Home & Garden Awards 2023

BUILD Home and Garden Awards 2023 18 means that every surface attracts and neutralises pathogens 24/7 for up to 90 days. Unlike competitors, the company treats the entire facility, including heating, ventilation, and air conditioning ductwork when accessible. This makes the shield particularly effective. Master Germ’s clients include schools like the Girls Leadership Academy of Arizona, James Madison and Valley Christian Schools, as well as the Arizona State Bar Association and Ancala Optical. Another client is LabXpress, who Master Germ and Odor Removal helped to keep safe at the beginning of the pandemic while their lab carried out Covid-19 tests for the state. Additionally, Master Germ and Odor Removal has serviced a major live-television network every quarter for over two years, helping their staff and talent remain healthy and provide sports entertainment while many people were in isolation due to the pandemic. The network’s facilities contain expensive broadcasting equipment including microphones, lighting, green screen studios, and mixing consoles, which have never been negatively affected by the germ shield. Master Germ and Odor Removal is proud to protect its community with its outstanding Germ Shield Service. It is committed to doing the right thing, building trusting relationships with its clients. Those who work with the company are confident in the quality and reliability of its services, meaning they are willing to recommend it to others. Clients of Master Germ and Odor Removal have left overwhelmingly positive feedback for the company, praising its customer service and efficiency. Owner of the business, Dave Robinson, has been described as “professional and dependable” and “wonderful to work with”, demonstrating that customers are not only satisfied with the quality of the product, but also the service provided by Dave himself. As a result of its outstanding Germ Shield Service, Master Germ and Odor Removal is the winner of Best Corporate Disinfection Service Provider, Arizona, in the Home and Garden Awards 2023. Committed to customer satisfaction, the company continues to protect its clients from harmful bacteria and pathogens with its effective products, helping them save time and money, and chemical exposure, by reducing the need to use traditional disinfectants. With such a unique and high-quality service, there is no doubt that the company will continue to succeed in the future. Contact: Dave Robinson Company: Master Germ and Odor Removal Web Address: www.MasterGermAndOdorRemoval.com isinfection and neutralizing germs requires the utmost professionalism. Master Germ and Odor Removal’s Germ Shield Service adds a protective barrier to all surfaces, from walls to windows, that attracts and neutralises pathogens like viruses and bacteria. Impressively, the shield works for up to 90 days in commercial environments and potentially even longer in residential environments. The antimicrobial germ shield dries very quickly once applied to surfaces, forming covalent bonds. The shield forms a lattice of molecular pins that attract and pierce pathogens, a process called lysis. Since it uses physics rather than poison, germs do not become resistant to the germ shield, meaning it will do the same effective job time and time again without creating so-called superbugs. Importantly, the shield is food safe, with a toxicity rating of just under vitamin C, and is effective against SARs, E. Coli, influenza, MRSA, TB, and more viruses, bacteria, fungi and allergens. ATP is an energy molecule found in all living things, so its presence is commonly tested for to identify the presence of microorganisms like bacteria. To test the effectiveness of the germ shield, Master Germ and Odor Removal compared the ATP levels in two elevators. One was treated by Master Germ’s germ shield one time, and the other was disinfected using traditional cleaning methods five times a day. The results were shocking - the ATP levels in the germ shield elevator averaged at below 30 over a 90 day trial, which is considered food safe. However, the average level in the other elevator was well above 500, which is considered very dirty, even after being disinfected 5x per day for 90 days. This shows that Master Germ’s Germ Shield Service outperforms traditional disinfectants, meaning people can save massive amounts of time and money by treating environments with the non-toxic germ shield instead of purchasing and using traditional disinfectants to clean the area. The data from this elevator test can be found online at www. MasterGermAndOdorRemoval.com/elevator. The company’s Germ Shield Service is incredibly efficient, with rooms only needing to be empty for three minutes to apply the shield. This allows facilities to continue functioning during the service. For example, when applying the germ shield in a residential care facility for seniors, the shield can be applied in the residents’ rooms while they are in the dining area, then the rest of the facility can be treated when the residents return to their rooms. What makes Master Germ and Odor Removal’s Germ Shield Service so unique is the fact that it is applied to every surface, including windows and floors, rather than only surfaces that are frequently touched like light switches and door handles. This Operating in Arizona and North Carolina, Master Germ and Odor Removal offers comprehensive services to fight odors and neutralize bacteria. With extensive experience in the industry, the company brings unparalleled knowledge and expertise to every job it works on. Master Germ and Odor Removal uses non-toxic, noncarcinogenic, no mess, non-staining, EPA-approved products and products manufactured to EPA standards to provide clients with an effective anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, hypoallergenic, and spore-neutralizing shield. D Jan23820 Best Corporate Disinfection Service Provider - Arizona