Construction & Engineering Awards 2023 Energy Drive: Home Energy Saving Specialists of the Year 2023 - Italy

BUILD Construction & Engineering Awards 2023 Construction & Engineering Awards 2023 BUILD Magazine is proud to announce the return of the Construction and Engineering Awards. Now in the eighth year, this ground-breaking awards programme aims to highlight the best of the best in the construction and engineering industry. BUILD Magazine seeks to showcase the best tradespeople and companies involved in this industry. Those hardworking individuals who work diligently to build the very best projects. Ranging from residential properties to commercial buildings, and highway infrastructure, the Construction and Engineering Awards is the place to showcase the hardworking companies involved in this sector. BUILD exclusively showcases the best trades that shine in this sector. Builders, Civil Engineers, and Roofing Contractors are to name but a few of the key trades involved in the Construction and Engineering Awards. BUILD Magazine is dedicated to highlighting these firms and providing them with the spotlight they so rightly deserve. Who doesn’t deserve to be recognised for their hard work and success? Winning an award specific to your industry is one of the best ways to develop a larger client base and improve employee morale. In an industry that is struggling to attract and retain the workforce, being able to demonstrate your company’s success is an ideal advantage. Now more than ever it is beneficial to establish your company amongst the competition. Being an award-winning company is the best way to achieve this goal! Sofi Parry- Senior Editor Website: Sofi Parry- Senior Editor Rebecca Scotland- Editor Joshua Beardsmore- Writer Izzy Mifsud- Writer Emily Godbold- Writer Michelle Strozykowski- Writer Matthew Wright- Writer Ali Mohammed- Junior Graphic Designer Lauren Baldwin- Graphic Designer Editorial Team

Contents 4. Energy Drive: Home Energy Saving Specialists of the Year 2023 - Italy 6. Ray White Builders Limited: Most Trusted Builder 2023 - Cheshire 8. JAWAD + Partners: Best Hospitality Architecture Practice 2023 – Middle East 10. Guardian Structural Technologies, LLC: Most Innovative Structural Engineering 12. Synergy Inc: Most Dedicated Modular Construction Management Company 2023 - USA 14. US Doors Direct: Best Roll-Up Door Supplier 2023 - Florida 16. Pipe Technologies Limited: Leading Trenchless Pipe Rehabilitation Provider 2023 - New Zealand 18. Evolution BS: Best Passive Fire Protection Specialists 2023 - UK 20. APA Property Services: Party Wall Act Disputes Advisory of the Year 2023 - UK 22. La Finca de Jasmine: Best Luxury Property Development 2023 – Southern Spain 24. Blue Prestige Inc: Best Construction Staff Recruitment Company 2023 - Burlington 25. D&L Electric Controls Co. Inc: Best Building Automation & HVAC Specialists 2023 – West USA 26. Webber Design: Best Structural Engineering Company 2023 - Australia 27. Paul Vick architects: Best Commercial Architecture Firm 2023, London 28. LamburnGeekie Ltd: Housing Project Company of the Year 2023 - South East England & Best Individual Residential New Build Project 2023 (UK) - High Haven Farm 29. Axon Lighting Design inc.: Most Innovative Lighting Design Company 2023 - New York 30. EAB Homes Ltd: Best Bespoke Contractor 2023 - England 31. MariaZinteriors: Most Creative Interior Design Studio 2023 – Southern Arizona 32. InEight: Most Innovative Real-Time Construction Insights Software Company 2023 33. Robex Contracting Ltd: Best Resin Flooring Installation Company 2023 – UK 34. Venue Repair: Public Building Repair Service of the Year 2023 - Derbyshire 35. ALPROEM Engineering Contractors: Most Innovative Medical Construction Company 2023 - Puerto Rico 36. Mr. Handyman Of West Knoxville: Home Repair & Maintenance Company of the Year 2023 – USA 37. Encore Environment: Best Waste Management Consultancy 2023 - East Midlands 38. EPIKYKLOS Construction Company: Best Residential Construction & Renovations Company 2023 – Attica 39. CITIC Holding IF Group LLC: Infrastructure Finance Specialists of the Year 2023 - Delaware 40. Lambert Contracting: Best Heavy Civil Industry Contractor 2023 - South East USA 41. Rosco & Perlini: Best Damp Proofing Specialists 2023 – Southeast England 42. Atelier Thomas Pucher ZT GmbH: Most Innovative Architecture Studio 2023 – Austria & Best Completed Academic Building Redevelopment Project 2023 (Austria): University of Graz Library 43. Creative Project Services Ltd: Best Architectural Design & Build Firm 2023 - Home Counties 44. Ernsdorf Design Inc: Best Custom Concrete Furniture Company 2023 - USA 45. Coprem S.R.L: Best Precast Concrete Solutions Provider 2023 - Italy 46. YDS Architects: Most Innovative Residential Architecture Practice 2023 - Japan 47. Salt Town Contractors Ltd: Best Roofing & Cladding SME Contractor 2023 - England 48. Jamie Harris Building Design: Best Building Design & Consultancy Firm 2023 - Hunter Valley NSW 49. Safeguard Scaffolding North West Ltd: Most Trusted Domestic & Commercial Scaffolding Business 2023 - North West England 50. Property Development Institute Pty Ltd: Best Property Development Training Provider 2023 51. Sanderson Construction Group Ltd: Best Construction Project Management Company 2023 - Plymouth 52. Ibex Consulting Engineers Limited: Best Small Ground Investigations & Consultancy Firm 2023 - UK 53. Rockall Safety: Gas Director & Safety Equipment Provider Company of the Year 2023 - Wales 54. Justin Gray Homes Ltd.: Dream Home Builder of the Year 2023 – Alberta 55. Wafflemat: Most Pioneering Construction Foundation Systems Provider 2023 - USA 56. Prime Projects Design and Management: Best Chartered Architectural Practice 2023 - Kent

