Best Restoration & Conservative Rehabilitation Specialists 2020 - Italy

Graduated from the Polytechnic of Turin – Faculty of Architecture in the winter session of the Academic Year 1993/1994, after a few years spent in local technical studies, the architect Davide FORNERO founded, in 1997, the architectural firm “DF + A” DAVIDE FORNERO ARCHITETTO, which deals with various design disciplines from the beginning, also making use of the collaboration of specialized and highly experienced partners. The studio deals with both public and private works, through assignments ranging from technical consultancy to the design of public works such as roads, underground networks, skills in the field of buildings and historic houses. The private customer takes over most of the activities carried out so far by the study through the architectural and structural design of new residential, commercial, tertiary, social and recreational assistance buildings, as well as the renovation, regeneration and structural consolidation of existing properties but also interior design.

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