Carpet horror after a great party? Yes we have all been there. One of the most difficult stains to treat in the carpet cleaning industry is the wine stain. Simply put, once wine has dried into the carpet or rug, it is close to impossible by the untrained hand. Professional wine stain removal is key when it comes to such accidents as carpet cleaning Hammersmith experts use specialised cleaning techniques designed to tackle even these stubborn unsightly wine stains.

The most significant advantage of having a professional taking care of it, is the knowledge and experience they poses. An experienced Hammersmith carpet cleaner understands the complex nature and chemical composition of the liquid which in turn means they will be able to employ the correct approach to treat the stain effectively. Furthermore, expert carpet technicians use modern cleaning extractors. These machines will be able to reach deep into the carpet without the risk of damage or stain spread. In addition, professional wine stain removal also tackles the smell wine causes. meaning no lingering unwanted odours inside your home.

To conclude, should you run into the nightmare of having to deal with wine spilled on your carpet, rather than pointlessly rubbing the stains and likely making the situation worse, it is highly advisable to entrust the carpet to an expert carpet cleaner so they can restore it for you.