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BUILD Home and Garden Awards 2022 2 ABOUT THE HOME & GARDEN AWARDS 2022 We at BUILD Magazine are thrilled to host the Home and Garden Awards 2022 which we have been proudly running since 2018. The industry has changed rapidly over recent years and is now stronger than it has been in over a decade with a vast amount people looking to completely change their living environment after spending most of the time indoors and to redesign their gardens after being unable to travel much further. Pintrest boards were made, partners were nagged, wallpaper was peeled, and the home and garden industry thrived even more. The 2020 sales of Hardware and Paints alone rose by 12.6%! For the 2022 Home and Garden Awards, we are looking to include those individuals and firms who helped make those houses a home and the grass greener than ever. The 2022 Home and Garden Awards welcomes all within the industry to enter, from interior designers, home furniture providers, supporting services to all things garden. Whether you are just starting out or have been working in property for years, everyone across this ever-changing industry will have the opportunity to be recognised for their achievements. Sif Brookes, Senior Editor Website: www.build-review.com AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

Home and Garden Awards 2022 BUILD 3 Contents 4. The Tantra Chair ®: Best Furniture Design & Manufacturing Company 2022 and Award for Excellence in Stylish Furniture Designs 2022 5. Topco Lighting Ltd: Best Architectural Lighting Specialists - Hong Kong 6. Feeding the Fish: Best Bespoke LED Light Show Event Provider - London 7. MassimoSky Ltd: Best High-End Glazing Installers - East England 8. Southern Charm Pools, LLC: Pool Builder of the Year - Southeast Texas 9. FRISKA Desk: Best Standing Desk Supplier - Europe 10. Neoflam: Best Cookware Design Company - Korea 11. Meli Studio Australia: Most Innovative Interior Design Firm - Sydney 12. Eden Hardwood Flooring: Best Floor Sanding & Wood Restoration Service - Southwest England 13. Silk & Stone Interior Design: Most Innovative Interior Design Studio - North West England 14. Pinterior.space: Best Scandinavian Interior Design Space Company - UK 15. Hot Cherry Signature Spaces: Most Innovative Interior Design Studio - South Africa 16. Hartscapes: Best Boutique Landscaping Company - Cape Town 17. JLC Interiors Ltd: Best Bespoke Interior Furniture Manufacturer – Midlands & BUILD Customer Service Excellence Award 2022 18. Aiden T Pte Ltd: Best Residential Interior Design (Singapore): Pasir Ris Home Office

BUILD Home and Garden Awards 2022 4 marketplace as we need to have our patents and trademarks in place prior to its release. It has taken us approximately three years to incorporate these changes into the design. We faced many challenges, but the biggest challenge was to keep the current design aesthetics completely the same while creating space internally for the electronics to function properly.” Unlike most companies who are innately focused on profit margins, while it is an entirely understandable approach, The Tantra Chair ® is noted for its intense focus on quality instead. A.J responds to this fact by stating, “although this makes our profit margins very small, most people long to purchase the authentic design because it has been tried and true in the marketplace for over two decades.” A completely original design needs a completely original approach to marketing and selling, and that is precisely what The Tantra Chair ® does – it takes something simple and makes it complicatedly beautiful, unmatched by anyone around the world. Though many have tried, there is something utterly incomprehensible about the innate speciality that is The Tantra Chair ®. Moreover, since more people have been spending a lot more time at home, the sales of The Tantra Chair ® have never been higher, with people purchasing beautifully crafted products to adhere to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and the multiple lockdowns. A.J expands on this notion and states, “the pandemic has been extremely positive for our company. We can go as far as to say we have never been busier. We attribute this rise in demand to the fact that people are spending more time in their homes and therefore, long to enrich their home environment.” Though people have been in some version of isolation for the past two years, nothing is stopping the world from recognising and taking part in the purchase of The Tantra Chair ® designs – a one of a kind and original concept unique to the industry and forever adored by individuals across the globe. Company: The Tantra Chair ® Name: A.J. Vitaro Email: [email protected] Web Address: https://www.tantrachair.com ften referred to as the ‘world’s finest work of functional art,’ The Tantra Chair ® has been around for over two decades, creating chairs for countless celebrities, actors, musicians, politicians, princes, princesses and even presidents of nations. This entirely worldclass accreditation is appreciated internationally amongst various classes of individuals. With typical customers ranging from 35 to 65 years of age, The Tantra Chair ® is instantly recognized and can be found in nearly every nation around the world. The company is honoured and proud to be able to spread its influence across the globe, bettering the comfort and lives of many. The Tantra Chair ® is noted for its use of the finest, ecofriendly materials found within the world and combines that with its professionally known world-class artisans who consistently and continually create products that exceed customer and company expectations. A.J. Vitaro, the original designer of The Tantra Chair ® explains the execution of development and the uniqueness of the product by