shares. The relationship between Out of the Woods and its clients is constructed on a foundation of trust, honesty, and respect, so that each project can be carried out with the clients’ best interests at heart. By getting to know their clients, the team understands their pain points and wishes – making Out of the Woods the best option “Where Nature and Style Meet.” With a team of 60 dedicated employees, Out of the Woods Custom Cabinets & Countertops can handle a high volume of projects on a yearly basis. It is committed to its craft as each, and every, member of staff is skilled, passionate, and enthusiastic about what they do day to day. Beginning in a small shop outside Owner Tige Rhoades’ home in April 2001, Out of the Woods has humble roots. Tige was passionate about providing a better experience for clients than what he had seen throughout his years working with other companies. He decided to set up shop to create a place where he could guarantee excellence and build a team that wanted to do the same. The Out of the Woods family do everything they can to ensure a top-quality experience throughout every project, no matter how big or small. Its executive team strives to improve all aspects of the business, while the rest of the team carry each project from the fine print to the final touches. The team truly believes in the core values of the business. “We are One Team that strives to Do What We Say We Say we will Out of the Woods Custom Cabinets & Countertops is an outstanding business with modest origins. It was carefully created to address all the needs of people looking to improve their surroundings. Its project management, seasoned expertise, and skilled approach blow its competition away. Here we talk to its Director of Sales and Marketing, Mark Moeller, as Out of the Woods wins this prestigious award in the Home and Garden Awards 2023. Jan23436 Best High-End Kitchen Cabinetry Firm 2023 – Utah

Home and Garden Awards 2023 BUILD 11 for those looking for a company willing to take the time to fully learn and translate their needs from ideas to solid results. Mark adds, “Our core values certainly set us apart from our competitors. We do all our manufacturing on site, while it is not uncommon for other shops to buy cabinet boxes from a wholesaler and only make doors or drawers. Out of the woods starts with raw lumber or stone and creates the finished product all under our own roof. Also, though we want to continue to grow, Out of the Woods wants to make sure that we approach each client as a partnership, especially new home contractors.” Its sturdy approach means that it doesn’t cut corners or try to reach so many clients that it loses its advantages. The entire team is on board with the Out of the Woods outlook on business and client relationships – which is exactly how it provides such a brilliant, seamless, and award-winning service. Mark comments on the booming industry as we see Out of the Woods continue to grow. He says, “While some of the recent changes in the economy have caused new home construction to slow, we have seen the transition to remodel work increase significantly. Our market has seen explosive growth and it is likely to continue.” For the last few years, Out of the Woods has been extremely busy – with a workload that both challenges and inspires the team. Of course, they take on no more than they can handle, so as to ensure the upkeep of the spotless quality, but the great advantage of having such a team is that the business can increase its capacity for projects. At this current time, Mark tells us, “We are focusing efforts on more commercial projects than we normally would. We have also seen the labour pool become more challenging in all of the construction trades, which has affected us as well.” It is this kind of challenge that helps Out of the Woods to thrive as it stays sharp, smart, and sensational. The future is looking particularly exciting for Out of the Woods as it continues to take on high-end projects that are always finished in a flawless manner. Keeping in line with all industry trends, such as “the constant increase of the Federal Rate” and “a noticeable trend towards larger scale in the size of projects,” Out of the Woods is staying on top of its game. Mark adds, “There are focused plans for revenue growth through improving our systems, equipment, facilities, and additional breadth of product offerings. We just recently purchased an additional building that will allow us to offer a Euro cabinet design that we currently do not offer. This will include a significant investment in new equipment, training, and manpower. These improvements will allow all of our clients a more diversified selection, as well as allowing Out of the Woods the ability to better serve more commercial clients. We also are currently working on a multi-family complex providing cabinets and countertops for nearly 80 units.” These developments are changing the business as it is known and allowing it to skyrocket. We’re sure to see it continue to burst with life as it takes on more clients and their projects with passion and pride. Out of the Woods Custom Cabinets & Countertops has now been awarded with the title of Best High-End Kitchen Cabinetry Firm 2023 – Utah. Mark tells us, “We are honoured to be selected for this award. This the 5th similar award we have received in the last 12 months.” Contact: Mark Moeller Company: Out of the Woods Custom Cabinets & Countertops Web Address: https://ootwc.com/

