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www.build-review.com Featuring: Reliable Industries Ltd: Commercial & Residential Cleaning Company of the Year 2023 - the Cayman Islands Commercial Cleaning Contractor of the Year 2023 - USA Danielle Vest has been working in the cleaning industry for over 30 years – and she’s only in her 40s! She is the owner of Preferred Cleaning Service and is highly passionate about what she does. With the help of her team, Danielle’s company delivers the cleaning service that clients deserve, specialising in cleaning all types of commercial properties, from offices to hotels to restaurants to medical environments. Following Preferred Cleaning Service’s success within the Facilities Management Awards 2023, we sat down for a chat with Danielle to learn more about her time in the industry and her company’s outstanding offering.

BUILD Facilities Management Awards 2023 2 ABOUT THE FACILITIES MANAGEMENT AWARDS 2023 BUILD is extremely proud to host the Facilities Management Awards, now in its fifth year! Hosted by BUILD, the Facilities Management Awards 2023 is dedicated to honouring the achievements of businesses and individuals operating within the facilities management (FM) industry from across the globe, who have demonstrated exceptional performance and innovation in the field. First launching in 2016, this year’s awards targets the entire FM community including but not limited to facility managers, maintenance & repair firms, access control system producers, to name just a few. This serves as the perfect opportunity for you to showcase your success and gain recognition for their hard work. Going into 2023, the top two trends concerning the FM industry are sustainability and the Internet of Things, with a more sophisticated and applied use of data to compliment senior-level decision-making driving the FM industry forward. According to studies, building operations make up 27% of global emissions, with some of this coming stemming from underused facilities. The realisation borne from this is the need for facility managers to use a more sustainable and efficient approach. Meeting this mission statement is the rapidly increasing incorporation of data to influence key decision-making within facilities management. Sofi Parry, Senior Editor Website: www.build-review.com AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

Facilities Management Awards 2023 BUILD 3 Contents 4. Preferred Cleaning Service: Commercial Cleaning Contractor of the Year 2023 - USA 8. Reliable Industries Ltd: Commercial & Residential Cleaning Company of the Year 2023 - the Cayman Islands 10. GEO4 Services Inc: Best Storm Water Maintenance Service Provider 2023 - California 12. Megram Consulting Services: Best NPO Management Solutions Provider 2023 - Ontario 14. Enerbee Technology: Most Innovative Energy Harvesting Company 2023 - France 15. Total Facility Solutions Ltd: Facilities Management Business of the Year 2023 - UK 16. Equipserv UK: Best Waste Handling Equipment Service & Maintenance Company 2023 - UK | Customer Service Excellence Award 2023 17. ASH Integrated Services: Best Integrated Mechanical & Electrical Contractor 2023 - North West England 18. Quality Commercial Cleaning: Best On-Demand Outsource Company 2023 – Queensland State 19. RKB Facility Solutions: Fastest-Growing Facility Management Firm 2023 - USA 20. Premier Property Management & Maintenance Limited: Residential Management Agency of the Year 2023 - Northern England 21. Clane Restoration Inc: Building Restoration Contractors of the Year 2023 - Ontario Studio - Washington

