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Q2 2022
As we feel the benefit of brighter nights and sunshine peeking through the clouds – or hanging in a perfectly blue sky – earlier in the morning, we feel we are swiftly heading towards summer. For all things bright, lively, and truly transformative, summer brings happiness and hope for better days. Our course to fruition starts now – the spring brings us time to sow the seeds after a long winter of reflection. We are seeing businesses shift and expand in a fast-changing industry that boasts timeless craft with the ability to channel personality and style simultaneously.
For the penultimate issue of the year we’ve decided to shine a spotlight on the work of those firms who play a vital, though perhaps overlooked, role on the greater construction landscape. Read more
Welcome to the Q2 issue of BUILD Magazine, your source for all the latest news and features from across the global construction and property industries! In this issue we dive into the realm of architecture, whilst also taking a look at a few creative interior design firms. One example of the former is CL3 Architects Ltd, an innovative architecture firm based in Hong Kong. The firm’s design style has primarily been Asian contemporary, with a noted ability to preserve the natural symbioses between architecture and art. By altering Eastern aesthetics to give more of a modern interpretation, CL3 Architects Ltd’s creative thinking produces a unique showcase of distinguished designs that serve to differentiate them in a notoriously competitive market. Read more
The first issue of BUILD Magazine for 2019 focuses on architecture that does more than just function, showcasing a range of ideas from a variety of businesses across the design, architecture and construction markets. We have a number of award-winners to share with our readers, alongside the insight of a variety of industry experts who wish to have their say on the future of the property market. Read more
In recent news, New research which has been commissioned by international law practice Osborne Clarke reveals that businesses in Germany and the Netherlands could be leading the global race to embracing next-generation connectivity. In this month’s edition, we discover more about Play Concept which is a design, planning and building specialist in playground. Read more
Q3 2018 Read more
In recent news, Cuyahoga County, Cleveland Public Power and IGS Solar will begin construction this month (April) on one of the most innovative solar arrays installed in the state of Ohio, which will provide clean energy for decades to come. Gracing the cover of this month’s issue of BUILD Magazine, Read more
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