Home & Garden Awards 2023

Home and Garden Awards 2023 BUILD 15 Jan23240 s a leader in the Christmas decorations industry, Tree Nest lives and breathes Christmas. Turning innovative ideas into successful products, the company manufactures tree stands and skirts for retailers across the globe. Companies who work with Tree Nest can choose from an array of curated styles or customise their own decorations to suit the needs and desires of their customers, guided through the process by the sales department. Tree Nest’s team of communications and marketing specialists then help them promote the finished products to their customer base. Working in such a competitive industry, Tree Nest sets itself apart from other companies through its design innovation, product quality, and great service. In addition, it showcases the option to personalise products, which is a unique service to offer. These factors have allowed the brand to situate itself as a leader in the industry. Furthermore, by taking the time to patent protect its innovative designs, the company ensures its products are truly unique. As with any industry, there are constantly new trends emerging in the Christmas decorations market. Tree Nest has recently been working on creating new products in line with these trends, taking into account not only style and aesthetics but also the way the products are made. The company continues to create modern, practical, and functional tree stands, made from the best material. Tree Nest is redefining the Christmas decoration industry by creating sustainable products using eco-friendly materials, thinking through and extensively testing every material to ensure the satisfaction of the end consumer. When creating new products, it aims to meet the needs of the design while using sustainable and recyclable materials. Tree Nest focuses on offering a good price while ensuring excellent quality and design, so it has dedicated time to finding the best suppliers of materials for its projects. Moving into 2023, the company is proud to introduce a number of new products to its website, which it urges customers to look out for. As a result of its innovative, high-quality products and focus on sustainability, Tree Nest is 2023’s winner of Best Luxury Christmas Tree Stand Manufacturer, China, in the Home and Garden Awards. In the future, as well as working on new products and collections to add to its already extensive selection of curated styles, Tree Nest aims to attend more international exhibitions to present its products to potential buyers across the globe. The company is currently seeking distributors in regions across Europe, the US, Canada, South America, Australia, and Russia, aiming for its products to reach people all over the world. Contact: Susan Shi Company: Tree Nest Web Address: www.treenest.com A Many would agree that the holiday season is the most special time of the year, with people making memories, spending time with loved ones, and demonstrating generosity. Tree Nest is dedicated to encapsulating this feeling in its beautiful and expertly crafted tree stands and skirts, made for live and artificial Christmas trees. Offering premade styles as well as the option to customise, Tree Nest is bringing Christmas spirit to homes all over the world. Best Design Christmas Tree Stand Manufacturer - China