Home & Garden Awards 2022

BUILD Home and Garden Awards 2022 16 and timber work, ensuring a smooth transition from their creative concepts to hard reality. When it comes to the garden, there is very little indeed that they do not have the experience to tackle, with pergolas, stone walls, and paving just a few skills in an extensive repertoire. The ability of the team to tackle much of this work in-house is just one of the reasons that Hartscapes has been able to gain such a strong reputation for quick and seamless work. From one aspect of the job to the next, they do not have to wait for another contractor or craftsman, instead moving as and when it is appropriate. This carefully developed system has ensured enormous savings for clients in terms of both time and budget, keeping the process as transparent as possible. The team at Hartscapes have worked together for many years, earning a tremendous trust that makes work quick and easy. Every new project brings its own unique challenges, but the team are highly motivated to deliver truly exceptional results. Their passion means that every installation meets the unique requirements of the client, enhancing the nature of the garden that is already there. The demand for the services of the team from Hartscapes has grown since the beginning, but this demand grew dramatically through the pandemic. With more people spending time at home, they began to reassess the way in which they used their gardens. Patios and living space have become much more of a necessity than a luxury. The team have installed firepits, swinging benches and water features to add a more personal touch to numerous properties. It’s clear that more and more people are looking for gardens that reflect their ways of thinking. As the world begins to return to normal, this trend is unlikely to abate. The best gardens reflect their owners, and few are more adept at finding the natural point of connection than the team at Hartscapes. Company: Hartscapes Name: Deanne Hart Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.hartscapes.co.za very single garden deserves to be unique. The team at Hartscapes are committed to making that happen. With no job too big or too small, they throw themselves into every task, creating spaces that are thoroughly unique. To them, the garden is a canvas on which they can throw their most exciting ideas, creating visions of the future that are truly exceptional. For the last twenty years, the Hartscapes team have prided themselves on transforming ordinary spaces into something very special indeed. The team’s approach sees the garden as an integral part of the home, one which binds a property together. Key to making a stunning design is an ability to consider the impact that every part has on the overall image. This means focusing on intricate details such as leaf colour and texture, alongside the holistic view of balance, line, proportion, negative spaces, contrast and borrowed views. For the Hartscapes team, the only way to achieve perfection is to take a holistic view that suits. Since opening their doors, the team have taken a proactive approach to their landscaping work. Far from simply outsourcing these tasks, the team do their own landscaping Best Boutique Landscaping Company - Cape Town No two people are the same, and their gardens should reflect their uniqueness of character. The team at Hartscapes breathe life into dreams, bringing them to life with startling precision. In BUILD’s Home and Garden Awards 2022, the team achieved a remarkable win. We take a closer look at the seeds of this success to see how this firm has grown into such a formidable force within the industry. E Feb22459