Construction & Engineering Awards 2023

19 Apr23339 The last few years have been a challenging crucible for businesses of all sizes. Long predictable trends were replaced with uncertainty – whatever expectations had been in place over the years, the COVID-19 pandemic swiftly them pushed aside. It became a time of thinking outside the box, of doings thing differently, of capitalising on whatever opportunity made itself known. For some, however, it was a case of ‘business as usual’. After all, the world will always need fire protection measures. That’s not to say, of course, that things have been plain sailing for Evolution Doors, as Jonathan illuminates in his opening comments. “We have defied the odds when it comes to business development and working through the toughest of working times. We have been incredibly fortunate to be granted a high number of projects with very variable specifications. We have grown over the years to be able to cover these specifications; this has seen us now be able to cater for access control, fire alarm improvements, and asbestos management, alongside our expertise in compartmentation and fire door specialism.” In regard to this fire door specialism, Evolution is an expert in ‘passive fire protection’ – that is to say, services such as fire door manufacture and installation. That expertise has served a vast variety of industries and helped, in turn, forge a strong reputation for Evolution. “Our clientele base is very variable due to the nature of fire safety requirements, however a large quantity of our projects are within the educational sector. This is due to our heavy involvement as a specialist contractor when it comes to CIF (Condition Improvement Funding). This is a Department for Education funded initiative to improve building conditioning for educational providers to ensure they can function optimally,” Jonathan adds. Evolution found its name through an approach and dynamic that leans on constant betterment and growth. That has been a foundational value for the company and continues to be a focus for the team as they work to deliver best practices in the industry. “We will continue to learn, innovate, and grow as the industry changes by carrying out our role with the upmost standard.” As few companies need the exact same solution, Evolution strongly believes in bespoke offerings that cater entirely to the unique requirements of a particular client. This is bolstered with the team’s broad range of experience, providing a ‘full package’ approach which few in the space can match, as Jonathan explains in more detail. “We are fortunate enough to have both expertise and partnerships in a multitude of areas when it comes to fire safety. These areas all work in conjunction to provide clients with a full fire safety system offering, all areas having quality members of the team to lead their field of expertise. We believe that our service offering is outstanding in what we have to offer and our quality guarantee. We are a nationwide specialist contractor that has a history of working in a multitude of areas of the UK, so distance isn't a limitation.” Equally, the fire safety sector is one of constant change on the back of evolving best practices and regulatory changes. It pays, then, to keep a firm finger on the pulse of the greater industry to best weather whatever changes may be imminent. As an example, one recent change has resulted in the requirement of a fire door maintenance service from the manufacturer. Here, Jonathan explains how Evolution has adapted to that development. “This has been a major development in terms of our technology used; we have invested in specialist pins that give transparency between both us and the client. The pin allows for locational pinning on site as well as a health status for each door. This will be in the form of a platform viewable by both the client and us as the contractor. Every six months, the fire doors will receive maintenance checks and amendments based on the health information given. Any immediate red flags throughout the year will be amended as soon as possible.” In terms of the remainder of 2023, Evolution’s goal is relatively simple: to continue to provide an exceptional service to its clients. In his closing comments, Jonathan concludes by offering more insight into what the team has planned for the remainder of the year. “We have a Schools & Academies show upcoming this October, so we are hoping to outreach to further clientele and educate the sector about how the systems work and why they are of great importance for their safety. We wish to maintain our values and passion, developing our profile as a fire safety specialist contractor along the way.” “Within one of our projects, an electrical fault caused what could have been a devastating fire. Up to 30 members of staff were still in the North London School when this fire occurred. We had, that same week, fitted our 'EVO 30s' in that area of the school. There were certainly lessons learnt and motives reinforced from this occurrence – Our correctly fitted fire doors saved lives and, here at Evolution, we are reminded that this is why we do what we do. We are incredibly proud of our fitters for this job and thankful that all staff involved in the incident were safe and well.” - Jonathan Rose – Managing Director Company Name: Evolution BS Contact Name: Jonathan Rose, Managing Director Address: Units 1-4 Gerald's Yard, Horse Fair Close, St Johns Business Estate, Downham Market, Norfolk, PE38 0QQ Web Address: Contact Email [email protected] Telephone Number: 07766 145512