Home & Garden Awards 2023

Home and Garden Awards 2023 BUILD 11 for those looking for a company willing to take the time to fully learn and translate their needs from ideas to solid results. Mark adds, “Our core values certainly set us apart from our competitors. We do all our manufacturing on site, while it is not uncommon for other shops to buy cabinet boxes from a wholesaler and only make doors or drawers. Out of the woods starts with raw lumber or stone and creates the finished product all under our own roof. Also, though we want to continue to grow, Out of the Woods wants to make sure that we approach each client as a partnership, especially new home contractors.” Its sturdy approach means that it doesn’t cut corners or try to reach so many clients that it loses its advantages. The entire team is on board with the Out of the Woods outlook on business and client relationships – which is exactly how it provides such a brilliant, seamless, and award-winning service. Mark comments on the booming industry as we see Out of the Woods continue to grow. He says, “While some of the recent changes in the economy have caused new home construction to slow, we have seen the transition to remodel work increase significantly. Our market has seen explosive growth and it is likely to continue.” For the last few years, Out of the Woods has been extremely busy – with a workload that both challenges and inspires the team. Of course, they take on no more than they can handle, so as to ensure the upkeep of the spotless quality, but the great advantage of having such a team is that the business can increase its capacity for projects. At this current time, Mark tells us, “We are focusing efforts on more commercial projects than we normally would. We have also seen the labour pool become more challenging in all of the construction trades, which has affected us as well.” It is this kind of challenge that helps Out of the Woods to thrive as it stays sharp, smart, and sensational. The future is looking particularly exciting for Out of the Woods as it continues to take on high-end projects that are always finished in a flawless manner. Keeping in line with all industry trends, such as “the constant increase of the Federal Rate” and “a noticeable trend towards larger scale in the size of projects,” Out of the Woods is staying on top of its game. Mark adds, “There are focused plans for revenue growth through improving our systems, equipment, facilities, and additional breadth of product offerings. We just recently purchased an additional building that will allow us to offer a Euro cabinet design that we currently do not offer. This will include a significant investment in new equipment, training, and manpower. These improvements will allow all of our clients a more diversified selection, as well as allowing Out of the Woods the ability to better serve more commercial clients. We also are currently working on a multi-family complex providing cabinets and countertops for nearly 80 units.” These developments are changing the business as it is known and allowing it to skyrocket. We’re sure to see it continue to burst with life as it takes on more clients and their projects with passion and pride. Out of the Woods Custom Cabinets & Countertops has now been awarded with the title of Best High-End Kitchen Cabinetry Firm 2023 – Utah. Mark tells us, “We are honoured to be selected for this award. This the 5th similar award we have received in the last 12 months.” Contact: Mark Moeller Company: Out of the Woods Custom Cabinets & Countertops Web Address: https://ootwc.com/