Home & Garden Awards 2022

Home and Garden Awards 2022 BUILD 9 Jan22174 RISKA has established itself to be the best quality standing desk on the UK market through obsessive attention to the quality of its products, services, and the personalized experience its customers thoroughly enjoy and appreciate as consumers. At FRISKA, the company can differentiate itself in several ways, from the quiet whispers of its lowering and raising mechanisms to the fastest heigh adjustment. Moreover, as a unique company in a relatively niche market, FRISKA can overturn delivery speed faster due to the amount of stock it holds within the UK. Most notably distinguished from the company is its ability to create bespoke designs incorporated with its 10-year guarantee that is recognized as one of the best in the country. Mike Boyt, FRISKA’s Principal Product Manager, expands on this by stating, “Most standing desk manufacturers don’t offer a bespoke design service. Those that do tend to operate to longer lead times. The best of the rest operates a sort of ‘pseudobespoke,’ with a mix and matchable set of desktops and frames, which does offer a certain amount of flexibility, but nothing approaching the complete freedom of bespoke. FRISKA offers an entirely bespoke standing desk service, limited only by the requirement that the desktop must fit the desk frame.” Due to its incredible selection, stock, and reputable motivation, FRISKA can deliver all bespoke orders within three weeks. At FRISKA, sustainability and quality are the two most essential factors in creating entirely unique and exceptionally crafted bespoke pieces. As a result, they are heavily regarded within the home and garden sector. Mike expands on this by stating, “Sustainability is high on the list of customer expectations, but there’s a need to distinguish the genuinely sustainable from the greenwashing. For example, all our desktops are manufactured in the UK, and all but one of our frames are manufactured in Sweden, using 30% recycled steel. Inevitably there’s a carbon footprint to that, but we take pride in the fact that lots of extremely lengthy supply chains don’t undermine our sustainability efforts.” Currently, for companies like FRISKA within their sector, there is rising tension in finding the right balance between quality and cost, which is a delicate yet vital focal point for those who wish to succeed or maintain their reputation in their positions. Thus, Mike explains the details that go into observing and maintaining the structure quality of FRISKA products by stating, “In the way desk masts (legs) are constructed, they are like Russian babushka dolls – each standing desk leg houses two smaller legs which sit inside the first and extend when the desk is raised. Each desk uses a plastic insert between each section to keep the legs moving freely. If the tolerances are out by even a tiny amount at each point, the effect will be magnified when the desk is fully extended. FRISKA’s inserts are machined precisely to each individual leg. It’s in lots of small details like these – details that eliminate frustration and distraction- where we believe FRISKA demonstrates its quality.” Most recently, for FRISKA, the company has introduced a range of high-tech laminate desktops, and with that, FRISKA is looking to introduce these products to a broader market. With its new range of desktops, some features include a smart anti-fingerprint material capable of healing superficial micro-scratches. Its revolutionary new product has been tested according to ISO 22196 with the desk surface having the ability to inhibit and kill the growth of microorganisms and a comforting soft-touch matt finish with low light reflectivity. Mike closes the article by expanding with his final comments stating, “The results of this is a desk that not only stays looking better for longer but also helps its user stay healthy. As the world of work shifts to a more hybrid model where more desk space is shared, we’re expecting this new generation of standing desks to give users greater reassurance over hot-desking.” For FRISKA, its leading innovation is expanding over the industry, completely reinventing the sectors with unique designs created especially with the users in mind – a totally comprehensive and stylist fitting for any and all homes. Company: FRISKA Desk Name: Mike Boyt Email: [email protected] Web Address: https://friskadesk.com/ F FRISKA – in basic terms, is Europe’s Best Standing Desk Supplier that creates exceptionally standing desks crafted to individual taste through bespoke designs. However, FRISKA provides more than just a structurally sound desk but a perfectly balanced workplace for productivity, freedom, and wellbeing. Established as a company within the UK, FRISKA draws from Swedish inspirations to create its wonderfully nurtured products and the inner corporate philosophy that the company is founded on. Best Standing Desk Supplier - Europe