stating, “The Tantra Chair ® is the original, authentic design. Unfortunately, many companies around the globe try to replicate our design illegally, but we stay at the forefront because we create the highest quality in the world. The Tantra Chair® is the dominant design in our sector of the industry, and it has been ever since it was introduced to the world. The main reason for this is because it is the original design and the first of its kind on the planet.” With a product of this magnitude and exquisite nature, the best way the company has yet been able to market itself is heavily relied on by the recommendations of its current clients as word of mouth, and personal praise is the best marketing recognition a company can have. Most recently, The Tantra Chair ® has been working intensely to develop a new version of its classically unique Tantra Chair ® design, including electronics that incorporate electric motors and hydraulics for specific purposes. A.J expands on this development and states, “We don’t want to reveal the intention of these changes until we introduce it to the Best Furniture Design & Manufacturing Company 2022 and Award for Excellence in Stylish Furniture Designs 2022 Established with a vision to enhance people’s lives worldwide, The Tantra Chair ® is recognised as the Best Furniture Design and Manufacturing Company for its excellence in stylish furniture designs. For over 20 years, the company has primarily focused on creating designs that nurture the human body - launched to create experiences for clients that encourage a more present and conscious journey throughout their lifestyles. O Jan22596 The Tantra Chair ®

Home and Garden Awards 2022 BUILD 5 Jan22418 opco Lighting offers fresh and creative lighting products with its projects covering residential, commercial, landscape and infrastructure developments. Its creative team is as diverse as it is experienced – Working in close collaboration with architects, designers and clients, the team combines practical expertise with state-of-the-art technology and a uniquely creative approach to deliver quality lighting products. The company’s most impressive product to date is its aquarium light. The visible spectrum required by fish, insects and birds is different from human beings UVA (400-315nm). Topco’s custom selection of LEDs provides a full light spectrum necessary to maintain a successful planted aquarium with beautiful colour rendition. It is excellent for creating shimmering effects, the intense brightness of this spectrum reflecting on fish scales and making any silver or blue scaled fish shine and glimmer brilliantly. LEDs are recognised for their extended operating lifetime compared to traditional bulbs. They offer bright, clean light with exceptional value and energy efficiency, reducing heat emissions and eliminating the constant need to replace bulbs. Not only this, but they are quick to install and add a uniqueness to any room and outdoor space, providing all the illumination needed while being the perfect stylish addition. They are ideal for indoor and outdoor signage, commercial display of merchandise, offices and working spaces, pathway illumination, and backlighting for light-sensitive products such as wines and spirits. Topco’s design team works closely with the client to innovatively customise high quality LED fixtures that balance aesthetics, function, maintenance and cost. Indeed, LED lighting has radically changed the way architects, businesses and consumers go about choosing fixtures, with safety, cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency being top priorities. Topco offers endless options to enhance living and outdoor spaces through flexible LEDs; it is this flexibility that makes LED lighting the go-to solution for many. Company: Topco Lighting Ltd Contact: Mr WG Tan Email: [email protected] Website: www.topcolighting.com T Best Architectural Lighting Specialists - Hong Kong Topco Lighting Ltd specialises in customised architectural lighting solutions in the form of high-power products and lighting systems. It boasts a uniquely integrated portfolio covering cutting-edge services such as product creation, software development and innovative design strategies.

BUILD Home and Garden Awards 2022 6 Jan22655 Best Bespoke LED Light Show Event Provider - London There’s nothing like a lightshow to set off a truly spectacular venue. For those running events, the team at Feeding the Fish are the perfect partners to turn to. Their skill has been put to excellent use in live shows and parties across the UK, earning them success in BUILD’s Home and Garden Awards 2022. We take a closer look to discover more. EDs have become the backbone of many people’s lighting solutions, being easy to run, hardwearing and not running as hot as other sources of light. The team at Feeding the Fish have made it their mission to leverage this amazing technology, with unique light shows for private parties, awards ceremonies, corporate events, sports opening ceremonies and everything in between. Specialising in building LED costumes and props, they have the power to literally put your name in lights. Over the years, the team have worked with some of the most prestigious names in the live-perfomance industry, sharing the stage with Coldplay, Take That and Pitbull, performing with Torvill and Dean and showcasing their talents for the Queen of Spain, Princess Anne and Princess Beatrice. They’ve displayed the names of brides and grooms and celebrated milestone birthdays. The immense versatility of the technology means that the team are able to meet your specific requirements no matter how demanding they are. To Feeding the Fish, every event is one to be remembered, and they know that they can deliver something truly exceptional. The focus is always