Home & Garden Awards 2022

BUILD Home and Garden Awards 2022 4 marketplace as we need to have our patents and trademarks in place prior to its release. It has taken us approximately three years to incorporate these changes into the design. We faced many challenges, but the biggest challenge was to keep the current design aesthetics completely the same while creating space internally for the electronics to function properly.” Unlike most companies who are innately focused on profit margins, while it is an entirely understandable approach, The Tantra Chair ® is noted for its intense focus on quality instead. A.J responds to this fact by stating, “although this makes our profit margins very small, most people long to purchase the authentic design because it has been tried and true in the marketplace for over two decades.” A completely original design needs a completely original approach to marketing and selling, and that is precisely what The Tantra Chair ® does – it takes something simple and makes it complicatedly beautiful, unmatched by anyone around the world. Though many have tried, there is something utterly incomprehensible about the innate speciality that is The Tantra Chair ®. Moreover, since more people have been spending a lot more time at home, the sales of The Tantra Chair ® have never been higher, with people purchasing beautifully crafted products to adhere to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and the multiple lockdowns. A.J expands on this notion and states, “the pandemic has been extremely positive for our company. We can go as far as to say we have never been busier. We attribute this rise in demand to the fact that people are spending more time in their homes and therefore, long to enrich their home environment.” Though people have been in some version of isolation for the past two years, nothing is stopping the world from recognising and taking part in the purchase of The Tantra Chair ® designs – a one of a kind and original concept unique to the industry and forever adored by individuals across the globe. Company: The Tantra Chair ® Name: A.J. Vitaro Email: [email protected] Web Address: https://www.tantrachair.com ften referred to as the ‘world’s finest work of functional art,’ The Tantra Chair ® has been around for over two decades, creating chairs for countless celebrities, actors, musicians, politicians, princes, princesses and even presidents of nations. This entirely worldclass accreditation is appreciated internationally amongst various classes of individuals. With typical customers ranging from 35 to 65 years of age, The Tantra Chair ® is instantly recognized and can be found in nearly every nation around the world. The company is honoured and proud to be able to spread its influence across the globe, bettering the comfort and lives of many. The Tantra Chair ® is noted for its use of the finest, ecofriendly materials found within the world and combines that with its professionally known world-class artisans who consistently and continually create products that exceed customer and company expectations. A.J. Vitaro, the original designer of The Tantra Chair ® explains the execution of development and the uniqueness of the product by stating, “The Tantra Chair ® is the original, authentic design. Unfortunately, many companies around the globe try to replicate our design illegally, but we stay at the forefront because we create the highest quality in the world. The Tantra Chair® is the dominant design in our sector of the industry, and it has been ever since it was introduced to the world. The main reason for this is because it is the original design and the first of its kind on the planet.” With a product of this magnitude and exquisite nature, the best way the company has yet been able to market itself is heavily relied on by the recommendations of its current clients as word of mouth, and personal praise is the best marketing recognition a company can have. Most recently, The Tantra Chair ® has been working intensely to develop a new version of its classically unique Tantra Chair ® design, including electronics that incorporate electric motors and hydraulics for specific purposes. A.J expands on this development and states, “We don’t want to reveal the intention of these changes until we introduce it to the Best Furniture Design & Manufacturing Company 2022 and Award for Excellence in Stylish Furniture Designs 2022 Established with a vision to enhance people’s lives worldwide, The Tantra Chair ® is recognised as the Best Furniture Design and Manufacturing Company for its excellence in stylish furniture designs. For over 20 years, the company has primarily focused on creating designs that nurture the human body - launched to create experiences for clients that encourage a more present and conscious journey throughout their lifestyles. O Jan22596 The Tantra Chair ®