Home & Garden Awards 2022

Home and Garden Awards 2022 BUILD 17 Feb22597 ith over 35 years’ experience in the furniture business between husband and wife owners, Libby and John Chapman, JLC Interiors is proud of its reputation for delivering quality products that last and are made from the finest materials. Its product range is virtually limitless, and the JLC team can help its customers plan, design and source furniture for every room in their house. The company shows how it values its customers by offering them a product they will be proud to show off to their family and friends. This coincides with excellent customer service, ensuring a personal experience for each client. As the team is small there are only three people they will be in contact with until the time of fitting. JLC Interiors’ success is due to it always doing what it says it will do. The whole team understands the needs of each client and will not to promise something they know is unachievable, but they will work with them from the offset to ensure the design is exactly as they envision it. Creating such bespoke products may have its challenges, but the company’s values and beliefs have remained the same since it first began embarking on its journey: to offer a top-notch bespoke product with the service to match. JLC Interiors tries to keep abreast of all kinds of transformations and frequently attends trade shows, while keeping in contact with suppliers when innovative products are launched. Co-Founder Libby Chapman has now become a member of Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce and is always looking for different ways to expand her reach and develop new skills. JLC Interiors has also recently redesigned its website so that it is more compact and inviting, so people aren’t overwhelmed when they are navigating. The company has only recently started advertising its business, too, as repeat custom and word of mouth have so far been enough to keep business coming in. With the last financial year’s sales coming to over £750,000 gross, this is no mean feat with every member of the six-person team playing their part. Libby commented, “Our team are what makes us who we are, and everyone works together to make what we do a reality.” Where members of the team aren’t family, they are an extension of the family. Libby said, “We have been lucky that all of the people who work for us want to see the business succeed and go the extra mile to ensure that it happens.” In addition to its own staff, JLC Interiors uses self-employed fitters whom it has known in some instances for over 30 years; they know its products and how they are designed, and they are welcome to speak to the designer at any stage of the fitting to discuss any issues that may arise. With regards to the last few years, which were consumed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Libby and John thought their company would struggle to make it through, especially with the restrictions stopping them going into the homes of their clients. However, its clients were outstanding considering the circumstances, and a single order wasn’t lost during this time, with each client being happy to go ahead as soon as the team was able. Not only did its clients stick with it, but sales actually increased – which seemed to be due to the inability to go on holiday, so people were deciding to spend their money on their homes instead. Now focused on the future, Libby and John’s short-term plans are to continue doing what the company does best, and that is to offer bespoke products to clients. They will also be looking into cost savings, while continuing to offer the best materials available on the market, and they would like to improve efficiencies with new software to streamline processes and ensure that all links in the chain are as smooth as possible. The intention is to try to reduce lead times which are currently six to eight weeks for bedrooms, lounge units and home offices, and eight to ten weeks for fitted kitchens. Although it will be dependent on the availability of raw materials and hardware, Libby and John are hoping it will be achievable, with the team keen to strive for it. Company: JLC Interiors Ltd Contact: Libby Chapman Email: [email protected] Website: www.jlcinteriors.co.uk W Established in January 2018, JLC Interiors is a family-owned and -operated small business offering a truly bespoke service to both private and trade clients, with its products available in any shape or size. Its mainstay is fitted bedrooms, with kitchens being a close second, then home offices, storage units, lounge units, and home entertainment rooms. Best Bespoke Interior Furniture Manufacturer – Midlands & BUILD Customer Service Excellence Award 2022 Interiors Specialists in Fitted JLC Interiors Ltd