Home & Garden Awards 2023

Home and Garden Awards 2023 BUILD 23 Jan23443 eggy Prendeville Interior Design is a London-based interior design company set up by its namesake, Peggy Prendeville. She deals with every part of the process, from the very first stages of design right through to the finishing touches that make the space unique. Peggy tells us that most of her clients think of her as an interior architect as much as an interior designer as she uses her years of experience to explore every aspect of a building. She says, “Over the years I have developed wide ranging design skills that have enabled me to create functional yet beautiful interiors for numerous housing developments, residential interiors, barn conversions, offices, a college, a hotel, and a library.” Her time developing luxury spaces in London has consisted of transmogrifying the area and “transforming empty, cavernous, disused warehouse spaces into sumptuous residences or exciting office interiors.” By utilising these otherwise baron buildings, we find the bustling city filled to the brim with spaces that alter our sense of being – meaning Peggy does more than upcycle, she renews and breathes life into unused buildings. Peggy shares, “Further afield I have created a large luxury apartment from a bare shell space in Fisher Island, Florida, plus designed several residential refurbishment projects and a retail shop in Singapore.” Her work is loved in different countries and appreciated by a huge number of individuals. She is highly proud of her work – and so are her clients. Her artistic vision encourages her to use all kinds of materials, lighting, and creative elements, and her ability to liaise with different people means she has a network of people who can make a dream become a reality. “My attention to the most minute detail is crucial to my approach too plus in my more minimalist interiors I often include secret storage within the walls. I believe that interiors should be both beautiful and practical.” Peggy understands how to bring a building to life by being “instrumental in the selection or design of furniture, furnishings, finishes, lighting, art and accessories.” Her approach is thorough and imaginative, so as to materialise every wish of her clients. Instead of following trends, she tailors each space to the taste of her clients – ensuring every detail is as it should be. She comments, “In general I prefer to look at each project with a fresh eye and not to follow trends. This avoids a project going out of fashion and on occasions my approach has actually created a trend or an invention of a new idea.” As we all know, the past few years have been tumultuous to say the least. However, Peggy details, “In 2022 I completed 4 projects, the biggest building project being a four-storey family house in north London, which required 5 separate planning approvals. The main challenge here was working on the job throughout the covid period with huge problems in the supply of materials and regular staff absences throughout the building process. But as with any problematic jobs, I remained focused and determined regarding the outcome and the final result speaks for itself.” With the pandemic mostly behind us, Peggy now finds herself taking on more projects with fewer bumps in the road. She has resumed service as usual and continues to take on more clients that she dedicates her full attention to, one at a time. For the future, Peggy reveals, “I am about to embark on a new project in Maida Vale, London for clients who I have worked for on 2 previous occasions. I am also working on 2 Mews Houses in South Kensington, again for an existing client who I have been working on and off with for 27 years.” It is her reputation and innovation that carries her to success at every turn, and her work has spread across the world, leaving a trail of opulent spaces behind. Now winning Most Client-Focused International Interior Architect and Designer, London, Peggy has gained award-winning recognition that showcases her ability to completely change a space. She leaves every project with a flawless finish and a story behind its beauty. Contact: Peggy Prendeville Company: Peggy Prendeville Interior Design Web Address: https://peggyprendeville.com/ P When designing and creating a space that we truly adore, we can find ourselves searching for someone who has a zesty, fiery, and admirable desire to play with every aspect of the room. This London-based interior designer, Peggy Prendeville, has caught our eye with her creative flair, passion, and dedication to her trade. Here we look at Peggy Prendeville Interior Design as she wins this esteemed award. Most Client-Focused International Interior Architect and Designer – London Peggy Prendeville Interior Design Photo Credit: Colin Poole