BUILD Home and Garden Awards 2023 12 steps involved in the design process at Genuine Interiors. The process begins with the client’s design brief, which outlines what they aspire to achieve as well as their specific requirements. The details of this must be analysed carefully and a layout and budget are proposed. When this is approved, concept development begins. In this stage, the designer must use creativity and innovation to produce a main design concept which clearly expresses the designer’s ideas to the client using schematic drawings, sketches, and graphic visualisation. Throughout each step of the process, the designer works with the client to ensure that their expectations are met, and that their vision has been achieved. The company is headed by CEO and Principal Designer Maria Martarella, an award-winning entrepreneur with extensive knowledge of the interior design industry. For 12 years, Maria has provided her clients with direction from beginning to end of their design projects, providing expert advice on the most suitable course of action and the most effective utilisation of their budget. Advocating for her clients and negotiating on their behalf with vendors, manufacturers and tradespeople, Maria ensures that every purchase meets clients’ full satisfaction. Since the pandemic, she has experienced some difficulties with sourcing materials, so she has found innovative ways to expand her network of vendors. She is passionate about her company and strives to ensure it delivers superior customer experience and produces professional designs that are as close to the client’s vision as possible. In order to maintain a high standard of service, Genuine Interiors functions with several core values in mind. Firstly, the company values design quality, delivering custom, luxurious and functional designs using the best quality materials, furnishings, and accessories. Secondly, the studio is dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service, with value far beyond the products it offers. Next, the company values efficiency, aiming to spend its time working on the activities that are most important and valued by the client. Lastly, Genuine Interiors is passionate about the work it does, so it aims have fun throughout the process, infusing this joy into all interactions with clients and other associates. The company operates in a market where there are many interior design businesses, meaning it is a competitive industry to work in. Utilising creativity, expertise and excellent visual rendering, Genuine Interiors offers its clients innovative, outaking people’s interior design dreams come true, Genuine Interiors creates original spaces that are both beautiful and comfortable, working on projects ranging from decoration, to renovation, to construction. The company strives to understand the specific needs of its clients and keep them in mind throughout the entire design process, applying their feedback and ideas. It offers a range of services, including 3D rendering drawings, floor planning, furniture sourcing, colour consultation, design consultation, window treatment, project management, and more. The company’s website boasts an impressive portfolio of the many eye-catching spaces it has worked on, each one different from the next and specific to its owner’s tastes and style. While every project is different based on the needs of the client and the type of design, there are a series of general Committed to excellence, Genuine Interiors is an innovative full service interior design studio, bringing its clients’ visions to life through collaboration and creativity. Since 2010, the company has operated based on the belief that everyone deserves to be inspired by the spaces they spend time in. Providing a range of services, Genuine Interiors is a leader in its industry, having set the standards for innovative design, customer service, and project management. M Jan23434 Most Innovative Design Services Provider - New Jersey

Home and Garden Awards 2023 BUILD 13 of-the-box ideas that they couldn’t think of themselves. The company makes sure to collaborate with its clients, giving them a sense of devotion and involvement in their project. Working with other studios that do not value collaboration may feel very one sided, while collaborating with Genuine Interiors creates a unique mutual relationship, resulting in long-lasting business relations and potential for future projects. This is what makes the company so special. Clients that work with Genuine Interiors feel that their ideas are genuinely cared about and taken into account, rather than feeling ignored by a designer who thinks their ideas are better because of their experience. In a competitive industry, there may be temptation to follow trends to keep up with clients’ desires. While Genuine Interiors sees the fun in incorporating these trends in its designs, the company believes in the value of timeless pieces and styles, ones that remain chic and sophisticated for decades. Having mastered timeless interior design, Genuine Interiors saves its clients money by ensuring the longevity of its work, reducing the likelihood that clients will fall out of love with their space and wish to restyle it when trends change. As a rule, the company opts to include current trends in smaller items like scatter cushions that are easier and cheaper to change than bigger pieces of furniture. As a result of its superior collaborative design services and its dedication to customer satisfaction, Genuine Interiors is 2023’s winner of Most Innovative Design Services Provider, New Jersey, in the Home and Garden Awards. The future is bright for Genuine Interiors as it looks forward to growth in the coming year. Operating in Monmouth County, the company has noted that the population is increasing, creating opportunity for new clients as people move into the area and wish to style their new homes. In 2023, Genuine Interiors is also looking forward to the expansion of its Creative Team as well as opportunities to showcase its new interactive design services to attract more clients. Contact: Maria Martarella Company: Genuine Interiors Web Address: genuine-interiors.com

