Home & Garden Awards 2023

BUILD Home and Garden Awards 2023 24 outhern California-based interior design firm, Kendra Mays Designs specializes in luxury residential and commercial design projects for clients that need a full range of interior design services. Founded and led by the talented Kendra Mays, who has more than two decades worth of experience within the industry, the firm has designed spaces for multiple celebrities, athletes, and politicians, and Kendra’s work has been featured in numerous articles, publications, and media outlets. “My heart has always been drawn to the personal bond that comes with creating residential spaces,” she explains. “With everything from design consultations to one room design services, I and the team are ready to bring your design dreams into reality.” In fact, Kendra’s latest project was for a young Hollywood writer and director and she was tasked with the challenge of designing two homes on the same block (within walking distance of each other). One home was for the lady in question, and one home was for her mother. The challenges included creating two multi-generational design styles and design aesthetics for homes in very close proximity. “I was proud to complete one modern, hip Hollywood vibe home and one very timeless and classic design that were age appropriate to each home,” she enthuses. “I don’t let obstacles stand in my way. I have too much drive inside of me and too much determination to be the best version of myself for as long as I can be.” With core values centering around faith, determination, drive, and a great love for humanity, Kendra tells us that these principles have launched her life “like a rocket” and have contributed to all the success she has had. With extreme faith in herself and her God-given talents, Kendra is fierce and fearless, priding herself on being “an overcomer”. Having come from a poverty stricken household as a child, and having nothing but a dream and an imagination, Kendra believes she is living proof that faith, hard work, and determination can help propel anyone into the life that they want to live. “Humankind has taught me to love and to serve and to expect nothing less than what I put out into the universe,” she elaborates. “For that I am eternally grateful.” Kendra’s approach to a new project is to really learn her client and to learn the function of the spaces that she will be designing in order to curate a look that is not only beautiful but practical. “It is not enough for me to merely design a space, but I also need to design a lifestyle,” she emphasises, pointing out what sets her aside from competitors and marks her design services out as the best choice. “I am not just a designer but I am also an attendant. I walk this journey with my client very attentively. Good design is part style and part psychology.” Currently, as with most creative industries, the interior design sector is heavily affected by social media. Fashion and home design often run hand in hand and because of this Kendra finds a lot of clients requesting style trends that span from fashion influencers or social media outlets, such as TikTok. Another trend she has seen emerge of late is due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which forced home workers to take a good look at their homes, re-examine their needs, and re-imagine their spaces. She states, “This growing trend has transitioned my design firm in more creative ways to assist our clients with not only new and fresh designs but creative storage and home organization services as well.” Recently, Kendra Mays Interior Design was recognized in the Home & Garden Awards 2023 and bestowed with the title of Best Interior Design & Renovation Company - Southern California. Now, Kendra is looking forward to everything the future holds and plans to produce even bigger design projects than before. “We also plan to implement many more “pay it forward” events through our AmaysN U foundation,” she says enthusiastically. “We hope to provide more free home makeovers and establish a school of the arts to help cultivate the future leaders in the arts.” Contact: Kendra Mays Company: Kendra Mays Designs Web Address: www.KendraMaysDesigns.com Best Interior Design & Renovation Company - Southern California Kendra Mays Designs is an upscale design firm committed to ensuring that clients are able to fulfil their interior dreams. We speak to the firm’s founder and namesake to find out more in the wake of it being recognized in the Home and Gardens Awards 2023. S Feb23260 Kendra Mays Designs