on the needs of the individual and the team have a long history of working with clients to ensure that the show not only meets, but exceeds expectations. Each of their performances is carefully crafted to fit the event space, number of guests and occasion. As branding and special messages are programmed in advance, there is nothing left to chance. This allows clients to enjoy the event as much as the people who they are holding it for whilst still retaining the wonder of a magical personal moment. Over the years, the team have been involved in many exciting projects, with their most challenging to date working with the ‘Fast and Furious Live’ team to create four LED cars. The cars were programmed to display synchronised video whilst being expertly driven by a team of precision stunt drivers. Having toured Europe, the LED cars have ended up in Dubai in the ‘Harbour Force’ stunt show at Global Village. The build was a complete game-changer for the team, allowing them to innovate on an unprecedented scale. If anything has proven how impressive an LED lightshow can be, this is the project to look at. Whilst this shows that LEDs can be used on a vast scale, much of the team delights audiences closer to home. Recently, there has been renewed interest from private clients wanting to hold bespoke L celebrations within their own homes or at unique venues such as Goodwood House, The Hurlingham Club and Syon Park. Combining the beauty of nature with the power of LED lighting is a potent mix and has provided some stunning visuals. The success of Feeding the Fish comes from their incredible ability to do anything that is asked of them. Their ability to personalise their services elevates them to a leading figure within the industry. We cannot wait to see what they do next. Company: Feeding the Fish Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.feedingthefish.com Instagram @feedingthefish

Home and Garden Awards 2022 BUILD 7 Jan22208 or many, design takes on a holistic approach. Whilst we look at the details and marvel, it is essential to create an overall picture that delights and inspires. For many, the challenge is creating this view from a mix of different vendors and contractors, each with their own ideas and capabilities. MassimoSky stands apart as it acts as a true turnkey solution, able to adapt easily to suit specific needs. Having scoured the world for the very best in what glazing has to offer, the team have produced a stunning range specifically for use by those who want the finest that money can buy. With over twenty years of expertise in this specialist industry, it’s little wonder that so many of their customers trust their judgement when it comes to creating the ideal solution for their property. The value of this advice is one of the key differentiators for the MassimoSky team. This means that they are providing their expert perspective long before money changes hands. That this advice is given so freely is the reason that so many choose to work with the team. They know that they will get the knowledge they need to hear as opposed to what they want to hear. Working with clients all the way from conception through to completion means that the MassimoSky team end up at the heart of the development process. The benefit of working so closely with contractors in this way is that there are no surprises. With the team aware of every change that naturally occurs in any project, they can develop their ideas so that their designs surpass even the highest of expectations. The team’s designs are not designed purely to work on an aesthetic level. Over the years, clients have thrilled at the way in which the MassimoSky team have taken the time to understand how the house will be used on a day to day level. Glazing is best designed with this in mind as it is such an integral part of the way in which we live. The last few years have been difficult for every business, including this intrepid glazing firm;. The MassimoSky team have had to content with supply chain difficulties that have slowly been resolved as the pandemic has become a part of our lives. Fortunately, MassimoSky has always been a proactive and dynamic business taking the first step towards success. The team’s determination to overcome the challenges that face them has served them well indeed during these unprecedented times. Looking ahead, the team are in the process of building a new showroom facility which will provide a viewing area for all the of the products offered by the team, as well as a sophisticated VR design studio. This will allow clients the unique opportunity to visualise products in a VR world, changing the colours, handles and designs to their own tastes. VR is an incredibly powerful tool, one which will be invaluable to the team in the months and years to come. When we think of glazing, it’s easy to minimise the impact it can have on a project. The team at MassimoSky take the time to effortlessly incorporate it as the integral factor that it is. With their expertise at your fingertips, it’s possible to revolutionise a design so it is fit not just the first time you see it, but every time you see it for years to come. We can’t wait to see what they do next. Company: MassimoSky Ltd Name: Leigh Manning Email: [email protected] Web Address: https://www.massimosky.com F Best High-End Glazing Installers - East England With a passion for design, the team at MassimoSky have built their reptuation on incorporating stunning glazing into various projects across the UK. Their long experience not only does them credit, but showcases how expertise allows them to work in a variety of different situations. In BUILD’s Home and Garden Awards, the Massimosky team achieved overwhelming success. We dug a little deeper into this extraordinary development for the firm.

