BUILD Magazine is excited to announce that our highly successful Architecture Awards will be returning once again in 2024! We take great pride in the fact that the Architecture Awards are the longest-running programme on the BUILD platform and are set to enter a milestone tenth year.

The Architecture industry plays a pivotal role in everyday life and is constantly evolving to meet the needs of modern consumers. Urbanisation is rising rapidly all over the world, and as cities continue to expand this increases the need for good quality buildings and results in greater demand for architectural services. The fast pace of urbanisation can be seen not only within major economic powers like the US and China, but also in developing countries such as Brazil and India, where big investments have been made into design and construction activities.

As the world’s population continues to rise and people are enjoying higher levels of disposable income, the residential segment of the Architecture industry in particular is going from strength to strength. Architects have to keep pace with the changing needs of today’s consumers in order to stay competitive and set themselves apart from other providers. Customer habits and preferences have shifted in recent years to incorporate home offices, open spaces, and eco-friendly design.

In fact, sustainability is central not only to the residential field, but every aspect of the Architecture sector. According to a recent report by Dodge Data & Analytics, green building currently makes up around a third of the residential market, and its share is expected to increase in the coming years, as it also expands into the commercial and industrial spaces. Many practices today are utilising advancements in technology to improve the energy efficiency of buildings and reduce the carbon footprint of the Architecture industry. The latest innovations in BIM software, AI, 3D visualisation, VR/AR, and smart city infrastructure are also allowing architects to automate tasks, streamline processes, and enhance client service.

Through the Architecture Awards 2024, we will recognise the trailblazers, innovators, and gamechangers of the Architecture industry. Our in-house team will conduct thorough and nuanced research into the latest trends and developments influencing the sector in order to determine the winners. As always, these awards with encompass the entirety of the Architecture process – everything from planning and drafting, construction and project management, to interior and landscape design and all that is in between!

Those who are successful in the Architecture Awards 2024 will be presented with a range of marketing options to choose from to promote their award to the fullest. We offer a free-of-charge marketing toolkit to all of our winners, which includes a listing in the online Architecture Awards directory on the BUILD website. For those looking for extended promotional opportunities, our bespoke commercial packages provide an extensive range of products to take advantage of, including tailored editorial coverage, website articles, personalised trophies and badge logos, as well as e-newsletter content.

The benefits of taking part are endless, so please do not hesitate to get involved in the Architecture Awards today! If you would like to submit a nomination for the Architecture Awards 2024, simply click ‘Vote Now’ and follow the instructions provided. BUILD wishes the best of luck to all of our 2024 nominees!