BUILD Home and Garden Awards 2023 14 paint and ensuring that the completion of the project meets the company’s standards. The attention to detail in this process of production highlights Grupo Marver’s dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. As a result of its high-quality products, Grupo Marver is involved in working on many important projects. For example, it is currently involved in manufacturing access doors for a luxury hotel on the island of Ibiza. This demonstrates the unique nature of the solutions the company provides. It takes pride in the fact that it is trusted to work on such big projects. With a hunger for progress, Grupo Marver works towards the future by setting itself short- and long-term goals. The company never settles in its comfort zone, instead it always strives to improve itself, working every day to offer the best products on the market. Moving forwards, Grupo Marver continues to internationalise its brand. It is currently seeking the best partners in each influential European country, aiming to work with companies committed to quality that are looking for something unique. The company believes that the future is uncertain, but this uncertainty fuels its passion. As a result, its brand is constantly evolving. As European trends and architectural styles develop and change, it knows the importance of being prepared to support the upcoming demands of the market. This means innovation is incredibly important. Keeping this at the forefront of everything it does, it is clear that Grupo Marver will continue to grow, change and improve even further in the years to come. Thanks to its high-quality products and impressive services, Grupo Marver is undoubtedly a leader in its field, offering unique solutions to clients across Europe. As a result of its constant innovation and evolution, the company has won Most Pioneering Aluminium House Fixtures Company, Europe, in the Home and Garden Awards 2023. Contact: Juan Oliver Company: Grupo Marver Web Address: www.grupomarver.es xporting to countries throughout Europe, Grupo Marver is the Spanish benchmark for manufacturers of welded aluminium doors, fences, and exterior gates. Creating products with unique, personalised designs while utilising the strength of iron and the benefits of aluminium, the company produces 3,500 gates per year and offers a 10-year guarantee on its products. Grupo Marver has dedicated more than two decades to metallurgy and believes it has mastered the creation of the perfect door, from all perspectives. The company sets itself apart from its competitors by providing innovative, high-quality products and the best post-sale service and support possible. Due to the lightweight, durable, and ecological nature of aluminium, it is becoming an increasingly popular material to use in the industry. Thus, there is a demand in the market for minimalistic products that are guaranteed to last. As a result of these factors, Grupo Marver is increasingly strong and well-positioned in the market. In order to ensure the quality of its products, the company has state-of-the-art machinery designed to give the best possible treatment to the metal. From the very start, the client is involved in the process of manufacturing. They are able to view and approve a CAD (Computer-Aided Design) plan for the project before production begins. Furthermore, at each stage of production, the project undergoes deep analysis, ensuring that any problems are dealt with before installation. In addition, quality is assessed before the product is sent out for delivery. In this assessment, all parts of the order are reviewed, checking the adherence of Most Pioneering Aluminium House Fixtures Company 2023 - Europe Utilising the durable and lightweight nature of aluminium, Grupo Marver is a Spanish company which manufactures welded aluminium doors, fences, and exterior gates. With a process dedicated to quality and consistency, the company ensures customer satisfaction and offers a 10-year guarantee on its products. Here, we take a look at what makes Grupo Marver so unique as well as its production process and plans for the future. E Jan23771

