Home & Garden Awards 2022

BUILD Home and Garden Awards 2022 18 for optimal results to be achieved.” Arjan dives deeper into this, stating, “Picking an interior designer is easy, yet difficult. Therefore, I always approach each proposal with a lot of detail, do the research, and put forward a strong and cohesive design scheme. Most clients appreciate that effort, and that builds the trust from the onset.” At Aiden T, the company is ever-evolving, ensuring that talent, safety measures and innovations are at the best standard they can be and can therefore provide its clients with unique, bespoke and remarkable designs that are considered the best in the industry. Aiden T is changing the branding and position of the firm, focusing more on how to live in the space and the impact it has on wellbeing. “Our environment has a huge impact on our wellness and wellbeing. Having been working from home and being more home-bound these past few years, we see that people who live in a home they love and follow a lifestyle they enjoy has less emotional burden being home,” explains Arjan. Moreover, Aiden T is looking into the promise of sharing its research as a company, along with the inspiration its designers have for each space created. So Aiden T isn’t just recognised for the end product of the interior design but how they came about to create the scheme and all the details and considerations that went into it – the attention given by Aiden and his team is what sets them apart from others and the industry and what gives customers the confidence in his work and his inspirations. Company: Aiden T Pte Ltd Name: Arjan Nijen Twilhaar Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.aiden-t.com iden T is a renowned interior design firm specialising in residential interior architecture and design. While the company focuses mostly on residentials, the firm does undertake commercial projects in the lifestyle sector such as hotels and restaurants to name a few. Individuality is always added to ensure each project showcases the company’s talent but with the unique personality of each customer. Founder Arjan Nijen Twilhaar expands on this, stating, “Where possible, I incorporate heirloom pieces or create items of heirloom quality. I aim to break away with the disposable culture, rather work with clients that can invest in quality pieces that lasts. Creating homes happens over a period of time; finding display pieces and furniture that lasts more than a generation is imperative.” Aiden T ensures individuality with high quality, approaching each project with three main objectives: the homeowner’s preferred aesthetic and lifestyle, how it can improve the flow in the home and maximise the space and usability and finally, considering the impact of the design on wellness and wellbeing of the homeowners. There are necessary factors to consider in designing a personalised yet authentically original space that incorporates all three objectives. Arjan explains these factors stating, “Research is key to bring a space together. It took about six months of planning and sourcing for one project before starting the transformation. Many minute details can make or break the overall design, so each element is carefully curated and considered.” Each project begins with the inspiration – what story the design should tell and capture through the space, the minuscule plannings and the overall design offerings. After that, Arjan will begin researching the design style and referencing materials and philosophies – taking elements that resonate with the home owners and allowing them to explore these elements’ depths further. “From this point of inspiration, I then modernise a scheme to make it work for its use and course the design style the homeowner prefers. For the more successful projects, this process does take time, especially in Singapore where not a lot of materials and décor items are readily available,” explains Arjan. While the design is the most prominent feature in any project’s end result, the company focuses closely on the chemistry between the homeowner and the designer. “There needs to be a certain level of trust and understanding between the two Best Residential Interior Design (Singapore): Pasir Ris Home Office By creating beautiful and remarkably designed projects that don’t necessarily follow trends but stay innovative, Aiden T ensures its service is structured around longevity while remaining inspiring at the end of the day. Recognised as the Best Residential Interior Design company within Singapore, Aiden T designs homes that are timeless, have character, and are unique. A Jan22402