Home & Garden Awards 2023

Home and Garden Awards 2023 BUILD 5 They also make customers feel safe and secure in their own homes, while they work tirelessly to perfect and produce the best outcome for them. With helpful suggestions for arrangements, materials, and maintenance, contact and help doesn’t simply stop after the initial consultation. The team guides the customer through the entire journey because that’s exactly what it is – a journey to be enjoyed. Never using subcontractors, Owners, Chris and Angela Courtwright, have hand-picked and constructed a team that is comprised of dedicated individuals that are permanently part of the team. They take care of each project as though it is within their own homes, and they are there to support customers at any point throughout the process. Chris and Angela are proud of their team and, although they are the owners, they are involved in everything small and large detail on a daily basis. They treat their staff members like family and offer them great benefits. Not only this, but they have weekly meetings on Fridays to catch up and host raffles for fun. There’s plenty of fun to be had at More for Less Remodeling, as the large team have years of friendship between them. This atmosphere of friendly, happy, and respectful interactions extends to each customer experience, securing ongoing relationships with customers from all around the area. Chris tells us, “Our goal is to go beyond your expectations – meeting a budget, timely completion, and quality of workmanship. Our dedication to intelligent solutions and customer satisfaction is the core of our philosophy. We’ve combined our deep expertise with a renowned level of integrity and transparency, serving as the foundation for all we do.”