A. Unger, PhD

Recognised Leader in Floor Screed Examination 2018 - Europe & Best European Energy-Saving Refurbishment System: RenoSeed

RenoScreed® Energy-saving refurbishment system

enables diffusion and prevents damage caused by fungi and mould,
is about 35 % thinner than standard screeds and hence lightweight,
enables low flow temperatures of the floor heating system and heats up quickly,
saves energy and resources,
complies with fire protection class Afl (noncombustible),
contains about 59% less water than standard wet screeds,
shows about 26 % less contraction and dries about 85 % more quickly if compared to standard cementitious screeds,
is 100% water-resistant due to its hydraulic bonding agent,
does not enhance the emission load of a room,
is environmentally sustainable and can be disposed of easily,
is an ecologically-oriented system consisting of harmonized components.