BUILD Construction & Engineering Awards 2023 Jul23271 Home Energy Saving Specialists of the Year 2023 - Italy

5 Figuring out how to save energy is often a difficult task indeed. And, more often than not, pinpointing a starting point is the hardest part. Thankfully, Energy Drive detracts this concern from the equation, instead presenting a straightforward, yet ingenious, solution to energy saving concerns. Below, we explore how Energy Drive has become the cornerstone of Italy’s energy saving sphere, and how its unwavering dedication is already starting to have a noticeably positive impact on the planet. Since 2008, Energy Drive has been fervently operating within the green economy to bring the experience and prowess of managers and employers alike to life. With thorough knowledge on a variety of fields, from the technology market to services and communications, it has long since honed its practises in order to master a set of four crucial areas of expertise. These areas include the production of energy from renewable sources, design and construction of bio-architecture, activities and products for energy savings, and the sale of eco-friendly products and sustainable mobility. Energy Drive is on a mission to improve our quality of life by exploring nature’s full potential, and has spent over a decade delivering specialised services that are geared towards preserving the planet’s climate balance. Energy Drive brings something to the table that no other energy saving specialist does – between its incredible, highly motivated team and its utter devotion to enhancing eco-friendly application usage for families, businesses and organisations alike, it demonstrates a willpower that’s simply spectacular to witness. It’s far too easy for individuals to lose their way when trying to secure environmentally conscious decisions in their day to day lives, but Energy Drive acts as a guiding hand to help get them back on track again. Whether this manifests through its products, or through the involved services that it offers, Energy Drive is propelled forward by its desire to encourage positive change. One shining example of Energy Drive’s sheer ambition for reshaping the meaning of ecofriendly convenience is its recent project, Green Homes PARC DU SOLEIL. Throughout this project, Energy Drive managed to expertly distinguish the most vital, daily needs of a family, all whilst adopting an approach that considered comfort at all times. The result is a collective of energy independent houses, built in full respect of both nature and the environmental balance of the surrounding area. Its ecological houses combine technological advancements with environmentally friendly approaches in order to guarantee highly efficient spaces that have exceptionally low running costs. In addition, these constructions act as the perfect alternative to traditional masonry or reinforced concrete construction. Put simply, the houses that Energy Drive has had a part in constructing strike the ideal balance between innovative living and protecting the ecological stability of the local area. Built with families between two and four in mind, this project represents everything that Energy Drive stands for. It’s a testament to the brilliance that the team is capable of displaying time and time again, and how it marries service with production efficiency to concoct a fantastic experience that’s wholly centred around the betterment of our planet. Energy Drive exemplifies what it means to orient oneself around the needs of a client, whilst also remaining avidly conscious of the impact that it’s having on the environment. Of course, none of this would be remotely possible if it weren’t for the wealth of talent that makes up Energy Drive’s team. From professional engineers to expert architects, the individuals behind Energy Drive serve as the backbone of its operations. No matter the task, or the demands of each client, its team is more than prepared to deliver services that consistently defy all expectations. Customer satisfaction lies at the core of Energy Drive’s approaches, and this policy of excellence translates perfectly through its pursuit of the highest quality standards imaginable. As such, it’s no surprise that its team has been constantly praised for its unending length of talent. It’s this commitment to superb results that truly sets Energy Drive apart, and it’s all thanks to the hard-working individuals who have the power to shape the future of green economy. We humans, as a species, spend the vast majority of our lives inside. As such, it’s important that the buildings that so often house people are built in an environmentally friendly way, with environmentally friendly materials. In addition, it’s crucial that said buildings operate with low energy consumption systems, all whilst retaining a sense of comfort for the inhabitants. This is what Energy Drive specialises in. Whether it’s a home or a workplace, Energy Drive is determined to outfit it with all of the necessary means to work towards a sustainable future – one where green economy is favoured within the development sphere. Its usage of bio-architecture is truly inspired, lending to the harmonious outcome that it is so avidly striving for. Energy Drive is wholly dedicated to giving its maximum effort to transform the development industry. For years, it has been incredibly aware of steady decline in quality of life, and, as such, has developed projects that support a shift in the right direction. Bio-architecture is beyond revolutionary, and Energy Drive takes full advantage of its potential to deliver environmentally conscious results that demonstrate a keen eye for change. Composed of young enthusiasts and expert professionals that each share the company’s vision, Energy Drive is in constant pursuit of new, innovative solutions. It presents its team with the freedom to explore and develop its talents and, through immense amounts of cohesive teamwork, has fostered an excellence that translates to its services and products. To Energy Drive, growth is about working together - whether it’s personal or collective growth. Only then can a collective truly flourish, and flourish Energy Drive definitely has. Energy Drive’s success is inextricably intertwined with the development of its personnel – a notion that the management team is more than aware of. As such, it requested that we extend our congratulations to the incredible individuals who have played a role in transforming Energy Drive into something truly special. It’s because of you that Energy Drive has managed to reach the heights that it finds itself at today, and your passion for progression is having an undeniable impact on the growth of green economy. This award is for each of you to enjoy – you’ve definitely earned it. We simply can’t wait to see how Energy Drive continues to redefine the future of our environment. Contact: Giampaolo Pavone Company: Energy Drive Web Address:

BUILD Construction & Engineering Awards 2023 Ray White Builders, a prominent construction and engineering company based in Cheshire, South Manchester, and North Staffordshire, was established by Ray White, a seasoned professional with over 35 years of experience in the industry. We are excited to delve into Ray White Builders’ compelling journey, core values, recent projects, and future aspirations, revealing how a passion for construction and an unwavering dedication to clients have set it apart in a fiercely competitive industry. As a sign of its experience, the company has grown significantly as a sole trader due to Ray's dedication, reputation, and hard work. This growth was further bolstered when Zoe, Ray's fiancée and a property solicitor with 23 years of experience, joined the company full-time in May 2023 – transitioning it into a family-run business. Recognised for this prestigious award, there are many reasons why Ray White Builders stands out in the construction and engineering industry – not only for its expertise but also for its solid commitment Most Trusted Builder 2023 - Cheshire & Best Major Residential Extension Project 2023 (North West England): Double Fronted Cream House Ray White Builders shines as a beacon of excellence and client-focused service. Established in 2021 by industry veteran Ray White, the company, now a thriving family-run enterprise, has rapidly ascended. It is propelled by a steadfast commitment to quality, reliability, and genuine care for its clients. We profile the firm and studied the impact that Ray has had on his company’s success as it wins its titles in the Construction and Engineering Awards 2023. to customer care. The team offers a range of services, including extensions, loft conversions, garage conversions, internal alterations, and new builds. Operating primarily in Cheshire, South Manchester, and North Staffordshire, the company employs five specialised teams to manage approximately 25 projects annually, ensuring meticulous attention to detail and superior quality. What truly sets it apart is its dedication to being client-centric, valuing prompt communication, punctuality, and client satisfaction. The bedrock of Ray White Builders is its client-centric approach. The company takes pride in being accessible and reliable, always putting clients first. Each team member believes in transparency, ensuring clear communication and avoiding any uncertainty for their clients. The staff’s reputation is a testament to their dedication, reflected in the positive reviews across multiple platforms. As a family-run Ray White Builders Limited

7 business, Ray and Zoe personally oversee and project manage every project from inception to completion, exemplifying their deep commitment to ensuring highquality work and client satisfaction. Accommodating interested buyers, Ray White Builders predominantly serves private homeowners but also works with companies and investment firms. One recent notable project involved converting a property into a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) for an investor client. This demonstrates the company’s versatility and expertise in catering to various client needs. Furthermore, a dedication to client satisfaction and high-quality work has been recognised, with the company being awarded the prestigious "Most Trusted Builder in Cheshire." The essence of Ray White Builders’ approach to projects lies in prioritising the client and their specific requirements. A poignant example showcases the staff’s desire to enable an elderly couple to remain in their home by renovating and adapting the property to their needs. This project required considerable patience, empathy, and meticulous attention to detail, reflecting the core values of quality service and customer care that are ingrained in the company ethos. Ray White Builders distinguishes itself in a highly competitive industry through its unwavering focus on client care. While horror stories of unreliable builders are familiar, this company embodies the opposite ethos – exemplifying "quality and care." The team prioritise building strong client relationships, often based not only on their expertise but also on their personalities, ensuring clients feel comfortable and assured throughout the project. With one eye on the future, Ray White Builders is committed to sustainable growth while upholding the highest quality and client service standards. Their growth trajectory is strategic, ensuring they can retain the personalised attention and exceptional service they are known for. The company is poised for continued success with exciting projects scheduled for the remainder of 2023 and beyond. Furthermore, Ray White Builders is a testament to the marriage of expertise, dedication, and a client-centric approach in the construction and engineering industry. Their journey, from a sole trader to a family-run enterprise exemplifies the success of prioritising client needs and delivering exceptional quality. As the company embarks on its future endeavours, the steadfast commitment to excellence and client care remains at the core of its identity, promising a future marked by continued growth and an unwavering dedication to being the best in the industry. In the tapestry of construction and engineering, Ray White Builders stands as an embodiment of dedication and client-centric ethos. Building unbreakable relationships with clients, Ray and Zoe have clients who would return time and time again. Furthermore, with Ray White's rich industry experience and Zoe's legal expertise, this family-run venture has grown exponentially and garnered accolades, and it is no wonder Ray and his team continue to be recognised. Looking forward, the company’s vision is clear – sustainable growth without compromising on the core values of quality workmanship and exceptional customer care. The team’s genuine passion for what they do and dedication to being the best ensures a promising future, one where Ray White Builders continues to redefine industry standards, leaving an indelible mark on every project they undertake. As the construction landscape evolves, the company remains steadfast, ready to adapt, grow, and consistently deliver excellence to its valued clientele. Company: Ray White Builders Limited Name: Anthony Raymond White & Zoe Olender Email: [email protected] Web Address:

BUILD Construction & Engineering Awards 2023 The designs offered by JAWAD + Partners reflect our perception as human beings, and how we experience and interact with spaces and places. With a goal of synchronising their virtual ideas into the real world of the architectural landscape, the architects and designers at the company work tirelessly to innovate and satisfy, providing clients with finished projects of the highest quality. By using the latest virtual visualisation tools to communicate ideas and designs to clientele, initial plans through to the finished product are combined to create a perfect blend of client ambition and need, while keeping the strikingly unique personality of the visionary designers behind the project. Best Hospitality Architecture Practice 2023 – Middle East JAWAD + Partners is an architecture and design firm based in Jordan founded by Architect Jawad Hamdan, that strives to offer different design services, ones that are loaded with fresh, innovative, and creative ideas. The company also provides design, construction, and supervision services to clients, supporting them throughout the process both in Amman, Jordan and in Istanbul, Turkey. We speak to Business Development Architect Lamees Ahmad, who graduated from Spain’s IE University with a bachelor's degree in architecture in 2021 and joined the JAWAD + Partners team in early 2023. For the team’s latest project, the task was set to design and oversee construction of a private residence for a family of five in the city of Amman. This project created a whole host of unique challenges and opportunities, that the team are proud to say they successfully navigated. One of the key challenges faced by the team was cultural sensitivity, with Amman’s status as a city with a rich cultural heritage meaning it was essential to respect both local architectural traditions and cultural needs, while simultaneously providing all the amenities of a modern lifestyle sought after by the client. The team were able to skilfully integrate elements of traditional Jordanian architecture in the build, such as a courtyard design and Contact: Jawad Hamdan Company: JAWAD + Partners Web Address:

9 natural ventilation, into the modern layout of the property. This created a harmonious blend of traditional and contemporary living and resulted in the home being perfectly representative of the best of both worlds. Another challenge overcame by the team was the matter of space optimisation, as given the limited space available for development in the urban areas of Amman, every square metre had to be used efficiently and effectively. A balance had to be struck between creating spacious living areas and adhering to zoning regulations. Through some innovative and creative design solutions, including multi-functional furniture and modern storage options, space was perfectly optimised without compromising on either comfort or aesthetic. Furthermore, the client in question had significant concerns regarding the sustainability of the prospective property, so the team at JAWAD + Partners faced the unenviable challenge of designing a residence that was not only aesthetically pleasing, but also could provide the maximum levels of energy efficiency, utilising passive design techniques and using well-sourced, sustainable materials. Thanks to the collaborative efforts of the team, the residence was able to achieve a high energy efficiency rating through a combination of a passive solar design, rainwater harvesting, and only using local and sustainable materials. As well as reducing the environmental footprint of the property, longterm operating costs were also cut, further benefiting the family for years to come. Finally, the company were fully aware of ensuring the family’s specific needs and preferences were catered for, with each member having their own individual requirements, these had to be integrated into the design seamlessly. This yielded perhaps the most rewarding aspect of the project, as seeing the joy and contentment shared by the family upon moving into their new home acted as the ultimate measure of success. Knowing they had drastically improved the happiness and quality of life of the family, the team were awarded with immense gratification. The commitment afforded to this project is the same across the board for JAWAD + Partners, who always design with creativity, wisdom, and resourcefulness, providing artful guidance throughout the process. A variety of comprehensive design services loaded with creative, sustainable, and resilient solutions in the fields of open design and planning is holistic, and the ideas and concepts used better the lives of individuals and entire communities. JAWAD + Partners possesses a range of discernible qualities that sets it apart from the competition and make it the best possible choice for clients. One way the business does this is by offering exceptional service, consistently delivering high-quality work and heartfelt customer interaction. This is reinforced through client testimonials and referrals, with many praising the company for its use of innovative solutions, such as incorporating cutting-edge materials, energy-efficient designs, and adapting the latest in smart home technology. Through a client-centric approach, a strong portfolio of compelling past projects, and the building of trust through transparency, the business provides personalised solutions and detailed customer service. By communicating clear pricing structures and operating within ethical business guidelines, clients know they are consulting valued professionals who always deliver on their promises, while providing sustainable design, innovation, and a fantastic experience for customers. In recent years, the company’s home of Jordan has experienced rapid urban development and population growth, particularly in cities such as Armann. This has ultimately led to an increase in demand for residential, commercial, and infrastructure developments, driving firms to design sustainable and high-density developments. An adoption of advanced architectural software, Building Information Modelling (BIM), and other development tools has also been steadily on the rise, and these technologies have helped architects to improve design accuracy, collaboration and project management. Architectural styles in Jordan have always been influenced by global design trends and regional architectural styles, with clients often looking for a blend of both pf these in the modern city setting. For the remainder of 2023 and beyond, JAWAD + Partners aim to continue to differentiate themselves from the competition by specialising in niche areas, constantly welcoming and adopting new technologies, remaining transparent, and placing an emphasis on a sustainable and socially responsible approach. This will be coupled with goals inclusive of professional growth and expansion, sustainable initiatives, building lasting relationships with clients, engaging with the local community, an implementing strategic planning. As the business continues to expand deep into the future, the values it holds dear will remain steadfast in day-to-day operations, and the team will continue designing with creativity, wisdom, and resourcefulness to ensure that clients receive the next level of architectural innovation and world-class service.