BUILD Home and Garden Awards 2022 8 service. As a result, this is reflected in the endless five-star Google reviews of the company, with one customer stating that, ‘From quote and design to build and maintenance, we felt cared for every step of the way. The team is still available to us some two years after our pool was completed.’ The stream of pleased customers has bolstered the company’s position in the overall market. Unlike many of its competitors, the company builds and, subsequently, thrives upon its close-knit business-to-client relationships. Each Southern Charm Pools customer is provided with a trustworthy and communicative service, which is a dying trait within such a profitable and competitive industry. Indeed, Southern Charm Pools is one of a kind, prioritising not only the result, but the entire customer experience. It gives the customer what they want, it listens, and, most importantly, Southern Charm Pools cares. Represented further in its own projects, Southern Charm Pools is notable for its desire to give back to the community. The Miracle Pools Program is the company’s outlet for charitable donations, and it is through this cause that a portion of each project’s profits go to the Texas Children’s Hospital and the Children’s Miracle Network. Furthermore, the company makes annual donations to the Clear Creek Education Foundation, the Judah Brown Project, Step Into Swim, and regular contributions to all local first responders. Across the wider community, Southern Charm Pools acts as a sponsor for school activities within all the area independent school districts and local youth sports teams and events. The upcoming year will only see these charitable acts grow alongside the company – simply, Southern Charm Pools wants to make a difference. 2022 will be an important and extremely busy year for the company. Not only has its team expanded with the addition of another in-house designer, but its range has altered, too, as it now offers fibreglass pool options. Ultimately, Southern Charm Pools wants to continue pleasing customers, designing bespoke pools that will leave them in awe. Contact: Beth McDaniel Company: Southern Charm Pools, LLC Web Address: https://www.southerncharmpools.net/ cross the League City and surrounding Bay Area communities, Southern Charm Pools has cultivated a diverse network of clients, many of whom the company has grown close to over the years. The company designs and installs in-ground pools and spas that have been carefully and thoughtfully designed with the client’s specifications in mind. In addition to designing and building new pools, Southern Charm Pools also provides upgrades to existing pools and extensive pool remodelling projects. Southern Charm Pools takes a straightforward and transparent approach to providing clients with a pricing structure that prevents hidden or surprise expenses. Of course, the client is the company’s main priority and, as it aims to please, it formulates a collaborative process that streamlines the project and keeps it within the budget. From the initial phone call, Southern Charm Pools truly listens to what the client needs, guiding them towards a complete and effective result. There are numerous elements for Southern Charm Pools to consider – be it the Homeowners Association, the location, design, or the client’s budget. Whatever the project may entail, however, the company provides an unmatched Pool Builder of the Year - Southeast Texas Founded by Beth and Chris McDaniel, Southern Charm Pools, LLC embraces the very heart of what it means to be a family. Southern Charm Pools’ mission is simple – to provide its clients with results that exceed their expectations. It is within this goal that the company endeavours to make its clients feel comfortable and secure in knowing that their investment is its top priority. A Jan22201

Home and Garden Awards 2022 BUILD 9 Jan22174 RISKA has established itself to be the best quality standing desk on the UK market through obsessive attention to the quality of its products, services, and the personalized experience its customers thoroughly enjoy and appreciate as consumers. At FRISKA, the company can differentiate itself in several ways, from the quiet whispers of its lowering and raising mechanisms to the fastest heigh adjustment. Moreover, as a unique company in a relatively niche market, FRISKA can overturn delivery speed faster due to the amount of stock it holds within the UK. Most notably distinguished from the company is its ability to create bespoke designs incorporated with its 10-year guarantee that is recognized as one of the best in the country. Mike Boyt, FRISKA’s Principal Product Manager, expands on this by stating, “Most standing desk manufacturers don’t offer a bespoke design service. Those that do tend to operate to longer lead times. The best of the rest operates a sort of ‘pseudobespoke,’ with a mix and matchable set of desktops and frames, which does offer a certain amount of flexibility, but nothing approaching the complete freedom of bespoke. FRISKA offers an entirely bespoke standing desk service, limited only by the requirement that the desktop must fit the desk frame.” Due to its incredible selection, stock, and reputable motivation, FRISKA can deliver all bespoke orders within three weeks. At FRISKA, sustainability and quality are the two most essential factors in creating entirely unique and exceptionally crafted bespoke pieces. As a result, they are heavily regarded within the home and garden sector. Mike expands on this by stating, “Sustainability is high on the list of customer expectations, but there’s a need to distinguish the genuinely sustainable from the greenwashing. For example, all our desktops are manufactured in the UK, and all but one of our frames are manufactured in Sweden, using 30% recycled steel. Inevitably there’s a carbon footprint to that, but we take pride in the fact that lots of extremely lengthy supply chains don’t undermine our sustainability efforts.” Currently, for companies like FRISKA within their sector, there is rising tension in finding the right balance between quality and cost, which is a delicate yet vital focal point for those who wish to succeed or maintain their reputation in their positions. Thus, Mike explains the details that go into observing and maintaining the structure quality of FRISKA products by stating, “In the way desk masts (legs) are constructed, they are like Russian babushka dolls – each standing desk leg houses two smaller legs which sit inside the first and extend when the desk is raised. Each desk uses a plastic insert between each section to keep the legs moving freely. If the tolerances are out by even a tiny amount at each point, the effect will be magnified when the desk is fully extended. FRISKA’s inserts are machined precisely to each