Home & Garden Awards 2023

BUILD Home and Garden Awards 2023 14 paint and ensuring that the completion of the project meets the company’s standards. The attention to detail in this process of production highlights Grupo Marver’s dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. As a result of its high-quality products, Grupo Marver is involved in working on many important projects. For example, it is currently involved in manufacturing access doors for a luxury hotel on the island of Ibiza. This demonstrates the unique nature of the solutions the company provides. It takes pride in the fact that it is trusted to work on such big projects. With a hunger for progress, Grupo Marver works towards the future by setting itself short- and long-term goals. The company never settles in its comfort zone, instead it always strives to improve itself, working every day to offer the best products on the market. Moving forwards, Grupo Marver continues to internationalise its brand. It is currently seeking the best partners in each influential European country, aiming to work with companies committed to quality that are looking for something unique. The company believes that the future is uncertain, but this uncertainty fuels its passion. As a result, its brand is constantly evolving. As European trends and architectural styles develop and change, it knows the importance of being prepared to support the upcoming demands of the market. This means innovation is incredibly important. Keeping this at the forefront of everything it does, it is clear that Grupo Marver will continue to grow, change and improve even further in the years to come. Thanks to its high-quality products and impressive services, Grupo Marver is undoubtedly a leader in its field, offering unique solutions to clients across Europe. As a result of its constant innovation and evolution, the company has won Most Pioneering Aluminium House Fixtures Company, Europe, in the Home and Garden Awards 2023. Contact: Juan Oliver Company: Grupo Marver Web Address: www.grupomarver.es xporting to countries throughout Europe, Grupo Marver is the Spanish benchmark for manufacturers of welded aluminium doors, fences, and exterior gates. Creating products with unique, personalised designs while utilising the strength of iron and the benefits of aluminium, the company produces 3,500 gates per year and offers a 10-year guarantee on its products. Grupo Marver has dedicated more than two decades to metallurgy and believes it has mastered the creation of the perfect door, from all perspectives. The company sets itself apart from its competitors by providing innovative, high-quality products and the best post-sale service and support possible. Due to the lightweight, durable, and ecological nature of aluminium, it is becoming an increasingly popular material to use in the industry. Thus, there is a demand in the market for minimalistic products that are guaranteed to last. As a result of these factors, Grupo Marver is increasingly strong and well-positioned in the market. In order to ensure the quality of its products, the company has state-of-the-art machinery designed to give the best possible treatment to the metal. From the very start, the client is involved in the process of manufacturing. They are able to view and approve a CAD (Computer-Aided Design) plan for the project before production begins. Furthermore, at each stage of production, the project undergoes deep analysis, ensuring that any problems are dealt with before installation. In addition, quality is assessed before the product is sent out for delivery. In this assessment, all parts of the order are reviewed, checking the adherence of Most Pioneering Aluminium House Fixtures Company 2023 - Europe Utilising the durable and lightweight nature of aluminium, Grupo Marver is a Spanish company which manufactures welded aluminium doors, fences, and exterior gates. With a process dedicated to quality and consistency, the company ensures customer satisfaction and offers a 10-year guarantee on its products. Here, we take a look at what makes Grupo Marver so unique as well as its production process and plans for the future. E Jan23771