BUILD Construction & Engineering Awards 2023 It’s no small feat to be considered the ‘most innovative’ in any arena or industry. Structural engineering remains one of the most competitive on this landscape, with firms of all sizes developing incredible solutions that help solve prominent problems. But Guardian Structural Technologies LLC (Guardian Structural) has become distinguished through an ability to set the pace of the greater industry. We spoke with Brett Crudele at Guardian Structural for more insight following the team’s recognition in the programme. Most Innovative Structural Engineering Firm 2023 - Midwest USA

11 Guardian Structural Technologies has thrived through a dedication to net-zero, low energy consumption buildings – acting as a pacesetter for the larger engineering sphere in regard to chasing viable and resultsdriven sustainable options. With this in mind, the company primarily manufactures SHIELDTM wall and roof panels, which Brett describes as “a superior-energy efficient building product”. These panels are certified as a structural exterior building systems by the Passive House Institute in the US. “Guardian Structural focuses on the conservation of resources, particularly energy consumption, tree deforestation, and alternative energy sources,” states Brett. “Due to the high efficiency of the SHIELDTM panels, the equipment and utility costs are reduced substantially. SHIELDTM panels are a truly sustainable product with all metals being recyclable.” The Panels are not only sustainable, but also highly resilient, with longer lifespans than many alternatives on the market, sustainable and traditional options included. This, ultimately, is one of the key elements to Guardian Structural’s ongoing and enduring success, especially in a landscape that is continuing to grow in competition and purchaser options. “Structures built with SHIELDTM Panels are moisture resistant and experience very low air infiltration, creating controlled interior environments with high fresh filtered air supplies for the occupants. Guardian Structural uses Revit and Autodesk software to create drawings necessary for the manufacture of our SHIELDTM Panel system. We also coordinate with architects in architectural design and structural engineers to develop the most energy efficient buildings possible,” Brett says. One of the more known of Guardian Structural’s projects is New York’s Harmony House, which was the first Passive House (certified PHIUS+2018) entirely built using Guardian Structural’s SHIELDTM Panels. Harmony House was created in partnership with DEMO Architects, who conceived the design and incorporated the materials into the concept. From the outset right through to completion, the project was engineered to showcase the possibilities of sustainable development, with double height rooms and natural lighting creating an entirely luxurious presentation. “Each room has large, triple pane windows built to bring as much light as possible, while reducing the solar heat gain in the summertime. Thanks to the use of the SHIELDTM Panels, the structure was assembled in a fraction of the time that a standard stick-built house would have taken and with almost no waste on site. The panels were sealed at the seams with low expansion foam and then wrapped on the exterior with a peel and stick membrane (SIGA Majvest 500 SA) to create a second air barrier.” Moreover, all of the windows and edges were taped with SIGA Wigluy to create an airtight and watertight envelope that achieves the most rigorous standards and regulations put in place by PHIUS. “Guardian Structural approaches every project with the goal of creating the most energy efficient structure possible. Our goal is to design and build a structure that meets or exceeds our customers’ expectations.” But let’s talk about what makes SHIELDTM Panels stand out from any competitive options. First and foremost, and this is becoming increasingly important, Guardian Structural’s product remains more cost-effective in relation to assembly and performance than alternatives. “Our product has far-reaching benefits for the environment and the ability for the customer to embrace reducing their carbon footprint,” Brett adds. Crucially, and again this is becoming an important consideration, Guardian Structural’s “SHIELDTM Panels offer a unique opportunity for tax credits from both federal and state governments”. As local and national governments continue to subsidise and reward sustainable products to encourage uptake, the company’s options become more appealing, only bolstering its popularity in the applicable markets. As technology continues to improve, and the products continue to be refined, there will be less interest in traditional options that fail to keep up with this innovation-driven pace. Now that energy prices continue to rise, and with little in the way of movement in the opposite direction, sustainably minded products such as SHIELDTM Panels will become the standard, it’s just a matter of time. “As technology advances in energy efficiency, Guardian panels will continue to provide extensive benefits to the building owner as well as appreciating value as energy costs continue to increase,” Brett agrees, emphasizing this considerable benefit to the company’s offerings. As for the remainder of 2023 and beyond, Guardian Structural will continue to service builders across a plethora of industries. As it stands, its current reputation has led to it becoming the de facto solution for those in the industry looking to revolutionise their sustainable construction methods. Brett explains more about the company’s future plans in his closing comments. “Currently, we are working with Project One Globe to build energy efficient dormitories in Ohio to reduce the largest expense of operation – heating and cooling. The project utilizes solar generated power for high efficiency heat pumps that provide hot water to the units as well. In the hospitality arena, Guardian is providing SHIELDTM Panels for a four-story hotel in Atlanta Georgia. The energy efficiency and the ancillary sound resistance translate into comfort for the consumer and bottom-line savings for the operator.” “You cannot reach new heights of efficiency with legacy ineffective building technniques.” Company: Guardian Structural Technologies, LLC Name: Brett Crudele Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: 4640 Manufacturing Ave, Cleveland, Ohio 44135 Telephone: (216) 898-5600 Address: 4640 Manufacturing Ave, Cleveland, Ohio 44135 Telephone: (216) 898-5600

