BUILD Magazine is honoured to present the Design & Build Awards. A much-loved staple of the BUILD brand, this distinguished award celebrates the top companies in the Architecture, Construction, and Design industries.

The Design & Build Awards provide a valuable opportunity for professionals working in the Architectural, Engineering. Construction (AEC) and Design industries to showcase their hard work and successes. The awards offer a comprehensive view of these industries, thereby making it a highly respected and sought-after accolade. We believe that this award serves as a testament to the dedication, innovation, and excellence of those working in the design and construction industries.

The Design & Build Awards are an exceptional means to demonstrate the remarkable individuals and companies shining in their respective fields. For those working in the AEC and Design industries, it is a golden opportunity to exhibit their many accomplishments. Winning a Design & Build Award is a significant achievement that brings recognition, prestige, and unparalleled marketing opportunities to any company. With a readership of 96,000, BUILD Magazine provides all winners with an outstanding chance to display their successes on a global scale.

BUILD Magazine’s in-house research team conducts comprehensive evaluations of potential awardees, using a unique award method that ensures unbiased judgment. The same criteria are used to evaluate both startups and larger firms, which are recognised based on their achievements. Our innovative approach enables BUILD Magazine to showcase a diverse range of companies, making the awards even more valuable and extraordinary.

As an award winner, you have a plethora of marketing tools to demonstrate your accomplishments and establish yourself as an industry leader. From social media posts to editorial articles and trophies, we offer a wide range of promotional materials to present your success. In addition to our quarterly magazine and annual supplement, you can also choose to be featured in our A-Z winners directory. With BUILD Magazine, you can confidently utilise outstanding marketing tools that will enhance your triumphs and set you apart from the competition.

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