Home and Garden Awards 2023 BUILD 15 Jan23240 s a leader in the Christmas decorations industry, Tree Nest lives and breathes Christmas. Turning innovative ideas into successful products, the company manufactures tree stands and skirts for retailers across the globe. Companies who work with Tree Nest can choose from an array of curated styles or customise their own decorations to suit the needs and desires of their customers, guided through the process by the sales department. Tree Nest’s team of communications and marketing specialists then help them promote the finished products to their customer base. Working in such a competitive industry, Tree Nest sets itself apart from other companies through its design innovation, product quality, and great service. In addition, it showcases the option to personalise products, which is a unique service to offer. These factors have allowed the brand to situate itself as a leader in the industry. Furthermore, by taking the time to patent protect its innovative designs, the company ensures its products are truly unique. As with any industry, there are constantly new trends emerging in the Christmas decorations market. Tree Nest has recently been working on creating new products in line with these trends, taking into account not only style and aesthetics but also the way the products are made. The company continues to create modern, practical, and functional tree stands, made from the best material. Tree Nest is redefining the Christmas decoration industry by creating sustainable products using eco-friendly materials, thinking through and extensively testing every material to ensure the satisfaction of the end consumer. When creating new products, it aims to meet the needs of the design while using sustainable and recyclable materials. Tree Nest focuses on offering a good price while ensuring excellent quality and design, so it has dedicated time to finding the best suppliers of materials for its projects. Moving into 2023, the company is proud to introduce a number of new products to its website, which it urges customers to look out for. As a result of its innovative, high-quality products and focus on sustainability, Tree Nest is 2023’s winner of Best Luxury Christmas Tree Stand Manufacturer, China, in the Home and Garden Awards. In the future, as well as working on new products and collections to add to its already extensive selection of curated styles, Tree Nest aims to attend more international exhibitions to present its products to potential buyers across the globe. The company is currently seeking distributors in regions across Europe, the US, Canada, South America, Australia, and Russia, aiming for its products to reach people all over the world. Contact: Susan Shi Company: Tree Nest Web Address: www.treenest.com A Many would agree that the holiday season is the most special time of the year, with people making memories, spending time with loved ones, and demonstrating generosity. Tree Nest is dedicated to encapsulating this feeling in its beautiful and expertly crafted tree stands and skirts, made for live and artificial Christmas trees. Offering premade styles as well as the option to customise, Tree Nest is bringing Christmas spirit to homes all over the world. Best Design Christmas Tree Stand Manufacturer - China

BUILD Home and Garden Awards 2023 16 returned to Maun to take over the company from Antonie Lamont. Under this new management, the company’s trading name changed to Lodge Builders Botswana, and so was the beginning of yet another expanding era which would reinstate it as the undisputed leader in the construction of lodges in the Delta. Due to the ever-increasing demands for quality and work output, Gideon Barnard, former director at Stefanutti Stocks in Botswana, was employed by LBB in 2014 on a consultant basis to reduce the pressure on top level management. In June 2016, Gideon took over the managing director role from Adriaan van der Merwe, a further step towards poising the company for yet another exciting era. Together with the appointment of Gideon, LBB created (and filled) a few other top and medium management posts to help the existing management team. Gideon tells us more about the team: “The company was the first to have a 100% Motswana workforce, trained inhouse, to carry out work that was previously done by expatriate contract workers. With numerous new generations of lodges springing up within the Delta, the company grew from strength to strength, delivering a highly professional product at a very cost-effective rate, and a the same time enriching the local community with skills and revenue.” Gideon continues, “Over time, we have built up tremendous experience in the art of lodge construction. We have been lucky enough to work with leading architects in the field, coupled with several safari companies, each coming together to bring their own style and interpretation of the Delta and all it has to offer.” Ultimately, the LBB team’s professional work ethic and end results have generated a wide base of returning clients. LBB is very proud to link its name to some of the most prestigious lodges in the Delta. Since its humble beginnings, LBB has grown in skill as well as workforce, but at its roots, its beliefs have remained untouched. LBB believes in a sustainable future, it believes in reuse where possible, and most importantly, it believes in letting nature speak for itself. Company: Lodge Builders Botswana Contact: Anja Barnard / Gideon Barnard Email: [email protected] / [email protected] Website: lodgebuildersbotswana.com t Lodge Building Botswana, it is believed that there is no better proof of a commitment to service than a project which demonstrates the integrity of the builder. What the team at LBB does is not unique, but what they believe in is unique: their commitment to honesty, timeliness, working within budget, genuine concern for the client, and ultimately, delivering projects to the highest standard. The services delivered by the LBB team are based on hands-on project management and service delivery, with their