BUILD Magazine is proud to unveil the Sustainable Building Awards 2023! This popular programme is now in its sixth year and continues to be an essential guide to the leading companies driving growth and innovation in this rapidly expanding industry.

The Sustainable Building Awards 2023 will once again highlight the latest developments in energy-efficiency, circular construction, green building tech, sustainable materials, and more. Here at BUILD, we are dedicated to awarding those who are excelling in these areas and going above and beyond to place ecological concerns at the forefront of their construction projects.

Now more than ever, it is vital for companies to incorporate sustainable building procedures throughout every stage of a project, to reduce the adverse effects the construction industry has on the environment. Data from the World Green Building Council shows that the sector is responsible for over a third of global energy consumption and related carbon emissions. In response, many governments and international institutions are now implementing initiatives to combat this, providing financial incentives to companies who commit to becoming net-zero by an agreed date.

Every stage in the building lifecycle from site selection, design, transportation, construction, operation, to disposal can be optimised with efficiency and decarbonisation in mind. Those who can adopt the processes, technologies, and materials necessary to meet the new standards of sustainability have the best chance of maintaining a competitive market position in the future. There are already a variety of advancements in green building technology that are assisting companies with this transition, including 3D printing, robotics, and immersive solutions such as virtual reality, digital modelling, and AI.

BUILD would like to invite the trailblazers of the net-zero revolution to take part in the Sustainable Building Awards 2023. Appearing in this prestigious programme provides recipients with a fantastic opportunity to boost brand awareness, reinforce their reputation, attract new clients, while also promoting the importance of sustainable construction in modern society. Our innovative methodology encompasses nominations submitted through our online form as well as comprehensive research completed by our experienced in-house team. This ensures that every winner is selected based on merit and truly deserves to be recognised as a leader in their field.

There are no obligatory costs involved at any stage of the Sustainable Building Awards, and BUILD presents each recipient with a free-of-charge marketing toolkit which includes a listing in the online winner’s directory. For those looking to really capitalise on their success, we also provide a range of advertising packages that offer extended coverage in our dedicated awards supplement, as well as physical and digital marketing products that will bolster any related promotional activities.

There are truly a wide variety of benefits to becoming a winner, so why not apply to be considered for an award today? To nominate yourself or a deserving company you know for the Sustainable Building Awards 2023, simply click the ‘Vote Now’ button and complete the submission form provided!