Posted on 2nd July 2021

Converting Your Garden Into the Place Where Everybody Wants To Be

Outdoor living space with sofas and coffee table and lanterns

Garden parties are certainly going to become increasingly popular over the next couple of years. Whilst staycations have become more popular, parties in the back garden are also going to be the new ‘going out’. What’s most intriguing is that it won’t actually require much effort either! You can convert your garden into a stylish area that people will want to visit rather than heading to a beer garden. So, if you want to be a great host this summer, here is how to do it!


Keep the garden warm and sheltered

Whilst everybody loves a garden party, this is Britain. The weather cannot be trusted and even the hottest week on record can bring about a wet weekend. So, whilst there may be an appetite for a garden party regardless of the weather, you do still have to be prepared.

In fact, the challenge of keeping your garden warm and sheltered during the inconsistent British summer has been very popular. Whilst last year saw a dramatic rise in sales of artificial grass, this year it is about the rise in sales of gazebos. Alongside the grass and firepits, these garden shelters became a staple of many people’s gardens. And they definitely do the job!

You can also give it a personal touch. Whilst keeping warm and sheltered is important, a lot of people want to provide their garden with a bit of personality. If you are opting for shelter due to the risk of adverse weather or even sunlight, then you need to make the most of gazebo side panels as well. To many, a gazebo is just a shelter but actually, if you own a gazebo without sides then you are missing out. Gazebo side panels are a great way to keep the elements out and will certainly encourage more people to attend your gatherings. 


Decorate your garden

Obviously now you have the shelter, you need the décor to go with it. Whilst some people may content with the offerings at a garden party such as the food available and of course the drink, you will still want to decorate your home. In the same way you would decorate the interior of your home to give it a wow factor, you can do this to your garden as well.

Whether it’s an outdoor garden furniture set that brings a bit of sparkle to the area or something as simple fairy lights to light it up. Obviously, with lighting, you need to be careful with all the materials around in your garden. However, if it is electronically safe, it can add a bit of a classy touch to your garden, especially as the night drags on.

When decorating your garden, it can also be the simple things that people will appreciate. Standing up all night can be hard for some people and depending on the age of some of your guests, you may need a seating area. It’s not all about age though, some people just prefer a seating area in their garden. Especially as some areas are not as keen on letting people inside at the moment. Something as simple as blankets and cushions could be the perfect decorations for you. The right décor can create a cosy vibe whilst also keeping people warm.


Have room for activities

It is likely that if you have space for a gazebo then you probably have room for other activities. Depending on the theme of your garden party you can go all out. If it is a big garden and children are invited, then make sure there is room for a kickabout or something similar. Obviously not every garden will have this sort of room but if there’s space it is definitely worth considering having an area for children to keep themselves entertained. As gazebos were discussed earlier, it may also be worth mentioning that you might have room for a pop-up bar or something similar. Located under shelter, this allows for scope for cocktail making and other garden party activities which are always a bit of fun.


Cosy and comfortable

Ultimately, the best way to convert your garden into a place that everyone wants to be is to make them feel at home. The thought of being in the comfort of your own home really rings true for some people. So, if you are having a garden party and are friendly with your neighbours, the best thing to do is to make it as comfortable as possible. Gardens with shelter, warmth and a homely feel will certainly make your parties more attractive. With an increase in garden parties and outdoor events, it could be worth sprucing up your own garden and seeing what you can do. Give your garden a wow factor.