Home & Garden Awards 2023

BUILD Home and Garden Awards 2023 20 them to connect with nature. People are becoming more environmentally-conscious, and businesses within the design and construction industry are having to evaluate how to enhance safety and wellbeing while reducing negative impact on the environment. Changing environmental climate has also led to more homeowners embracing sustainable and eco-friendly design systems, such as motion sensor lighting and renewable materials. The awareness of how the built environment relates to mental health and the ecosystem continues to expand. The pandemic also influenced an increased need for wellness and wellbeing to be at the centre of interior design, due to factors such as the rise of in-home care and increased at-home work environments. Today, major influences within the industry include the need for safety, belonging, and confidence. The challenges and rewards lie in reimagining design solutions that reduce fatigue, anxiety, and stress, while supporting a suitable design for the lifestyle of the user. So, how does the future look for Pamela Williams Interior Design? We asked Pamela to give us an insight: “PWID’s future involves reaching new heights in creating impactful and innovative designs. Our forever project is to reform and rejuvenate domestic violence safe houses for women in the community who need refuge and the opportunity to start anew. This project is called Project Pow[h] er House™, which uses professional collaborative pro-bono design services to renovate shelters in a way that enhances functionality and empowers its residents. “PWID’s vision for Project Pow[h]er House is to enhance, refresh, and develop local safe house interior design, so that each resident feels uplifted, inspired, and experiences inner healing during their transition into a healthier life.” Company: Pamela Williams Interior Design Contact: Pamela Williams Email: [email protected] Website: www.pamelawilliams.design amela Williams Interior Design is on a mission to educate and implement interior design in residential and commercial spaces, as Pamela says, to “empower both women and men to develop their ‘Inner Design’. This is what we refer to as ‘Inner Design Through Interior Design®’.” PWID values curating spaces that stimulate the mind through captivating and balanced design, with a focus on lighting, colour theory, and motivational theory. Pamela elaborates, “We empower an elevated quality of life by masterfully creating environments that are a reflection of our clients’ inner spirit. “We have received feedback that our values encourage healthier and more intentional lifestyles by influencing how users interact with the spaces we design.” With a self-love focus and modern design perspective, PWID attracts homeowners who choose it for its innate one-of-a-kind essence, skill, and excellence. As problem solvers, the team are devoted to listening to the client’s wants and needs. They pay attention to both verbal and nonverbal cues to programme and design spaces that are functional and feel good for their intended purpose. Pamela says, “Our alignment with a client’s energy is just as important to us as fulfilling their physical environment desires.” Notably, PWID’s latest project gives an idea of the extraordinariness the team is capable of. This required the design of a space within a new-build property for the “lady of the house”, referred to by the team as the Lady Lounge. The project involved creating a living area and office suite that felt comfortable, fresh, and elegant, with a powerful feminine energy. “Key challenges we faced included integrating the interior with nature and the outdoors, maximising daylighting and renewable sources, and supporting social and solo activities to stimulate senses of calm, rejuvenation, and productivity,” explains Pamela. “The moment our client revelled in the open airy feeling of her living area, inspired by natural elements and her love of hosting, was a great success for us.” Pamela and the team have observed that this isn’t the only project where the client’s desire has been to create a space that allows Most Innovative Interior Design Firm 2023 - Atlanta Pamela Williams Interior Design (PWID) is an interior design studio that prioritises functional, inspiring design and intentional energy (aka ‘good vibes’). The firm specialises in residential and small commercial projects, including e-design for virtually limitless design possibilities. Whether a new build, renovation, or décor, PWID’s goal is to create spaces that not only support its clients’ lifestyles, but also improve their overall physical and mental health. As the firm celebrates a win in the Home and Garden Awards 2023, we got in touch with Pamela herself to learn more. P Jan23577