Home & Garden Awards 2023

Home and Garden Awards 2023 BUILD 25 Jan23450 orming an expert creative team of architect, interior designer, builder, and client, clear communications are established from the offset so Goralnick Architecture Design Studio can ensure aesthetic, functional, and budgetary needs are met. As a result, Barry Goralnick says, “The design process becomes demystified and, therefore, a less intimidating and more enjoyable experience.” Barry Goralnick creates an overall design from start to finish, with his background lying in art and architecture history, literature, as well as drama. He tells us, “I like to bring elements of the world around us into consideration. These diverse interests inform my signature style of combining eclectic elements in unexpected, but harmonious ways. The richness of this approach differentiates me from others.” Goralnick begins by exploring how clients want to live and helps to define their needs and ideal surroundings. This is followed by interpreting and expressing their vision, creating the most beautiful, luxuriously comfortable spaces possible. “It’s important to understand the goals of your client – both functional and aesthetic,” states Barry. “If it’s a home, how do you entertain? Do you have guests? How do you want your children to live, and are you planning to have more? Do you work from home? How do you watch TV? A good clue is often how the clients dress. Do they have a certain flair? Are they fashion forward or traditional?” Most recently, Barry and his team redesigned a house in West Palm Beach for a TV producer and former publishing executive. They bought a house in a good community with a great value in a perfect location. However, the house itself was dated, had an overly complicated flow, congested feel, and needed a complete makeover. The clients wanted a house that is easy to maintain for indoor/ outdoor Florida living. Having been New Yorkers for most of their lives, they have sophisticated taste, and the solution was to create the feeling of contemporary loft living – open, clean, and serene. Barry comments, “By opening up the house (removing several walls), the result is the feeling of an airy loft, much like luxury apartments in New York. With high ceilings, light-flooded rooms, and access to the outdoors, it is expansive and easy.” Also among Goralnick’s clientele are long-time clients who are now aging, and Barry thinks it is important to make sure the firm is meeting their needs. He explains, “With the large number of Baby Boomers who are now aging, accessibility is even more important. Clients have Parkinson’s Disease, ALS, and Alzheimer’s Disease. For each of these clients, we have done extensive research to learn the physical and mental challenges they face, and how to make their lives easier and safer. For example, we added rubberised flooring to kitchens and baths to cushion surfaces in case there is a fall.” The studio designs for a variety of premier home and hospitality companies, including Arta Broch, Villeroy & Boch, Watermark Designs, Currey & Company, Vanguard Furniture, Visual Comfort, and Stark Carpet, among others. Awarded “Best Product Designer” by the ARTS Awards, with the “Innovation In Design Award” from Cottages & Gardens (five-time nominee), as well as a “Best of Year” Winner for Product Design from Interior Design, in addition to success within the BUILD Home and Garden Awards 2023, we ask Barry about his secret sauce. “I think that the main ingredients to my success have been training, knowledge, experience, and honesty. I also believe that you must form a close bond with your clients, whether they are a residential client or the team that represent the corporate client. The design process can be lengthy, and it’s smoother if you listen, relate, and approach even the most trying situations with a sense of humour.” So, what’s next for Goralnick Design Studio? Barry gives us an insight: “In product design, 2023 has started out to be a landmark year. I have launched a new plumbing fixtures and fittings collection, The James Collection for Watermark. I have just debuted eight new collections of fine bone china for Arta Broch at Ambiente in Frankfurt. In architecture and interiors, there are several residential projects in New York and construction in Los Angeles and Houston.” Company: Goralnick Architecture Design Studio, DPC Contact: Barry Goralnick Email: [email protected] Website: www.barrygoralnick.com F Goralnick Architecture Design Studio (Goralnick) specialises in product design, architecture, and interior design services, from early planning and building, to the selection or design of furniture, lighting, and accessories. In light of the firm’s founder, Barry Goralnick’s success within the Home and Garden Awards 2023, we got in touch with him to learn more about his work. Best Furniture Designer (New York): Barry Goralnick “Koji Credenza for Currey & Company