individual leg. It’s in lots of small details like these – details that eliminate frustration and distraction- where we believe FRISKA demonstrates its quality.” Most recently, for FRISKA, the company has introduced a range of high-tech laminate desktops, and with that, FRISKA is looking to introduce these products to a broader market. With its new range of desktops, some features include a smart anti-fingerprint material capable of healing superficial micro-scratches. Its revolutionary new product has been tested according to ISO 22196 with the desk surface having the ability to inhibit and kill the growth of microorganisms and a comforting soft-touch matt finish with low light reflectivity. Mike closes the article by expanding with his final comments stating, “The results of this is a desk that not only stays looking better for longer but also helps its user stay healthy. As the world of work shifts to a more hybrid model where more desk space is shared, we’re expecting this new generation of standing desks to give users greater reassurance over hot-desking.” For FRISKA, its leading innovation is expanding over the industry, completely reinventing the sectors with unique designs created especially with the users in mind – a totally comprehensive and stylist fitting for any and all homes. Company: FRISKA Desk Name: Mike Boyt Email: [email protected] Web Address: https://friskadesk.com/ F FRISKA – in basic terms, is Europe’s Best Standing Desk Supplier that creates exceptionally standing desks crafted to individual taste through bespoke designs. However, FRISKA provides more than just a structurally sound desk but a perfectly balanced workplace for productivity, freedom, and wellbeing. Established as a company within the UK, FRISKA draws from Swedish inspirations to create its wonderfully nurtured products and the inner corporate philosophy that the company is founded on. Best Standing Desk Supplier - Europe

BUILD Home and Garden Awards 2022 10 has been working on a project – FIKA – a cookware product developed to provide non-stick performance. Inspired by Swedish naturistic designs and development, Neoflam’s FIKA was created with wooden handles, ceramic non-toxic coatings and a silicon rim entirely constructed with natural minerals. With a non-stick and non-toxic coating and its stylish design, Neoflam allows its customers to create healthy meals with a unique, durable, and beautiful design – made without the use of PTFE and PFOA. To stand out amongst competitors, Neoflam changed the cookware game by implementing their environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-stick performance line FIKA, which has brightened and enhanced the Asian cookware market from traditionally dark coloured products to light. In doing so, Neoflam’s and its noteworthy FIKA project has increased in reputation, becoming the best-selling product for the company, and growing in recognition internationally. What makes its products so unique is that they are developed with only natural minerals that do not contain perfluorinated compounds known for being harmful to the human body. Moreover, Neoflam products are made without other damaging substances like lead, cadmium and chromium. Because of this, Neoflam is significantly appreciated within the cookware market for its safe and innovative designs that allow its customers to cook without the effects of harmful chemicals being added to their bodies or food. For the future, Neoflam is collaborating with BetterFinger– a partnership of Neoflam and JTBC (a Korean broadcasting channel) – with plans for global sales to begin at the end of March 2022. It is reported that the collaboration is doing very well in Korea currently, and with a steady following, there can only be better and brighter moments for the Neoflam establishment. Company Name: Neoflam Contact Name: Sara Affi Web Address: http://www.neoflam.com Contact Email: [email protected] enowned for producing environmentally friendly and uniquely designed kitchen and cookware, Neoflam products are developed with its customer’s health in mind. Thus, products are coated in specialized ceramic free of toxic chemicals, allowing guild free, safe, and stylish cooking moments. With the aim to ignite a passion for healthy living, Neoflam has a goal to support and contribute to the growing awareness and the need for sustainable – non-toxic cookware. Neoflam – a compound word combining Neo and Flame – is the ‘new flame’ to follow in the cooking industry, backed up with innovation and beautiful designs that truly brighten up the cooking experience safely and healthily. However, while the effects of Covid-19 heavily impacted many businesses across the globe, a near enough opposite effect happened for Neoflam that benefited the company significantly. While there were some minor disruptions concerning slower international shipment, sales at Neoflam were surging. This was connected to people becoming more conscious and adapting their cooking lifestyles indoors in part of the multiple lockdowns that the pandemic instilled. Thus, during this time, Neoflam was able to cater and enlarge its market reach and share the reputable name of Neoflam globally. For the company, the Covid-19 was a happy accident that greatly benefitted the increasing recognition of the establishment. Most recently, for the company, Neoflam Best Cookware Design Company - Korea Recognized as Korea’s Best Cookware Design Company, Neoflam is on a mission to provide environmentally friendly cookware, which combines cutting-edge concepts, technologies, and materials to harness the most innovative, healthy, and stylish kitchen and cookware in the modern market. R Jan22654

Home and Garden Awards 2022 BUILD 11 Jan22426 ntegrated and highly personalised service is synonymous with the Meli Studio brand. Its interior design is focused on people and how they live. Its goal is simple yet challenging: to make the world a better place one space at a time. This is achieved by being innovative, transparent and collaborating in client partnerships. It never loses focus on its end user. Meli Studio incorporates the values of people, partnership, performance, pleasure and planet into everything it does on every project. Its responsible and ethical operating style is the cornerstone of the people who make up the team and how they conduct themselves in business relationships. They are people helping to improve the lives of people through the creation of beautiful, functional living spaces. Meli Studio’s innovative approach balanced with vast experience in the design industry means that clients can be assured of a professional project that embodies their dreams and visions when creating inspiring surroundings. Through its unique and personalised process, the studio will take care of the important elements of