4 BUILD Facilities Management Awards 2023 high-end hotels, resorts, restaurants, clubs. We strive really well in high-end hotels. We clean, I believe, one of the largest hotels, which is a box hotel, and what makes it a box hotel is the event space and how many rooms they have.” Danielle goes on to tell us how every year, these hotels are visited by an outside company to perform quality assurance (QA). During the QA, the rooms are checked from back of the house to the front drive, and the hotel is provided with a score that goes public. Preferred Cleaning Service works with its client hotels to make sure everything is 100% spot-on ready for their QA visit. Thus, the company prides itself on helping one of these large hotels to gain the largest QA score for 11 years running! Also, Preferred Cleaning Service is proud to be delivering its services for one of the largest land and real estate owners in Texas, whose properties include shopping malls, hotels, and a hospital. Danielle states, “In the industry, if you’re good, when people move to new locations, they bring you with them. Almost everything we have that’s really large is all referred. So, we just took over a new client who moved over from another location and now they’re having us bid out a lot of their stuff and to take over what the other people were doing. It’s really exciting and we have a lot of big potential coming up. I just bid a whole chain of lavish hotels across Texas.” Meanwhile, Danielle loves cleaning factories, too, saying, “I strive in factories. I really like that. I think it’s because I like working in the deep industry part and the factory kind of reminds me of home on the camp, with all the guys and all the workers and the vests and everything. We’ve done really well with the factories and industrial. We work for Boeing, so we clean their Astro cleaning rooms – their aerospace stuff.” Preferred Cleaning Service also has a bottling factory client, who originally brought in a team that weren’t equipped for the work. They hadn’t been provided with the supplies needed in order to do a good or safe job, being left to figure it out on their own and using only the chemicals they could get hold of to clean – which is dangerous since chemicals can be explosive! Eventually, hen Danielle Vest was growing up, she lived on a commercial property in the middle of nowhere as her dad was a caretaker. This meant that she and her brother would help to maintain a Christian camp, where there would be a new group visiting every week, and sometimes there would be six groups visiting in a week! Danielle explains, “My dad had to clean the mess halls and take the trash out and clean the cabins, take care of the waterfront and all the other stuff in the commercial kitchens. And he didn’t have much help, so my mom would give us the guilt trip if we didn’t go help my dad. “So, my brother and I, we’ve been pretty much working since we were little – as long as we could push a broom. We were running machines and everything; learning how to strip them, wax floors, clean commercial kitchens. And then my mom, also for money, she would clean houses on the side.” She tells us more about her youth: “When I was 12, I lived out in the middle of nowhere and I wanted something to do, so I begged my parents to have a horse. Horses are expensive, so I had to work at the stables.” “Basically, I was cleaning and doing maid service since I was, like, child labour age,” she laughs, “but you know it’s good, because I’m a really hard worker and my brother is a hard worker, and everything I have is because I was pushed as a child. I love to work – it’s fun. I’ve always loved cleaning.” By 2013, Danielle was cleaning high-end homes on the side, which she enjoyed, but she didn’t really see a future in it. So, in 2015, she decided to establish her own company, Preferred Cleaning Service, wanting to take on a project that she could grow and build, yet not have to be involved as much, opting for the commercial side and offering herself as a mentor to her growing team. Danielle’s business venture grew significantly early on, extending across five states with 220 employees! Speaking of her experience of such fast business growth, she says, “I was overwhelmed. I was working 80- to 120-hour weeks. But I loved it. We have some of the best clients in the industry. We’ve cleaned the Soho House, with many different locations. We had to clean the ones in Hollywood. It’s white glove, every morning, 7AM, once the sun starts rising. We cleaned up very Commercial Cleaning Contractor of the Year 2023 - USA Danielle Vest has been working in the cleaning industry for over 30 years – and she’s only in her 40s! She is the owner of Preferred Cleaning Service and is highly passionate about what she does. With the help of her team, Danielle’s company delivers the cleaning service that clients deserve, specialising in cleaning all types of commercial properties, from offices to hotels to restaurants to medical environments. Following Preferred Cleaning Service’s success within the Facilities Management Awards 2023, we sat down for a chat with Danielle to learn more about her time in the industry and her company’s outstanding offering. W May23382 “I am so blessed and cannot express how happy I am that we have such a great team.”

5 Facilities Management Awards 2023 BUILD Preferred Cleaning Service was asked to come in, and its team completed the job properly, transforming the bottling factory into the most diverse – and cleanest! – in the US. The client remains so happy with the results that it has hired Preferred Cleaning Service time and time again, with Danielle telling us that her company has grown this account three times! She goes on to tell us about how important teamwork is to Preferred Cleaning Service’s delivery, not only internally, but also externally. “We’re stronger as a team. A lot of people think that other cleaning companies are their competitors. I want to know everything, what they’re doing, and I want to be their friend. Because if something new is out there, or if we’re having a struggle, I want to be able to support them, or they can support us. I think it’s really smart and strategic, but we’re also stronger as a team, and sometimes you can get really large accounts and you might not have the ability at the time because you have teams over in another place, but you can buddy up with other companies, and support them as well.” Also crucial to delivering a top-notch service is having the software in place. Preferred Cleaning Service has excellent

