Welcome to the Q3 issue of BUILD Magazine. As always, we endeavour to be your source for all the latest news and features from across the global construction and property industries.

For many within the industry, the last quarter has seen a great shift in trends as people have looked upon their homes and spaces with a new sense of purpose. No longer just a place to rest our heads at the end of the day, these spaces have become our workplaces, our gyms, our spaces to socialise, relax, learn and so much more besides. In addition, we now look for these spaces to be more efficient and sustainable as the importance of environmental responsibility becomes increasingly present. Fortunately, the industry is rife with talent all eager to keep up and evolve alongside these shifting trends.

In this issue of BUILD Magazine, we meet some of the leading companies and experts striving to answer the new demands the industry has encountered over the last year. From the featured multidisciplinary real estate developer of Germany, BoB Immobilienkonzepte GmbH, to the many architectural practices, contractors, interior designers, engineers and more that feature alongside it, this issue is complete with award-winning pioneers of the construction and property industries.

We invite you to enjoy the success stories of construction, design and property companies worldwide and wish you all the best until we meet again in the Q4 issue of BUILD Magazine.