expectation, process, managing time and budget, and delivering outstanding results. Highly experienced and awarded CEO of Meli Studio, Julie Ockerby commented, “When it comes to interior design, our focus is on you and the space that you wish to create. We like to understand you, more than the things you like or don’t like – But the things that make you get up for the day, what you do for work, what inspires you. We try to encapsulate all of these elements to bring all of the details into life.” Meli Studio’s aforementioned shared values bond an incredibly seasoned and talented team of design professionals and project managers. With training and accreditation in arts, interior and spatial design, coupled with acute commercial intuition, Meli Studio intrinsically understands the market, not only what its clients expect. A key focus of Meli Studio is building long-term relationships with clients. Julie said, “For us, a project is not just a project. It’s the people we work with and the collaboration that is involved. Our residential clients sometimes end up as long-term friends. Our ability to empathise through the design process is what sets us apart. Irrespective of whether our projects are commercial, residential or for hospitality, for us, it is about ‘people’. And, when we say that our relationships matter to us, we truly mean it. It is what sets us apart. We like to have a professional approach, but we are all human and our approach is humanistic.” With more than 20 years’ experience, Julie has worked with some of the most innovative global designers and hoteliers. Originating her career as Director of Marketing Australasia, and having opened the Sydney office for Design Hotels in 1999, Julie worked closely with the esteemed founder, Claus Sendlinger. Playing a pivotal role in interpreting and rolling out the consumer experience for the portfolio of signature and boutique hotels globally, Julie thereafter became highly sought after for her ability to unlock the marketability of boutique hotels. Combining her background as a registered nurse with her experience in the hotel industry, Julie’s approach is unique. She has transformed the aged care living industry for the better by pushing the boundaries to achieve better outcomes for the ageing population, and as a highly regarded leader, has become a change agent who sets the benchmarks for her peers. Meli Studio is currently working on a new aged care home built for the Chinese demographic and cultural set. It was a smooth process without any key challenges, and the firm is particularly proud of its relationship with the client, and its ability to balance cultural needs in the design to also meet market demands and building compliance. However, the studio’s projects have unfortunately seen logistics and shipment delays along with cost increases due to the pandemic, but its plan is to restart its growth strategy. As a multi-award-winning studio, the focus remains on maintaining, developing and expanding its loyal client base to a wider demographic and global audience. This will be achieved by continued exceptional service in delivering attractive and practical living environments on time and on budget for its network of professional developers and project managers. Meli Studio is also seeking to explore new territory – who knows where this will lead it! Company: Meli Studio Australia Contact: Julie Ockerby Email: [email protected] Website: www.melistudio.com.au I Meli Studio’s success is proudly founded on a traditional values system of integrity, respect and hard work. It’s not good enough to just deliver. Meli Studio does what is required to a standard it can be proud of, motivated by quality outcomes and by providing an exceptional service experience that has seen long-term client relationships and unprecedented referrals. Most Innovative Interior Design Firm - Sydney

BUILD Home and Garden Awards 2022 12 Eden is founded on uniformity, stability, durability, better quality, value and longevity – it represents the core of the company and all its product offerings. Some of the services offered at Eden are floor sanding, fitting and wood restoration services and can be accessed within Bristol and its surrounding areas. Eden is recognised as a company that takes immense pride in providing efficient and safe services to its ever-growing clientele – highly regarded within the industry for its exceptional craftsmanship, experience, and expertise. Most recently, for the company, Eden has grown significantly in the last year, generating more profits than ever. Elaborating on this, Anna states, “We have been proven to be a dependable hardwood flooring contractor to our clients for more than 17 years of expertise in supply, fitting, sanding and restoration of hardwood floors. Our clients are consistently impressed by the quality of our services, and a large proportion of our business comes from customers referring our services to others.” Eden has the latest machines, techniques and materials at the company’s disposal so that each client will get the highest quality job on all wood surfaces, including ash, oak, pine and teak. Notably, throughout the pandemic, the company had noticed an increase in demand for decking restoration services as more people were spending time inside their homes and gardens. A positive benefit that affected the company happily. With a rise in success, Eden plans to open a small showroom so that clients can get acquainted with all its offerings in person. Bringing the exceptional quality into the hands of potential and continued clients in the Bristol area. For now, Eden is dedicated to maintaining its valued reputation as Southwest England’s Best Floor Sanding & Wood Restoration Service and will continue to lead the industry with its innate passion and top tier execution. Company Name: Eden Hardwood Flooring Contact Name: Anna Kubasiak Web Address: https://edenhardwoodflooring.co.uk/ Contact Email: [email protected] den Hardwood Flooring has decades worth of experience and expertise in supplying, fitting and restoring hardwood floors and has recently been praised for its exceptional skills within the industry through BUILD in its Home and Garden Award 2022 campaign. With its team of dedicated and detail-oriented wood floor experts, Eden offers exceptional wood flooring from advice to contracting. Additionally, Eden offers tumbled parquet, which is incredibly rare within the UK but widely recognised in the industry for its exceptional quality. Leading on from this point, Anna Kubasiak, Digital Marketing Manager at Eden, states, “we are an award-winning company with a wealth of experience. We care about the work we do, so you can be assured that our service and professionalism are always of the highest order. Our results prove the passion we have for floor sanding.” At Eden, the company brand and reputation are tantamount to comfort and longevity and epitomises attention to detail and the desire to create a product in perfect harmony with its environment. As a result, regardless of what type of flooring service customers choose, including wood renovation, Eden will always provide the same high-quality results that exceed expectations and industry standards. Best Floor Sanding & Wood Restoration Service - Southwest England Based in Bristol, Eden Hardwood Flooring is a dynamic company proudly leading the industry with efficient hardwood flooring services to its ever-growing clientele in both residential and commercial environments. Accredited as Southwest England’s Best Floor Sanding and Wood Restoration Service, Eden provides excellent service combined with dependable hardwood flooring services through its team of highly trained individuals and contractors who have worked with the company for nearly two decades. E Jan22203 Eden Hardwood Flooring