strength being in the ability to schedule concurrent short- and long-term construction activities, and then effectively manage contracts on time, within budget, and by never compromising on quality. LBB’s offering is flexible and efficient; with its mobile nature and sizeable workforce, the company is able to offer several options that its team can adjust in order to meet specific client needs and expectations. Essentially, they are able to carry out anything from demolitions, rebuilds or refurbishments of pre-existing structures to a complete turnkey design and build. Indeed, while LBB’s products and services are primarily aimed at the lodge industry, it is no stranger to home renovations and private construction projects, either. Where it all began It was back in 1993 that Ladybird Investment was established by director, Antonie Lamont. Based in Shakawe, it was a company focused on carpentry work for camps in the area such as Drotsky’s Cabins, Nxamaseri, and Shakawe fishing lodge. Then, it relocated to Maun in 1994 to launch a larger ‘lodge-oriented’ carpentry shop. As time went on, the demand for renovation grew, and the business gradually moved from being a small-scale workshop into full-scale construction. By 1996, the original carpentry shop had closed as Ladybird Investments accepted its first major contract to rebuild Savute Elephant Camp. This marked the birth of an entirely unique construction company. In the following years, the business became completely mobile, moving from site to site as needed and adapting to the specific challenges and requirements of a wild and untouched setting. The skills acquired through this form of construction allowed the company and its team to specialise in building in the Delta. Meanwhile, it was in 2005 that Adriaan van der Merwe, who was involved in the company from 1999 and a shareholder since 2002, Lodge building is a very specialised area of construction, and the team at Lodge Builders Botswana have all the experience, expertise, and commitment needed to deliver a quality project. Following the company’s double award win in the Home and Garden Awards 2023, we learn more about its extraordinary offering. A Feb23116 Best Luxury Lodge Builders 2023 – Africa & BUILD Innovation Award in Sustainable Building - Africa Lodge Builders Botswana

Home and Garden Awards 2023 BUILD 17 Jan23473 he interior of your home, or any space you spend a lot of time in, can have a direct impact on how you feel when in that environment. It is important to create a space that makes you feel at ease. Often it is hard to know where to begin or how to coordinate colours and styles, so reaching out for help eases this and makes the process more enjoyable. This is what the team at MM Interior Design Company is able to do for its clients. With over 20 years of experience, the Founder, Mariola Mialkowska, and her team of architects and interior designers, work from its studio in Cork, Ireland, to create made to order luxury interiors for home and commercial spaces. MM Interior Design Company presents budget development services on all interior works and finishes. It has a design service package that includes reviews and assistance on coordination, especially with the layout of furniture with lighting and electrical plans, as well as fine art, and decorative touches. The company is open to helping anyone that needs general advice on certain areas, this often includes advice around paint colour, flooring option, bathroom, furniture layouts, extension plans, storage solutions, and much more. Mariola and her team make its clients dream a reality, by getting to know their needs and creating a plan specially for them. Mariola has a unique approach as she believes that even the smallest details can make a huge difference, this has been a success as many home and office owners have been amazed with the final results. Currently, its customers are based in various countries such as Ireland, Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom, Poland, Sweden, Belgium, and more. For MM Interior Design where its clients are located is no challenge, as the team make their dream a reality and find a way to overcome obstacles in the process. Having the power to defeat the challenges faced during the pandemic meant it is able to provide its services for customers all around the world. MM Interior Design Company has recently been recognised in the Home and Garden Awards 2023 with Home Staging Company of the Year 2023 – ROI. We look forward to seeing the team continue to help its clients to make their house a home with their expertise, passion, and enthusiasm – no matter the location. Contact: Mariola Mialkowska Company: MM Interior Design Company Web Address: https://mminteriordesign.ie/ T MM Interior Design Company offers first class planning, design, documentation, and project management to its clients at reasonable prices. We take a closer look at the company after its recent recognition in the Home and Garden Awards 2023. Home Staging Company of the Year 2023 - ROI

