Are you unhappy with your newly designed bathroom?

Does it mismatch with your original vision?

It happens when you try to tackle each bathroom component separately!

You may find it challenging to create a coordinated look with bathroom items from different vendors.  A bathroom suite can be a solution that can give your bathroom a luxurious and coordinated look.

What are Bathroom Suites?

First, let’s understand what exactly a bathroom suite is!

A bathroom suite is a collection of bathroom items with similar styles and designs.  This combination usually includes a sink, bath or shower, and toilet unit. So, if you want to revamp your Bathroom, it can offer you a quick and easy solution.

How to Select the Right Bathroom Suite?

Since there is a huge selection of bathroom suites available in the market, it is crucial to understand the things you should consider while choosing a bathroom suite.

1. What is Bathroom Suite Style?

The first thing you will need to decide on is the bathroom suite style. From contemporary style to traditional or modern, it’s all about your needs and the type of look you want.

Your choice of style depends on whether you want a different kind to the rest of your home or want it coordinated with your current color scheme.

2. What is Your Budget?

The cost of installing a bathroom suite depends on the bathroom suite’s size and type. It may cost a considerable amount of money to install a bath suite.  Therefore, it is essential to consider the budget before choosing a bathroom suite. If you plan it correctly, a luxury look is possible with even a low budget.

3. How Much Space Do You Have?

Your choice of bathroom suite will also depend on the space available in your Bathroom. It is vital to measure the available space in the Bathroom before choosing the bathroom suite.

You can match the size of bathroom suite items and plan to install them in the Bathroom. This will save you a lot of hassle and time.

  • Measure the space available in the bathroom. Note where the existing plumbing is available. If you want additional fixtures for the one where there is no plumbing available, you will need to allocate a budget for additional pipes and fittings. This will significantly increase the overall costs.
  • Note the windows, doors, and other fittings. Your new bathroom suite should not obstruct the other amenities.
  • In case your bathroom lacks a window, then you will also need to consider installing the extractor fan to avoid mold and damp problems.

4. Where Do You Want to Position Your Bathroom Suite?

It is important to decide where you will place each bathroom item. If you are short of budget, then it is good to switch your old bathroom suite for a new one.

This will help you save money you may have to spend on plumbing. However, a complete makeover will ensure that you have a perfectly tailored bathroom to your needs.5- What Bathroom Suite Type You Need?

5. What Bathroom Suite Type You Need?

There are various types of bathroom suites available in the market. These may depend on where you buy them. You will need to consider your requirements when choosing the one for your bathroom.

Here’s a handy list for picking the right bathroom suite!

Toilet and Basin Suites:

Go with a combination of toilet and basin suites!

This simple 2-piece suite idea is for those who want matching toilets and sinks in a simple package.

Whether you have a cloakroom where you only have a space for a toilet and sink or simply want a few changes in the bathroom, the toilet and sink set will help you to create the perfect looks you want in the bathroom.

Cloakroom Suites:

Add a cloakroom suite on your buying list for dealing with smaller space challenges!

These are pieced-together toilets and sinks from various ranges to help make your cloakroom a stunning and practical space. All of these are 2 pieces that are stylish and save bathroom space.

Contemporary Suites:

If you’re seeking something unconventional and a little modern, choose a contemporary suite!

Contemporary suites are a perfect choice for those who want to turn the bathroom into a truly  functional and on-trend space. These suites include modern-looking toilets and sinks offered in a single package.

Modern Bathroom Suites:

Complete bathroom suites should be your choice if you are looking for more than just a toilet and sink. These come with various combinations of toilet, baths, shower enclosures, and vanity units depending on the pack you choose.

For creating a modern bathroom all you need to be a consistent theme throughout the bathroom. These suites include fixtures that perfectly match in style helping to match the multitude of aesthetics and functional requirements.

Shower Enclosure Suites:

Shower suites are the perfect solution for people who have been looking to update their bathroom without having an expensive bathroom remodelling.

With different combinations of fixtures, you can choose from a variety that will meet all your needs in one package! No more spending big money on fixing up old showers again- you’ve got it covered with new designs and style influences based on popular trends today which won’t be outdated anytime soon.

Straight Bath & Shower Bath Suites:

Bath suites offer various combinations of either a straight bath or a shower bath with toilet, and vanity units.

While straight baths are amongst the most popular due to their easy installation and high quality, shower baths are a great option for those who want to enjoy the bath and a shower at the same time without having them separately.

Small Bathroom Suites:

With small bathroom suites, you can still enjoy a luxurious life in your tiny bathroom space. These include compact toilets and basins designed with modern trends for maximum functionality while having an aesthetically pleasing design that doesn’t overwhelm the room.

Vanity Units Bathroom Suites:

The perfect solution for those who are looking to spruce up their bathrooms without investing in full renovations. Vanity unit packs come with matching cabinets, vanity units, and sinks that you can mix and match according to your taste or space requirements – no need to waste time searching.

Final Thoughts

Bathroom suites are a perfect choice for someone looking for an easy and affordable way to create a coordinated-looking bathroom. However, you will need to consider a few important points like style, available space in the Bathroom, and budget to ensure everything goes as planned.