6 BUILD Facilities Management Awards 2023 software to support its team in delivering only the best. It is the only company in the world to be using this software, which wasn’t even originally developed for it, but for mitigation service instead. It is a software that enables Preferred Cleaning Service to remain ahead of the curve, so it can keep tabs on its team and know exactly what’s going on at all times. Danielle shares, “I’d been looking for software for three years and I couldn’t find anything that was simple that offered different languages and that we could just make our own. So, I found this KnowHow software at a mitigation company – mitigation is if you have a fire or flood or mould, and the company comes in to mitigate and clean it. KnowHow already took the hardest industry out there and they made this full system for it. So I was like, “This is exactly what I want!” Danielle had ideas for moulding KnowHow to meet the needs of Preferred Cleaning Service, and after a few months, she received a phone call saying it was ready. She says, “They told me I’m the first company outside of mitigation to ever use their product, so it’s really, really exciting and fun.” KnowHow can make operations simpler with the ability to share video and image to tell staff members, for example, where to park, where to access an elevator, where to check-in, or where to leave their bags. Danielle explains, “Let’s say a team member is going to start cleaning the 24th floor – They have all their supplies, and now their managers know they’re upstairs. It’s timed with GPS, and they do all their work. They’re now going to go down to the 20th floor, and the supervisor knows that they’re done with the 24th floor and can go and inspect it. “KnowHow has been a big game-changer for us. That’s how we’ve been able to manage better, and it comes in over 30 languages. It’s just such a beautiful programme.” Danielle’s desire to help others extends even further than providing an exceptional cleaning service, but she and her team are devoted to giving back to communities around the world, too. Preferred Cleaning Service has partnered with World Vision, a Christian company that supports children living in poverty, to donate $20 with every sales call it receives, as well as adopt a child with every monthly reoccurring account. Danielle comments, “It feels really special to adopt these children and to give them clean drinking water, books for school, and other types of support that they just cannot get in third-world countries.” Not only this, but Danielle is also striving to drill a well for clean drinking water each year, with hopes for the first to be in Kenya this year. This is in addition to providing monetary donations to help Venezuelan immigrants. Ultimately, it’s very clear to see how Preferred Cleaning Service has been crowned Commercial Cleaning Contractor of the Year 2023 – USA, with the company really having made a name for itself across the country and in the industry. Danielle and the team genuinely care and are dedicated to what they do, with their relentless hard work in providing the best possible service for clients. And this is enhanced by the use of cutting-edge technology. Danielle has come a long way since she first started out cleaning those cabins and mess halls, and the only way is up! So, what’s next for the company? We ask her to give us an insight into the bright future ahead. “AI is super important. We’re trying to do more with AI to see if I can support the people I mentor and to give them more of my time. So, I’m trying to systemise everything right now as much as possible so I can support more people. And then the leads that come in, if we can support them easier too, so they don’t have to book an appointment and can gain information on the spot, that would be great. Obviously I always want to leave our lines open for if people want to call. I’m pretty sure AI is where a lot of people are moving right now.” Company: Preferred Cleaning Service Contact: Danielle Vest Email: [email protected] Website: www.yourpreferredcleaning.com