BUILD Home and Garden Awards 2023 18 means that every surface attracts and neutralises pathogens 24/7 for up to 90 days. Unlike competitors, the company treats the entire facility, including heating, ventilation, and air conditioning ductwork when accessible. This makes the shield particularly effective. Master Germ’s clients include schools like the Girls Leadership Academy of Arizona, James Madison and Valley Christian Schools, as well as the Arizona State Bar Association and Ancala Optical. Another client is LabXpress, who Master Germ and Odor Removal helped to keep safe at the beginning of the pandemic while their lab carried out Covid-19 tests for the state. Additionally, Master Germ and Odor Removal has serviced a major live-television network every quarter for over two years, helping their staff and talent remain healthy and provide sports entertainment while many people were in isolation due to the pandemic. The network’s facilities contain expensive broadcasting equipment including microphones, lighting, green screen studios, and mixing consoles, which have never been negatively affected by the germ shield. Master Germ and Odor Removal is proud to protect its community with its outstanding Germ Shield Service. It is committed to doing the right thing, building trusting relationships with its clients. Those who work with the company are confident in the quality and reliability of its services, meaning they are willing to recommend it to others. Clients of Master Germ and Odor Removal have left overwhelmingly positive feedback for the company, praising its customer service and efficiency. Owner of the business, Dave Robinson, has been described as “professional and dependable” and “wonderful to work with”, demonstrating that customers are not only satisfied with the quality of the product, but also the service provided by Dave himself. As a result of its outstanding Germ Shield Service, Master Germ and Odor Removal is the winner of Best Corporate Disinfection Service Provider, Arizona, in the Home and Garden Awards 2023. Committed to customer satisfaction, the company continues to protect its clients from harmful bacteria and pathogens with its effective products, helping them save time and money, and chemical exposure, by reducing the need to use traditional disinfectants. With such a unique and high-quality service, there is no doubt that the company will continue to succeed in the future. Contact: Dave Robinson Company: Master Germ and Odor Removal Web Address: www.MasterGermAndOdorRemoval.com isinfection and neutralizing germs requires the utmost professionalism. Master Germ and Odor Removal’s Germ Shield Service adds a protective barrier to all surfaces, from walls to windows, that attracts and neutralises pathogens like viruses and bacteria. Impressively, the shield works for up to 90 days in commercial environments and potentially even longer in residential environments. The antimicrobial germ shield dries very quickly once applied to surfaces, forming covalent bonds. The shield forms a lattice of molecular pins that attract and pierce pathogens, a process called lysis. Since it uses physics rather than poison, germs do not become resistant to the germ shield, meaning it will do the same effective job time and time again without creating so-called superbugs. Importantly, the shield is food safe, with a toxicity rating of just under vitamin C, and is effective against SARs, E. Coli, influenza, MRSA, TB, and more viruses, bacteria, fungi and allergens. ATP is an energy molecule found in all living things, so its presence is commonly tested for to identify the presence of microorganisms like bacteria. To test the effectiveness of the germ shield, Master Germ and Odor Removal compared the ATP levels in two elevators. One was treated by Master Germ’s germ shield one time, and the other was disinfected using traditional cleaning methods five times a day. The results were shocking - the ATP levels in the germ shield elevator averaged at below 30 over a 90 day trial, which is considered food safe. However, the average level in the other elevator was well above 500, which is considered very dirty, even after being disinfected 5x per day for 90 days. This shows that Master Germ’s Germ Shield Service outperforms traditional disinfectants, meaning people can save massive amounts of time and money by treating environments with the non-toxic germ shield instead of purchasing and using traditional disinfectants to clean the area. The data from this elevator test can be found online at www. MasterGermAndOdorRemoval.com/elevator. The company’s Germ Shield Service is incredibly efficient, with rooms only needing to be empty for three minutes to apply the shield. This allows facilities to continue functioning during the service. For example, when applying the germ shield in a residential care facility for seniors, the shield can be applied in the residents’ rooms while they are in the dining area, then the rest of the facility can be treated when the residents return to their rooms. What makes Master Germ and Odor Removal’s Germ Shield Service so unique is the fact that it is applied to every surface, including windows and floors, rather than only surfaces that are frequently touched like light switches and door handles. This Operating in Arizona and North Carolina, Master Germ and Odor Removal offers comprehensive services to fight odors and neutralize bacteria. With extensive experience in the industry, the company brings unparalleled knowledge and expertise to every job it works on. Master Germ and Odor Removal uses non-toxic, noncarcinogenic, no mess, non-staining, EPA-approved products and products manufactured to EPA standards to provide clients with an effective anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, hypoallergenic, and spore-neutralizing shield. D Jan23820 Best Corporate Disinfection Service Provider - Arizona