Construction & Engineering Awards 2023

11 Guardian Structural Technologies has thrived through a dedication to net-zero, low energy consumption buildings – acting as a pacesetter for the larger engineering sphere in regard to chasing viable and resultsdriven sustainable options. With this in mind, the company primarily manufactures SHIELDTM wall and roof panels, which Brett describes as “a superior-energy efficient building product”. These panels are certified as a structural exterior building systems by the Passive House Institute in the US. “Guardian Structural focuses on the conservation of resources, particularly energy consumption, tree deforestation, and alternative energy sources,” states Brett. “Due to the high efficiency of the SHIELDTM panels, the equipment and utility costs are reduced substantially. SHIELDTM panels are a truly sustainable product with all metals being recyclable.” The Panels are not only sustainable, but also highly resilient, with longer lifespans than many alternatives on the market, sustainable and traditional options included. This, ultimately, is one of the key elements to Guardian Structural’s ongoing and enduring success, especially in a landscape that is continuing to grow in competition and purchaser options. “Structures built with SHIELDTM Panels are moisture resistant and experience very low air infiltration, creating controlled interior environments with high fresh filtered air supplies for the occupants. Guardian Structural uses Revit and Autodesk software to create drawings necessary for the manufacture of our SHIELDTM Panel system. We also coordinate with architects in architectural design and structural engineers to develop the most energy efficient buildings possible,” Brett says. One of the more known of Guardian Structural’s projects is New York’s Harmony House, which was the first Passive House (certified PHIUS+2018) entirely built using Guardian Structural’s SHIELDTM Panels. Harmony House was created in partnership with DEMO Architects, who conceived the design and incorporated the materials into the concept. From the outset right through to completion, the project was engineered to showcase the possibilities of sustainable development, with double height rooms and natural lighting creating an entirely luxurious presentation. “Each room has large, triple pane windows built to bring as much light as possible, while reducing the solar heat gain in the summertime. Thanks to the use of the SHIELDTM Panels, the structure was assembled in a fraction of the time that a standard stick-built house would have taken and with almost no waste on site. The panels were sealed at the seams with low expansion foam and then wrapped on the exterior with a peel and stick membrane (SIGA Majvest 500 SA) to create a second air barrier.” Moreover, all of the windows and edges were taped with SIGA Wigluy to create an airtight and watertight envelope that achieves the most rigorous standards and regulations put in place by PHIUS. “Guardian Structural approaches every project with the goal of creating the most energy efficient structure possible. Our goal is to design and build a structure that meets or exceeds our customers’ expectations.” But let’s talk about what makes SHIELDTM Panels stand out from any competitive options. First and foremost, and this is becoming increasingly important, Guardian Structural’s product remains more cost-effective in relation to assembly and performance than alternatives. “Our product has far-reaching benefits for the environment and the ability for the customer to embrace reducing their carbon footprint,” Brett adds. Crucially, and again this is becoming an important consideration, Guardian Structural’s “SHIELDTM Panels offer a unique opportunity for tax credits from both federal and state governments”. As local and national governments continue to subsidise and reward sustainable products to encourage uptake, the company’s options become more appealing, only bolstering its popularity in the applicable markets. As technology continues to improve, and the products continue to be refined, there will be less interest in traditional options that fail to keep up with this innovation-driven pace. Now that energy prices continue to rise, and with little in the way of movement in the opposite direction, sustainably minded products such as SHIELDTM Panels will become the standard, it’s just a matter of time. “As technology advances in energy efficiency, Guardian panels will continue to provide extensive benefits to the building owner as well as appreciating value as energy costs continue to increase,” Brett agrees, emphasizing this considerable benefit to the company’s offerings. As for the remainder of 2023 and beyond, Guardian Structural will continue to service builders across a plethora of industries. As it stands, its current reputation has led to it becoming the de facto solution for those in the industry looking to revolutionise their sustainable construction methods. Brett explains more about the company’s future plans in his closing comments. “Currently, we are working with Project One Globe to build energy efficient dormitories in Ohio to reduce the largest expense of operation – heating and cooling. The project utilizes solar generated power for high efficiency heat pumps that provide hot water to the units as well. In the hospitality arena, Guardian is providing SHIELDTM Panels for a four-story hotel in Atlanta Georgia. The energy efficiency and the ancillary sound resistance translate into comfort for the consumer and bottom-line savings for the operator.” “You cannot reach new heights of efficiency with legacy ineffective building technniques.” Company: Guardian Structural Technologies, LLC Name: Brett Crudele Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: 4640 Manufacturing Ave, Cleveland, Ohio 44135 Telephone: (216) 898-5600 Address: 4640 Manufacturing Ave, Cleveland, Ohio 44135 Telephone: (216) 898-5600