Posted on 6th May 2021

Top 15 Things That You Can Do To Make Your Garage More Lively


Most people perceive their garages as a very dull and unsightly space. Are you one of such people? If that is the case, then do not worry! After all, there are many things that you can do to make your garage more lively. While figuring it out on your own might be tricky, reading this article should make it a whole lot easier for you. In this article, you will find quite a few things that you can do to turn your garage into a much livelier place, ranging from upgrading your garage door to painting the floor and adding a set of colorful lockers.


Install A Garage Door Opener

The first thing that you can do to improve the look of your garage door is to install a garage door opener. This will allow you to open and close the garage door with the help of a remote control. You should note that not all garage door openers are created equally so make sure that you choose a garage door opener that is perfect for your garage. You might also want to purchase a garage door bottom seal just to keep any rain out. Make sure you purchase one that works with your particular garage door, for example, if you have a wooden garage door, then you will need to purchase a garage door opener that works well with wooden doors.


Paint The Floor

The next thing that you can do to make your garage look more lively is to paint the floor. However, you should take care to choose the right color of paint for this purpose. Make sure that it complements the rest of your home’s colors as well as that it contrasts with the rest of the space. Another thing that you can do is to cover up the concrete flooring of your garage with an epoxy coating. This will give the floor a much more pleasant appearance. Epoxy coatings are available in many different colors, which means that you will not have any trouble finding one that matches your garage’s color scheme.


Add A Set Of Colorful Lockers

Another thing that you can do to make your garage more lively is to add a set of colorful lockers to it. If you find this idea appealing, then you can start by choosing an appropriate color scheme for the lockers. For instance, if your house has a red and white color scheme, then you can choose to go for red lockers. Once you have chosen the colors, make sure that you choose lockers whose colors match those of the walls and floors of your garage. In order to make the lockers stand out, make sure that they have bright and eye-catching designs on them.


Add Some Shelves

If you are looking for something that can help you organize the garage better, then consider adding some shelves to it. This will allow you to keep various items in order and to keep them well-organized. Make sure that you choose shelves that are big enough to accommodate all of your belongings.


Add A Workbench

If you like to do some work in your garage, then you will need a workbench. Make sure that you choose a workbench that is spacious enough to accommodate all of your tools and equipment. The workbench should also be sturdy enough to withstand some damage and do not forget to reinforce it with some strong timber planks while you are at it.


Add A Window

Another thing that you can do to make your garage more lively is to add a window to it, however, do bear in mind that adding a window will not only allow you to let in some natural light into the garage but will also allow you to enjoy some nice views. If you are lucky enough to have a nice view outside your garage then do not hesitate to add a window!


Install A Dryer Vent

The last thing that you can do to make your garage more lively is to install a dryer vent. This allows you to dry your clothes in the open space of your garage instead of using an area in your house. All in all, if you are looking for a way to make your garage more lively, then you should definitely consider making the changes that have been mentioned above. After all, they will not only help you get a more pleasant space but will also help you get more organized!


Add A Privacy Wall

Adding a privacy wall to your garage can be a great idea. Not only will it help you keep your things from prying eyes, but it will also add an extra layer of safety. Just make sure that you use a quality materials for the wall and see to it that you do not skimp on the cost to get a better product.


Add A Storage System

Adding a storage system to your garage is another great idea. This is one of the simplest ways to improve your garage space. The storage system can be anything from a set of lockers to shelves attached to the wall and more.


Upgrade Your Garage Door

Upgrading your garage door is one of the most important things that you can do to make your garage more lively. After all, you want your garage door to look great as well. The good news is that upgrading your garage door is not rocket science and all it can take is a slap of paint which won’t take much time at all.


Add Some Painted Color Walls

Painting your garage walls with some bright colors can be a very good idea. Not only will it make the entire place look livelier but it will also give you some extra space. Pick colors that you like and really go crazy with them.


Add Some Plants To Your Garage

Adding plants to your garage can be a very good idea as well. Garages can be dull and gloomy, most of the colors you see are grey. Bringing plants into the garage can bring life to the space, just make sure that they are plants that can survive inside!


Play Some Music

Adding some music to your garage can be a really great idea, especially if you are someone who likes to work while listening to music. All you need to do in this regard is to install a set of speakers, or grab a portable one and play music of your choice by streaming it from your smartphone or tablet.


Install A Fan To Your Garage

Installing a fan in your garage can be a really great idea, especially if you live in a hot area. This will help you keep the place cool and comfortable even during the hot summer season, which is certainly something that you would love!


Clean Up The Area

Cleaning up the area is yet another thing that you can do to make your garage more lively! While figuring this out on your own might prove difficult, reading this article will certainly help you understand what needs to be done in this regard, ranging from cleaning up the floor and clearing up the space completely to painting the walls and putting up some curtains and more!



Who said that garages have to be boring? There are so many ways that you can liven up a space like this. Most of us look at the garage as a dark, dreary, gloomy, grey space, but it doesn’t have to be like that! You can let some natural sunlight in by adding a window. You can organize all your belongings by adding a good storage system. You can renovate the inside by adding an epoxy floor, painting the walls, and revamping the garage door. If you spend a lot of time working in your garage make sure you add some plants that refresh the air, a good sturdy workbench, and some music to keep you pumped! All these things are pretty simple to do even by yourself. If you are someone who spends a lot of time in their garage, you can take some of these tips and liven up the space!