Posted on 13th August 2021

10 Questions About Solar Commercial Rooftops

Commercial solar panels

Owning a commercial building can bring you many benefits, like an additional income, but it can soak up a lot of energy. If you’re considering using an alternative energy source, then check out these ten questions about solar commercial rooftops.

1. Why Should I Go Solar?

When you choose to go solar, you’re helping the environment by using a renewable energy source. Additionally, you can save money on electricity rates, even if the cost of grid electricity rises. It may also contribute to local jobs, which helps boost the economy.

2. Do I Have to Go Off-the-Grid?

You do not have to go completely off-grid when you switch to solar power. If you want to go off-grid, you can utilize solar batteries, which store excess electricity generated from the panels. It’s unlikely that commercial buildings can make this feasible, but it will replace the majority of your electricity usage.

3. How Much Will It Cost?

Depending on the system size, the cost of a solar panel system and installation can vary. A smaller system averages around $50,000 to install. However, if you need a larger one, like 250 kilowatts, it can cost you on average $500,000. Talk to solar panel companies near you to get estimates.

4. Will I Save Money by Switching?

One of the best benefits of switching to a renewable energy source is money savings. Solar power allows you to generate electricity from your building, meaning you don’t have to pull from the grid. You’ll enjoy saving money each month.

5. How Do Panels Affect My Property Value?

When you add solar panels to your building, your business’ property value will undoubtedly increase. It boosts your company image as a green building, attracting those who care for the environment. Plus, it ensures lower energy costs and updates the overall building’s appearance.

6. Is My Building a Good Spot for Solar Panels?

If your commercial building has a large, flat rooftop that’s in reasonably good shape, then you should be in an excellent position to add solar panels. Additionally, suppose your region receives a lot of sunlight, like in the southwest region of the United States. In that case, you should have no problem generating plenty of solar energy to help power your building.

7. What Size Solar Energy System Should I Get?

The size system you choose depends on factors such as:

  • How much electricity you use per month.
  • The weather conditions for where you live.
  • If you plan to try to go completely off-grid.

Consider each of these factors before choosing your solar energy system.

8. Will the Solar Panels Work with Little Sunlight?

Solar panels generate the most electricity when they receive intense, unobstructed and direct sunlight. Cloudy, rainy, snowy and darker days will generate less electricity. If you live in a climate where you don’t experience much direct sunlight, you may want to consider getting a tracker mount.

9. Will I Ever Have to Replace My Panels?

Solar panels are generally very durable. They can withstand nearly any weather condition. Different parts of your solar system may need to be replaced or updated, but your system should generate electricity for up to 30 years.

10. Are There Any Risks with Installing and Using Solar?

As long as your panels are properly installed and you maintain them, they shouldn’t pose any danger or risks. Some common risks are roof leaks and hot spots, but these are very rare.

Will You Go Solar?

There are plenty of benefits of going solar. As a commercial building owner, you can help the environment, save money on electricity and gain property value.