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13 Discover the latest news and features from across the global construction and property industries. Subscribe Here:

BUILD Construction & Engineering Awards 2023 With today’s obsession with the shiny and new, it can be only too easy to overlook the consistent mainstays quietly working away in the background – doing incredible work but flying under the radar. Or otherwise catering to industries that are all around us, but with little media attention on them. There are hundreds of businesses that would fit that criterion, but let’s look at just one that stands out. US Doors Direct. Based in Florida, but serving the whole of the expansive US market, the company has built an ardent client base that understands what crucial fact: it’s the best in the business, and its reputation is well-earned. Whether you need roll up doors for private residential properties, large-scale commercial doors, or motor-driven doors, US Doors Direct can handle it in its stride. This is what it does, and it has the experience and expertise to exceed all expectations, regardless of any unique challenges the project may hold. “We are a roll up door supplier committed to excellence in every aspect of our business. We uphold a standard of integrity bound by fairness, honesty, and Best Roll-Up Door Supplier 2023 - Florida It is often good practice to give some thought on the everyday items, objects, and innovations around us that we so often take for granted. Those cleverly engineered solutions that simply do the job and do it very well indeed. As a provider of best in class roll up doors, US Doors Direct has become the de facto leader of an industry which serves so many but remains largely unsung. We spoke with CEO, Alycia Barnard to find out more about the company and its operations on the back of its well-deserved success in the awards programme. personal responsibility. Our distinction is the quality of service we bring to our customers. Accurate knowledge of our trade combined with ability is what makes us true professionals. Above all, we are watchful of our customers’ interests and make their concerns the basis of our business,” Alycia explains in her opening comments. It may be an all-too common occurrence in this space to come across businesses who say they are experts but quickly fall apart when it comes to customer service or meeting expectations when it comes to the final product. Unfortunately, that’s just one of the downsides of doing business today. But US Doors Direct has created its reputation through avoiding those pitfalls, and ensuring – through transparency, honesty, and hard work – that its products are considered marketleading for a reason. “At US Doors Direct, we take pride in being a leading roll-up door supplier and expert in motor and roll-up door installation services for customers in Florida and across the nation. Our professional team is dedicated to providing high-quality and efficient installation solutions that meet the specific needs and

15 requirements of our clients. With our years of experience in commercial roll-up doors, we’ve learned how to get the job done efficiently while never cutting corners.” The sheer volume of client testimonials reinforces the efficacy of this approach, with customers citing the ease and seamlessness of ordering and installation as one of the key drivers for referral. Moreover, as is the virtue of its reputation, the company remains perpetually busy. Yet, this doesn’t come to the detriment of service, with clients appreciating that the team handles high volumes of orders with a dexterity that can only be harnessed through a refinement of the greater operation. All that is to say is that US Doors Direct ensures that all clients, regardless of the size of their order, are made to feel like a priority, not an afterthought. That is impressive, considering many, many businesses with larger operations often struggle to achieve that simple idea, falling short through process deficiency or a lack of appreciating that all clients are created equal. US Doors Direct belies its size in many ways, keeping a sort of ‘small business’ value despite serving a vast client base. Ultimately, that’s just another reason for its continuing success. Further, despite being called US Doors Direct, it would be remiss to gloss over an important fact, that the company caters to both domestic and foreign orders, with pick up locations across North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Its products and services are in high demand, and the company has scaled appropriately to meet that demand. Perhaps nothing speaks to the company’s position in the market than that simple fact, with new clients being added daily and bolstering US Doors Direct’s reputation in turn. With this in mind and in the infrastructure established, the building blocks are in place to guarantee the company’s position for years to come. “Prompt. Great service. Lowest price that I found. Does everything they say they’re going to do. Exceeded expectations. Super nice people. A pleasure. Thank you!” -Anon, Reviewer. As touched on previously, US Doors Direct thrives in a space that often gets overlooked, until of course, you need to lean on its expertise and services. Whether it’s for commercial or residential use, there’s only one name that has made its mark on the industry, and that’s US Doors Direct. With few competitors, and even fewer peers, it’s clear to see why it was recognised as the Best Roll-Up Door Supplier in this year’s Construction and Engineering Awards. With peerless construction and best-in-class services, it fits the bill. With further expansion on the horizon, driven by enduring and consistently high demand, the sky is the limit for US Doors Direct. “Great job with two rolling doors. Quick turnaround time and easy to work with. Highly recommend US Doors Direct.” -Anon, Reviewer Contact Details Company: US Doors Direct Website: Phone: +1 321 7667810 Email: [email protected]

