Home & Garden Awards 2023

BUILD Home and Garden Awards 2023 22 our process works because our customers always come back! Through excellent customer service and follow up, we have created a solid customer base and many repeat buyers. Our communication with each customer is above and beyond what they expect.” Recently, Shower Pans had a customer come to it who was remodelling several rooms and bathrooms for a large senior living centre. They required the bathrooms to be ADA compliant, zero entry, and C3 nonslip. They were going to tackle their remodelling project the conventional way, concrete and tile, with long build and install times. However, the customer was excited to learn about the sleek, ease of installation, and affordable cost of Shower Pans’ solid surface products while meeting all ADA standards and requirements. The company has also met the same requirements for two boutique hotels in Miami Beach and Myrtle Beach. Now, as the building world evolves and customers become more educated and aware of their surroundings, Shower Pans is working diligently to manufacture products that will meet the new challenges and stay ahead of the competition. The company continues to educate the building world so it can reach its target audience, the developers, the builders, and the hospitality companies. The company will continue adding products to its line up and working to expand, with Kevin saying, “We want every shower in America to take advantage of these innovative, sleek, envirofriendly, and forward-thinking products!” Company: Shower Pans LLC Contact: Kevin Lares Email: [email protected] Website: www.showerpanliners.com evin and Isabel brought these amazing solid surface shower pans back home to the US, where their company, Shower Pans LLC became an exclusive distributor to the US market. Shower Pans offers competitively priced, highest quality solid surface pans and polycarbonate wall panels to the US, with its primary focus being on enabling its customers, who come in the form of homeowners, contractors, designers, and architects, to enjoy a sleek and safe design with ease of installation and zero entry and maintenance. The difference doesn’t end there in terms of these products. They are about 25% lighter, come in several different styles and colours, and use advanced nanotechnology mixed with minerals such as marble and granite, which make them environmentally-friendly. Shower Pans prides itself on its products being kind to the planet, because the truth is, the US market today is still playing catch up to the European market with respect to the environment when it comes to products and materials. “We find it extremely exciting to be a part of new and forwardthinking products in this industry,” delights Kevin. “We observed 2022 as a big eye-opening year for the industry in terms of how it embraced minimalist and zero-maintenance/entry design and style. Most of these products are recyclable and reusable. These trends will continue to ramp up and grow!” The Shower Pans team strive to place themselves in the customer’s shoes, with core values of empathy, communication, understanding, and support. By fully understanding the customer, their projects, and their processes, the team can ensure a great outcome and overall experience for them. Kevin states, “We know Leading Shower Pan Providers - Georgia Shower Pans LLC was born in 2018 after a trip to Italy. Husband and wife, Kevin and Isabel Lares were impressed with the modern design and products offered in the country, for they had a clear difference (improvement) from some of the products available in the US market. So, after some networking and help from friends, the couple were introduced to their supplier in Alicante, Spain – and the rest is history. In light of Shower Pans’ success within the Home and Garden Awards 2023, we spoke to Kevin to learn more about the company’s outstanding product offering. K Jan23646