Home & Garden Awards 2023

Home and Garden Awards 2023 BUILD 13 of-the-box ideas that they couldn’t think of themselves. The company makes sure to collaborate with its clients, giving them a sense of devotion and involvement in their project. Working with other studios that do not value collaboration may feel very one sided, while collaborating with Genuine Interiors creates a unique mutual relationship, resulting in long-lasting business relations and potential for future projects. This is what makes the company so special. Clients that work with Genuine Interiors feel that their ideas are genuinely cared about and taken into account, rather than feeling ignored by a designer who thinks their ideas are better because of their experience. In a competitive industry, there may be temptation to follow trends to keep up with clients’ desires. While Genuine Interiors sees the fun in incorporating these trends in its designs, the company believes in the value of timeless pieces and styles, ones that remain chic and sophisticated for decades. Having mastered timeless interior design, Genuine Interiors saves its clients money by ensuring the longevity of its work, reducing the likelihood that clients will fall out of love with their space and wish to restyle it when trends change. As a rule, the company opts to include current trends in smaller items like scatter cushions that are easier and cheaper to change than bigger pieces of furniture. As a result of its superior collaborative design services and its dedication to customer satisfaction, Genuine Interiors is 2023’s winner of Most Innovative Design Services Provider, New Jersey, in the Home and Garden Awards. The future is bright for Genuine Interiors as it looks forward to growth in the coming year. Operating in Monmouth County, the company has noted that the population is increasing, creating opportunity for new clients as people move into the area and wish to style their new homes. In 2023, Genuine Interiors is also looking forward to the expansion of its Creative Team as well as opportunities to showcase its new interactive design services to attract more clients. Contact: Maria Martarella Company: Genuine Interiors Web Address: genuine-interiors.com