BUILD Construction & Engineering Awards 2023 It’s crucial for modern businesses to capitalise on whatever opportunity arises to set new sustainability benchmarks within their industries. With new technologies increasing options, there’s a greater push towards further innovation and further development in turn. However, it still lies to the experts to make the largest changes and to set the pace for others to follow. Within this space, Pipe Technologies has become a leader in its sphere of operations, seeking to set new benchmarks for sustainable practice. “We saw an opportunity to provide a smart, environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional small bore pipe rehabilitation methods. PipeTech offers a comprehensive range of services for trenchless pipeline rehabilitation and repair, catering to various needs within the industry. These services include trenchless pipe relining, drain unblocking and root cutting, trenchless sectional CIPP ambient cure patch repairs, and our ‘TopHat’ LJR system,” Rowan begins. Leading Trenchless Pipe Rehabilitation Provider 2023 - New Zealand Established in 2003 and operating in New Zealand, Pipe Technologies Limited (PipeTech) has provided a smart, environmentally-friendly alternative to previous ‘best practices’ within the industry in regard to bore pipe rehabilitation. Managing Director, Rowan Burgess offers more insight into the team’s operations on the back of the company’s well-deserved success in the Construction and Engineering Awards. These services all aim to avoid a need for excavation, which reduces project time, disruption, and resources, alongside swift repairs and minimising cross-sectional loss. Ultimately, it’s improvement on a holistic scale, far outpacing the options of peers. “Today, we operate cuttingedge equipment, ensuring top-notch quality for our clients and the enduring success of our daily underground asset rehabilitation endeavours. PipeTech serves a diverse range of clients within the trenchless pipeline rehabilitation industry, catering to the needs of local councils, utility companies, and infrastructure stakeholders. Our client base spans various regions across New Zealand and includes both public and private sector entities. Through our commitment to excellence, innovative solutions, and strong customer relationships, PipeTech has become a trusted partner for clients seeking reliable and sustainable pipeline rehabilitation services,” he adds. Led by a mission to provide innovative and reliable solutions, the company aims to be a leading provider of trenchless pipeline Company: Pipe Technologies Limited Contact Name: Rowan Burgess, Managing Director Address: 1 Dakota Place Bell Block New Plymouth, 4312 Taranaki New Zealand Web Address: Contact Email [email protected] Telephone Number: +64 6 7550309

17 rehabilitation and related products, all underpinned by outstanding customer service and technical support. As it stands, PipeTech has achieved exactly that, with all signs pointing to further growth and expansion within those areas as it continues to mature within its services and expertise. For Rowan as Managing Director, the core value of the company lies in a simple mantra. “I'm a firm believer in an amazing quote from Simon Sinek: “We don't do business with companies. We do business with people.” At PipeTech, we take immense pride in our unwavering commitment to building longterm relationships with our clients that transcend short-term gains. Our focus extends far beyond the immediate project outcome; it encompasses the enduring value we create through trust, reliability, and exceptional service. We understand that sustainable success is rooted in the trust and partnerships we nurture over time. By prioritising the longterm relationship over short-term gains, we demonstrate our dedication to delivering consistent excellence, understanding evolving client needs, and collaborating closely to achieve their goals. Our ethos reflects a genuine desire to contribute to the success and growth of our clients, forging bonds that are built on integrity, respect, and mutual benefit. Through these enduring connections, we stand as a steadfast partner that prioritises shared achievements over fleeting victories. The trenchless pipe rehabilitation industry in New Zealand is a very competitive market but also a niche industry. In the broad scheme of things, we are a small country and a bad reputation, job, relationship can be the difference between gaining work or not.” Let’s talk a little more about the greater sector within New Zealand, and more specifically within the Taranaki region, which is currently seeing significant reforms that impact PipeTech’s ongoing work. As it stands at the time of writing, the proposed ‘Three Water Reforms’, initiated by the Central Government, is currently at the forefront of current considerations. “These reforms aim to shift the responsibility for the delivery of drinking water, wastewater, and stormwater services from 67 councils to four publicly owned Water Service Entities,” Rowan explains. “Under the proposed reforms, councils would remain owners of the assets while financial aspects would be managed by a governance board. This shift in ownership and financial control could potentially impact the decision-making processes and funding mechanisms for water projects.” The implications for PipeTech are severalfold, with a renewed process for management, funding, and further regulatory changes inevitably coming down the pipeline. The company and Rowan foresee adaption across a plethora of its own projects and partnerships. Naturally, for now, the plan of action is to simply remain informed, and change what can be changed. The rest is a touch “up in the air”. “We’ll be staying informed about the progress of these reforms, aligning strategies with the evolving landscape, and actively engaging with the changes can position PipeTech to navigate this transformation successfully and continue delivering valuable services within the new framework.” So, with that firmly in mind, what does the rest of the year hold for PipeTech? Regardless of the Three Water Reforms, PipeTech has plenty of plans in the works that look to further reinforce its reputation in the space, as Rowan shares in his closing comments. “The company is set to embark on new ventures, engage with fresh clients, and explore emerging opportunities in new territories. This active end to the year reflects PipeTech's commitment to growth and expansion. Looking ahead to the years to come, PipeTech is driven by a steadfast aspiration to elevate itself as a true industry leader on a national scale. The company's plans are centred around pushing the boundaries of excellence. Notably, the development of a mobile operations setup stands as a tangible example of PipeTech's forward-thinking approach. This innovation promises increased flexibility and agility in serving clients' needs.”

