Home & Garden Awards 2023

Home and Garden Awards 2023 BUILD 21 Jan23099 high-end vintage furniture company dedicated to quality, D4 Vintage offers a range of carefully selected, lovingly restored furniture to clients with a worldwide delivery service. From students seeking investment pieces to interior designers looking to add something unique to a space, D4 Vintage is for anyone and everyone with a keen eye for quality pieces of furniture. The company is owned and run by two brothers with a passion for classic antique furniture and a particular love for mid-century modern pieces. Once-beautiful vintage pieces of furniture have sometimes been neglected, resulting in dirt build-up and diminished colour. While some vintage furniture dealers pick up stock from auctions and flea markets and sell it on for a premium just as they found it, D4 Vintage is passionate about ensuring its customers receive vintage furniture in its absolute best form, professionally refurbished with no scratches, ring marks, or paint. With some projects, D4 Vintage fully restores items to their original condition, but some clients prefer the time-aged appearance, which is when the company will just correct any structural failures while maintaining the physical history of the piece. When taking on a new project, D4 Vintage always makes sure to give the item a full inspection in person before purchase. Even if the piece is due to be restored, the company believes it is important to see, touch, and feel every piece of furniture before taking it on. D4 Vintage values quality over anything else, meaning each item must undergo thorough inspection before restoration and then again before the item is sent out for delivery to the customer. This strict approach to quality has paid off, with the company proud to say it has never had a single complaint to date. Offering free aftercare advice with every piece sold, D4 Vintage is dedicated to customer service and satisfaction. The company goes above and beyond to ensure its clients are not just happy with their new furniture, but excited about it. Working with them every step of the way, particularly if their piece is commissioned specially, the company ensures that customers’ expectations are exceeded and their visions are achieved. With over 100 5-star reviews on Google, D4 Vintage is incredibly grateful for its customers, who have helped the company achieve its current success. While vintage furniture is often purchased for its unique aesthetic, it cannot be forgotten that the restoration of furniture is a form of recycling. D4 Vintage believes furniture should outlive humans and it advocates for furniture sustainability, focusing on purchasing high-quality and well-made products from the past and bringing them back to life. These pieces have already lasted a lifetime and won’t need to be replaced quickly, meaning they can be enjoyed for many more decades to come. Ultimately, the restoration of existing furniture contributes hugely towards a better future by reducing shrewd use of natural resources. Alongside this, in the name of every new customer it receives, D4 Vintage donates a tree to be planted in the parts of the world that need it the most. As a result of its unwavering dedication to quality, customers of D4 Vintage are left more than satisfied, which is why the company has won Best Vintage Furniture and Homeware Restoration Company in the Home and Garden Awards 2023. The future is bright for D4 Vintage as it looks forward to opening additional premises in Northern England, which will open doors to UK mainland sources and customers. Contact: Gary Steenson Company: D4Vintage Web Address: https://www.d4vintage.com/ A Based in County Antrim in Northern Ireland, D4 Vintage is a vintage furniture and homeware dealer specialising in Scandinavian mid-century modern pieces. On its online store, browsers can find a range of restored vintage furniture, lighting and living accessories, as well as details about the option to commission bespoke furniture made by talented craftsman to suit any needs, style and taste. From chairs to tables to ceramics, D4 Vintage is for anyone looking to purchase well-made, well-loved and well-restored unique pieces of furniture that have lasted and will continue to last a lifetime. Best Vintage Furniture & Homeware Restoration Company - Northern Ireland