Construction & Engineering Awards 2023

BUILD Construction & Engineering Awards 2023 YDS Architects create stunning spaces that captivate the senses and reflect the vision of harmonising architecture with the natural world. Pioneering innovation and originality, the team constantly strives to craft extraordinary designs that set them apart in the world of architecture and engineering. Established on founding principles emphasising the fusion of beauty and science within the ecosystem, YDS Architects continuously pushes the boundaries to unify architecture and nature. The central ethos is grounded in realising a new vision, marked by "Wavering Architectures," stimulating human intellect and fostering a symbiotic relationship between humans and nature. YDS Architects offers a range of services firmly rooted in its foundational philosophies and innovative design principles. The core service offerings encompass Wavering Nature, Organic Voids, Urban Agora, Flowing Promenade, and Diversifying Symbiosis, all aimed at introducing novel and avant-garde designs. Interestingly, YDS Architects has cultivated significant collaborations with prominent entities like Mitsubishi-Jisho, Mitsui-Fudosan, and Tokyo Electric Power Company. These partnerships have enabled the realisation of the practice's original visions on a larger scale. A notable recent project is the "Gifu Incubation Future Innovation Centre" (GIFIC), a wooden community centre designed to float elegantly within the central city of Gifu. Envisioned as a structure adorned with wooden gables and uniform grids, the design focuses on maximising comfort and natural light while embracing transitional beauty through evolving shadows. This endeavour is a testament to YDS Architects' promise to sustainable, innovative, and aesthetically pleasing designs, set to be completed in 2025. Furthermore, YDS Architects has extended its presence and reach through the creation of four new websites catering to architecture, education, history, and global exploration. Notably, the "Architectural Voyage" website showcases the practice's dedication to sharing architectural narratives and insights in multiple languages, reaching a worldwide audience and encapsulating a commitment to broader, more diverse projects. YDS Architects adopt a meticulous approach to project execution, where every possibility is explored through extensive sketches and models. Fundamental concepts, originating from the visionary founder Yoshitaka Uchino, evolve through collaborative discussions and iterations within the team. This approach emphasises the creation of new and original architectural concepts, striving to seamlessly integrate these designs with public spaces, thus enhancing the fabric of cities. In a highly competitive industry, YDS Architects are committed to originality and groundbreaking concepts. Beginning with foundational concepts based on the five principles, the practice navigates each project by challenging assumptions continually seeking stimulating and innovative design solutions. The company is also dedicated to integrating architecture with nature, East with West, and past with the present that sets them apart and positions them as industry leaders. YDS Architects remains at the forefront of the architectural landscape, constantly evolving and broadening the horizons. With ongoing projects encompassing residential spaces, hotels, and kindergartens, the practice is gearing up to realise an array of unrealised projects, each encapsulating its vibrant concepts and ideas. Embracing the future enthusiastically, YDS Architects envisions a world where architectural prowess enriches the human spirit and creates new dimensions of living. YDS Architects is not just an architectural practice; it is a beacon of pioneering design, a harbinger of innovation, and a testament to the artful integration of human intellect with the natural world. With the team’s ability to deliver on original concepts and a portfolio brimming with transformative projects, as well as an eye on a dynamic and exciting future, YDS Architects continues to shape the architectural landscape, one visionary design at a time. Looking ahead, we're excited to see what YDS Architects will come up with in the world of architecture. The team has a knack for creating innovative designs that blend art, science, and nature. We can't wait to see the amazing buildings and spaces the staff will design, pushing the limits and making a mark in the field of architecture. It's going to be an inspiring journey, and we're ready to be wowed by what the firm will create! Company: YDS Architects Name: Yoshitaka Uchino Email: [email protected] Web Address: YDS Architects is a dynamic team of architects, urbanists, thinkers, scientists, and engineers who are passionate about pushing the boundaries of design. The company has a mission to blend art and science, inspired by a philosophy that embraces the beauty of nature. Below, we take a look at the company as it is crowned in the Construction and Engineering Awards 2023. Most Innovative Residential Architecture Practice 2023 - Japan