BUILD Construction & Engineering Awards 2023 Established in 2018, Evolution BS (Evolution) has endeavoured to deliver best-in-class fire protection for a variety of industries and sectors from its outset. In the wake of the company’s recognition in the awards programme, we spoke with Managing Director, Jonathan Rose to see how the team have continued to evolve over the last five years. Best Passive Fire Protection Specialists 2023 - UK

19 Apr23339 The last few years have been a challenging crucible for businesses of all sizes. Long predictable trends were replaced with uncertainty – whatever expectations had been in place over the years, the COVID-19 pandemic swiftly them pushed aside. It became a time of thinking outside the box, of doings thing differently, of capitalising on whatever opportunity made itself known. For some, however, it was a case of ‘business as usual’. After all, the world will always need fire protection measures. That’s not to say, of course, that things have been plain sailing for Evolution Doors, as Jonathan illuminates in his opening comments. “We have defied the odds when it comes to business development and working through the toughest of working times. We have been incredibly fortunate to be granted a high number of projects with very variable specifications. We have grown over the years to be able to cover these specifications; this has seen us now be able to cater for access control, fire alarm improvements, and asbestos management, alongside our expertise in compartmentation and fire door specialism.” In regard to this fire door specialism, Evolution is an expert in ‘passive fire protection’ – that is to say, services such as fire door manufacture and installation. That expertise has served a vast variety of industries and helped, in turn, forge a strong reputation for Evolution. “Our clientele base is very variable due to the nature of fire safety requirements, however a large quantity of our projects are within the educational sector. This is due to our heavy involvement as a specialist contractor when it comes to CIF (Condition Improvement Funding). This is a Department for Education funded initiative to improve building conditioning for educational providers to ensure they can function optimally,” Jonathan adds. Evolution found its name through an approach and dynamic that leans on constant betterment and growth. That has been a foundational value for the company and continues to be a focus for the team as they work to deliver best practices in the industry. “We will continue to learn, innovate, and grow as the industry changes by carrying out our role with the upmost standard.” As few companies need the exact same solution, Evolution strongly believes in bespoke offerings that cater entirely to the unique requirements of a particular client. This is bolstered with the team’s broad range of experience, providing a ‘full package’ approach which few in the space can match, as Jonathan explains in more detail. “We are fortunate enough to have both expertise and partnerships in a multitude of areas when it comes to fire safety. These areas all work in conjunction to provide clients with a full fire safety system offering, all areas having quality members of the team to lead their field of expertise. We believe that our service offering is outstanding in what we have to offer and our quality guarantee. We are a nationwide specialist contractor that has a history of working in a multitude of areas of the UK, so distance isn't a limitation.” Equally, the fire safety sector is one of constant change on the back of evolving best practices and regulatory changes. It pays, then, to keep a firm finger on the pulse of the greater industry to best weather whatever changes may be imminent. As an example, one recent change has resulted in the requirement of a fire door maintenance service from the manufacturer. Here, Jonathan explains how Evolution has adapted to that development. “This has been a major development in terms of our technology used; we have invested in specialist pins that give transparency between both us and the client. The pin allows for locational pinning on site as well as a health status for each door. This will be in the form of a platform viewable by both the client and us as the contractor. Every six months, the fire doors will receive maintenance checks and amendments based on the health information given. Any immediate red flags throughout the year will be amended as soon as possible.” In terms of the remainder of 2023, Evolution’s goal is relatively simple: to continue to provide an exceptional service to its clients. In his closing comments, Jonathan concludes by offering more insight into what the team has planned for the remainder of the year. “We have a Schools & Academies show upcoming this October, so we are hoping to outreach to further clientele and educate the sector about how the systems work and why they are of great importance for their safety. We wish to maintain our values and passion, developing our profile as a fire safety specialist contractor along the way.” “Within one of our projects, an electrical fault caused what could have been a devastating fire. Up to 30 members of staff were still in the North London School when this fire occurred. We had, that same week, fitted our 'EVO 30s' in that area of the school. There were certainly lessons learnt and motives reinforced from this occurrence – Our correctly fitted fire doors saved lives and, here at Evolution, we are reminded that this is why we do what we do. We are incredibly proud of our fitters for this job and thankful that all staff involved in the incident were safe and well.” - Jonathan Rose – Managing Director Company Name: Evolution BS Contact Name: Jonathan Rose, Managing Director Address: Units 1-4 Gerald's Yard, Horse Fair Close, St Johns Business Estate, Downham Market, Norfolk, PE38 0QQ Web Address: Contact Email [email protected] Telephone Number: 07766 145512