7 Facilities Management Awards 2023 BUILD

BUILD Facilities Management Awards 2023 8 cleaning to restaurant cleaning, garbage removal and mould remediation, post construction cleaning and tree cutting is possible. Our diversity of services can be described as an allencompassing and self-sufficient operation.” Reliable Industries has recently worked on a newly built 10-storey commercial office building. It had been contracted to clean and prepare for its grand opening, but given just two weeks’ notice! Even with this extremely limited timeframe, it was delighted to achieve everything with aplomb. There was a mix of services required such as marble floor polishing and sealing, internal and external window cleaning, power washing of numerous surfaces, internal dusting and polishing, steam cleaning of carpet and upholstery, and more. It engaged 10 teams to execute these services on such a tight deadline, managing to complete everything within the allotted time. This was testament to the amazing field management and technical operatives, who performed works on an 18-hour shift pattern absolutely flawlessly. Reliable Industries company tagline is ‘Cleaner Spaces, Healthier People’, and it is proud to stand behind this ethos. It celebrates its business core strengths of integrity, excellence, and providing value for its customers as the driving force behind its success, as well as the vision that will see it continue forward towards a prosperous future. Reliable Industries understands that in any business there will always be unforeseen circumstances to navigate and snagging points that arise, however it feels that acknowledging problems and providing timely solutions is the key to ongoing success and client retention. Working in such a competitive industry, Reliable Industries differentiates itself in numerous ways. In the Cayman Islands, where it is based, it is the only commercial cleaning firm that is 100% Caymanian owned and operated, with a clear business model and company culture it prides itself on imparting to all its employees. It is a member of the International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA) which ensures its staff are trained to the highest of standards on a continuous basis, and practice the very best hygiene processes. It considers its unique selling point as being the extent to which it values the diversity of its clients, and their varying needs. It is always willing to accommodate and execute clients’ requests, even if it means creating a service for them that was not previously on offer. haron and (the late) Steve Smith founded Reliable Industries professional cleaning services in 1990 from their Cayman Islands home. Over its 33 years of operations, the company has risen to become an employer of 150 persons from all over the world, based at its 25,000 sq. ft building, and 10,000 sq. ft warehouse. It offers a wide range of services catering to markets including residential, commercial, and industrial. This includes, but is not limited to, exterior building washing, exterior cleaning works, residential maid services, steam cleaning of carpets, upholstery, and other fabrics, building maintenance, high rise window cleaning, tree trimming and pruning, boom truck lifts, flood extraction services, drying equipment rental, mould remediation, fire restoration, post construction cleaning, floor stripping and waxing, marble and stone cleaning and/or polishing, and other restoration services. Its clients might come from long-standing residential maid service accounts, or large commercial businesses such as supermarket chains or major facility management accounts. It prides itself on being able to handle and cater for a diverse array of clientele, with current in situ services catering for clients occupying over 1 million sq. ft of space. As a facility management and a cleaning company it is essential for Reliable Industries to specialise in many different facets of high-level cleaning and restoration. To do this effectively it focuses intently on facilitating on-going training and further education programmes for its field teams in all of their various capacities. Reliable Industries utilises the most technologically advanced and efficient cleaning systems available across the entire range of its services, and it continuously re-invests to ensure it is always operating at the cutting edge. It can work with clients all the way through from initial project planning stages to construction, and the post construction cleaning phase. After that, Reliable Industries will ensure final polishing is completed, concentrating on any minute details that need attention before the final building handover is achieved. Once the project is finished, Reliable Industries seeks both to maintain and further establish its partnerships with cleaning and facility management services for years to come, making it a valued partner from inception to completion. “The company offers a wide array of services, be they commercial, industrial, or residential. Everything from office Family owned and operated Reliable Industries Ltd offers janitorial services for commercial, industrial, and residential properties. Based in the Cayman Islands, the company takes enormous pride in understanding the needs of each individual client, and fine tuning its services to the absolute optimal level. S May23648 Commercial & Residential Cleaning Company of the Year 2023 - the Cayman Islands

Facilities Management Awards 2023 BUILD 9 “Reliable Industries Ltd. was humbly founded in the home of Steve and Sharon Smith in 1990. Steve was always passionate about the business and how to improve and build upon what had already been established. This meant expanding into different services and always seeking to provide the customer with the utmost care.” As a family operated business, Reliable Industries prides itself on presenting a friendly, small-family approach even when facing large-scale operations. It treats both clients and staff as members of its family, with their needs at the forefront of everything it does. It makes certain that all its employees are offered in-house training programmes regularly to align their skills with their jobs, maintain excellence, and ensure they feel equipped and confident in their jobs. For those seeking career progression, the company provides many opportunities for staff to be promoted within the company. Indeed, it boasts many team members who have been working with the company for over 20 years. Reliable Industries truly values its staff, and its fabulous company culture resolutely reflects this. Due to the rising cost of living and inflation in the Cayman Islands, the housing market has made rental properties somewhat unattainable for many workers within the professional cleaning industry. That’s why one of Reliable Industries’ major goals for the future is to develop a housing facility dedicated to its staff. It wants to ensure its valued personnel have stable and economically sound living spaces for generations to come. Such an endeavour would provide so many benefits for all the parties involved, but undoubtedly it would especially improve the quality of life for Reliable Industries cherished staff. With regards to future goals for its esteemed clientele, the company wants to continue servicing its Caymanian community in the most ethical and economical way possible whilst continuing to provide the excellent, high-quality service it is known for. Reliable Industries has been awarded the title Commercial & Residential Cleaning Company of the Year 2023 - the Cayman Islands, in the Facilities Management Awards. This remarkable and diligent company really stands out as a superb example of how to run commercial, industrial, and residential cleaning services, and wholeheartedly deserves this prestigious honour. Company: Reliable Industries Ltd Web Address: www.reliable.ky Contact Name: Jason Smith