Home and Garden Awards 2022 BUILD 13 Feb22444 eeply rooted in creation and rich in experience, Silk and Stone Interior Design has the building blocks to inject eloquence into every space it touches. Silk and Stone Interior Design is passionate in researching and innovating lifestyle ideas and schemes to allow its clients to savour their homes or commercial premises with utter delight, functionality, style, and an enhanced experience of wellbeing. The Founder, Sonia Simpson, is skilled in featuring stunning elements to projects causing her work to become in high demand and inspiring her to set up her own Interior Design Company – Silk and Stone Interior Design. Sonia tells us, “In today’s age, Silk and Stone Interior Design can provide a full visual experience both via computer imaging and beautiful hand drawn illustrations of the proposed room(s). In addition, it can provide a cost spreadsheet showing the client a list of their expenses related to the connected project, to ensure a true visible handling of expenditure is jointly controlled.” The Team at Silk and Stone has been created to include a talent for quality and at-home beauty with impeccable taste and an enviable artistic insight to design. Working within a ‘Project Team’ scenario allows the design team to have a strong insight and a handle on the Schedule of Works ensuring a close connection with various trades and suppliers. It is a skill set in itself. Having ‘eyes at the back of your head’ springs to mind. Sonia’s team love working with Architects and Builders. Sometimes there is an instant cohesive working relationship, where wonderful ideas just bounce of each other, and each related professional input brings together something outstanding for the client. An evolved design idea that would be difficult to surpass. Being a designer requires a plethora of multi-faceted skills: • Aware of Architecture and it’s complexities in relation to Interior Design • Aware of Construction and what guidelines and areas meet regulations • Accounting – excellent with figures and administration • Excellent communicator and of course a Salesperson of Ideas • Computer Knowledge • Constant Product Awareness • Excellent Researcher • Negotiator • Project Managing • An excellent provider of solutions to different facets of a project. And of course, the talent and ability to bring an inspiring and innovative design to a client. Many of the large projects Silk and Stone work on very much become part of the Team’s Life. Currently working on a 2.5 year long project – it knows that, sometimes, it’s difficult to let go at the end of the scheme. Sonia adds, “it almost not only becomes the home of the clients but the Silk and Stone Interior Design Team. Such joint input, research and energy is involved, to provide professionally designed and a perfect home or property to the client that the emotion on final handover becomes both sad at leaving this creative arena, but also an absolute thrill in seeing the final concept presented to the property owners and the enthusiasm and happiness it gives them.” Sonia adds with confidence, “It makes it a pleasure and provides perhaps a worthwhile ‘stroke to the ego’ with the continued love of the Interior Design World and importantly the giving of happiness to others future lifestyle.” Architecture, Construction, and Interior Design go hand in hand and, whilst Silk and Stone Interior Design primarily values working closely with its clients, it also – just as importantly – forms relationships with service partners and suppliers. Sonia says, “I see a project as joint team effort and communication is crucial to ensuring that mistakes and time delays are avoided. WhatsApp groups are great, as what you may not think is relevant to you at the time of given information, a few days later you are so happy you are aware of a particular piece of knowledge. It enables you to quickly pick up upon it and avoid a possible unforeseen problem.” For 2022 and beyond, Sonia is consistently striving to lead her team to higher levels of success. Sonia is passionate in being able to include everyone in having the facility for a professional Service when designing their home, whether a seasonal rethink or a single small room. “It is imperative”, says Sonia, “that we work within the client’s budget and timescale and with the architecture of the property to create a space that is both inspirational and uniquely the clients.” The team and its creations have made Silk and Stone Interior Design a leader in North West England. Contact: Sonia Simpson Website: silkandstone-interiors.co.uk Email: [email protected] D As far back as the Roman Times, Interior Design was part of the coveted interior décor trends suggested being used in Europe. Sophie Jackson, part of the Museum of London Archaeology, mentioned that through the age’s, homes have been sensitive to styles and design trends and wealthy clients would be aesthetically interested in decoration and pay for such services. Here we learn about how Silk and Stone Interior Design is continuing this historic love of interior design. Most Innovative Interior Design Studio - North West England

BUILD Home and Garden Awards 2022 14 that listening is the key! Regardless how insignificant things might seem!” This eagle-eye for the often-overlooked detail is a crucial part of how Pinterior.space has set such a high standard for its projects. Clients who turn to Pavlina often comment on the unique design features she brings to the table. The incredible flexibility of her approach is one of the reasons she is in such demand. “Over the many years working witting this industry I found my own style and approach to design which I believe makes me stand out from competitors,” she explains. “My absolute love for Nordic, Japanese, Scandinavia design separates me from the rest. I tend to stay within the design direction I am passionate about and I focus on developing new ideas and spaces.” With such passion for concepts that have yet to be seen, it’s little wonder that so many flock to see what she is creating. The challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic was finding ways to continue working on interiors whilst facing down the many problems affecting the construction industry. There has been an immense slowdown in getting materials with many products now unfindable. “I was very lucky to be able to continue working as a Designer on my projects,” she informs us, “but also as a Tutor - teaching an interior design for BAID.” Pavlina has been a Tutor working for the British Academy of Interior design for over 8 years now. It’s a venture has allowed her to share her not insignificant skills with a whole new generation of designers, with knowledge built on practical expertise. Looking ahead, the future seems bright for Pavlina and her business. We asked her what her upcoming plans were, but only received this cryptic answer: “I am currently working on a very special project that I can’t wait to share!” she smiles “I still have a few months to go before completion of the project.” We cannot wait to see the results of this no-doubt incredible design. With many years of designing interiors behind her, and many more still to come, we cannot wait to see what she achieves next. Company: Pinterior.space Name: Pavlina Campbell Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.pinteriorspace.co.uk he development of stunning interior design is something that comes from a place of collaboration. No two people are the same, and so their interior spaces should differ too. This need to serve the individual and find the perfect solution for their specific circumstances lies at the very heart of how Pinterior.space works. Their triumph is a reflection of the success seen by the team when they follow this approach. When we caught up with Pavlina, we asked her what steps she makes to ensure this happens from the outset. “Firstly,” she tells us, “I start with the client brief, making sure that I truly understand what exactly my clients looking for, their desires and their needs, in order for me to come up with the most practical as well as ascetically pleasing solution. I believe Best Scandinavian Interior Design Space Company - UK Exceptional interior design is a skill, honed over years of practice and expertise. For Pavlina Campbell of Pinterior.space, the best designs are those developed with an ear that is always listening to what the customer would like to see. With Pavlina achieving such success in BUILD’s Home and Garden Awards, we thought it the right time to catch up and discover more about the secrets of her success. T Feb22533

Home and Garden Awards 2022 BUILD 15 Feb22458 or the team at Hot Cherry Signature Spaces, there’s no such thing as a typical client or a typical project. Every single one is treated with the uniqueness that they deserve. This bespoke approach is key to the team’s work ethic, providing a path forward that showcases flair and originality on an incredible scale. We talked to Toni-Anne about what lies at the heart of her and her team’s approach. “Our mission is the rediscovery of glamour and comfortable elegance within the home,” she tells us, “and we have a reputation for delivering stylish and impressiveyet-practical designs with a primary focus on the creation of uniquely inviting spaces.” Over the years, the team have prided themselves on producing stunning cost-effective design that does not break the bank or harm the planet. “We strive to deliver effortlessly individualistic spaces without compromising on quality or commitment to the design process,” Toni-Anne explains. “The ultimate result is interiors with style and character to mirror our clients’ own.” With such a versatile approach, it’s little wonder that Hot Cherry Signature Spaces has been able to help so many. “At Hot Cherry, there is no ‘typical client’,” agrees Toni-Anne. “We cater to myriad clients - from billionaire entrepreneurs who want to live in unashamedly indulgent luxury, to understated homeowners who just want their homes to accommodate and reflect their lifestyle choices; from high-rise office spaces that just ooze corporate style, to quietly stylish leisure environments and laidback holiday homes.” Such a breadth of expertise means that the team have plenty of experience adapting to unique demands, tailor-designing their solutions to suit individual tastes. Clients are involved throughout the process to ensure no surprises happen at a project’s completion. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a major impact on every industry, and the home and garden sector is no different. ToniAnne has operated the business from home, with the help of a part-time assistant and a host of different external designers. “I also have a phenomenal team of contractors and suppliers with whom I have worked for over 10 years which makes the process reasonably seamless,” she adds. The pandemic saw her team come together to tackle one of the firm’s biggest renovation projects, taking seven months to complete alongside several briefs from other clients. “We obviously all had to be extra vigilant on site and closely follow all PPE protocols for our protection, but we came away reasonably unscathed,” she told us. “Even those sub-contractors who contracted Covid recovered well and were back at work quite swiftly. We realise we are an exception to the norm and for this we are, and always will be, eternally grateful.” The future is bright for Toni-Anne and her talented team of craftspeople. Thanks to their efforts, she is well on the way to delivering distinctly unique interior design solutions for an ever-widening range of clients. “And if we do in fact encounter a problem in some way, shape or form,” she smiles, “we work really hard to devise a solution strategy that neatly ties up all loose ends and still delivers an irresistible result.” The drive and tenacity of Toni-Anne is infectious and has led to many extraordinary results in terms of interior design. Having made enormous progress over the years, Hot Cherry Signature Spaces is sure to thrive for many years to come. Company: Hot Cherry Signature Spaces Name: Toni-Anne van der Meulen Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.hot-cherry.co.za F What is life if not filled with colour and style? For Toni-Anne van der Meulen of Hot Cherry Signature Spaces, the dream is to ensure that all of her projects exude quality of the highest standard. The home, she believes, is somewhere to embrace elegance, glamour and comfort. Following her success in BUILD’s Home and Garden Awards 2022, we caught up with Toni-Anne to find out more. Most Innovative Interior Design Studio - South Africa