BUILD Facilities Management Awards 2023 10 maintenance, which is the first step in stopping pollutants from entering our seas.” Pro-activity is vital across several areas of the business. Naturally, GEO4 is able to create its best work at a point of pro-active preparation, rather than last-minute considerations. Much of this lies in informing potential clients of the critical importance of stormwater maintenance infrastructure, and in flexing the team’s expertise to, simply, get that infrastructure in place. After that, the results speak for themselves. Ultimately, there’s no overestimating the importance of results in this space. A failure to overcome challenges and meet expectations is damaging for a plethora of reasons, and, as they say, reputations can disintegrate in a moment. Simona herself is only too aware of this, but remains confident and adamant of her – and her team’s – exceptional ability. “Every individual has an opportunity to succeed in this industry. Being a woman holds a unique challenging, yet positive solution-based perspective that is inclusive, daring, and caring.” When it comes to its current client base, Simona and the team have endeavoured to cultivate client-centric services finetuned to nurture long-term partnerships and collaboration. This is a point of pride for GEO4. “We are most proud of our partnerships. Some of them are 20 years in the making. We have life-long friendships created because of our honest and hardworking efforts to ensure everyone has an input and say in our solutions and goals. Achieving our goals is possible when everyone is aligned with the same core values. We do not shy away from any challenge. Our work product is integrated into client records and processes. We continually remind our customers that we are a team here to assist in their compliance while providing a cost-effective solution to meeting their goals as well as ours.” This approach is carried over to the internal culture of GEO4 too, with the team encouraged to break down any barriers of ‘we vs us’. It’s all one team, operating and collaborating together to achieve results for their clients. “Opportunities for personal growth and training are encouraged and promoted, as well as open and clear dialogue,” Simona adds. EO4 Services operates within a strict regulatory sphere, and in an industry that requires consistent results-driven services. It’s an arena with many challenges, and an ever-evolving landscape of considerations to incorporate, balance, and overcome. Yet, GEO4 has succeeded at every turn, becoming a de facto leader, known for delivering on all expectations – and often exceeding them. For Simona, this has proven to be a vital element to the company’s current success, and sets the team in good stead whatever the future may face. “Our company is a stormwater management company,” she begins. “We help our clients, including master developers, property management companies, commercial and retail sites, municipalities, and private business owners, maintain their stormwater runoff systems to comply with stringent regulations. We implement comprehensive programmes to help ease and maintain stormwater runoff challenges while keeping within a budget.” Of course, there’s one benefit to operating in a regulated industry – best practices are explicit. It’s easy to know how to best serve your clientele. The difficulty lies in meeting all expectations, and delivering those practices in a costeffective, bespoke nature. For Simona, a specific focus for GEO4 remains in environmental considerations and in the reduction of pollutive elements wherever possible. Here, she moves on to discuss this perspective, followed by outlining the common challenges to growth for the company. “We focus on environmental compliance products, services, and programmes to promote sound practices within the facilities management space. I am most passionate about focusing on this area because pollution prevention underpins all our hopes to improve our health and well-being. “Persistence and adaptation are crucial to turning challenges into growth. One of our biggest challenges is educating and engaging our customers to do more than the bare minimum to meet regulations. We do everything we can to keep our customers happy. We are also always looking for key markers and opportunities to grow our business and implement our vision for a better planet. Our biggest challenge and passion is teaching our customers to be more proactive in stormwater Effective planning that specifically addresses the impacts of urbanization and stormwater can better prepare communities for the challenges posed by unpredictable weather patterns associated with climate change. Through its work, GEO4 Services Inc. (GEO4) has become a standout element in regard to storm water maintenance. On the back of its deserved success in the awards programme, we spoke with CEO, Simona Tzagournis to find out how she drives the company to ever greater heights. G Jun23212 Best Storm Water Maintenance Service Provider 2023 - California

Facilities Management Awards 2023 BUILD 11 All in all, GEO4 Services is on a path of continuous growth thanks to this potent combination of client-centric services partnered with an enriched and encouraged team. Its clients too benefit from the latter, with an outlook defined by ongoing development. “Sustainable development is crucial. We plan to continue to assist our clients in implementing their best practices to adapt to rapid environmental changes.” In a future promising to deliver immense climate and environmental changes, it brings peace of mind to know that there are companies such as GEO4 delivering expert services to those that need it most. A well-deserved win in every respect. Company: GEO4 Services Inc. Email: [email protected] Web Address: https://www.geo4services.com Address: 30262 Crown Valley Parkway, PMB 438, Laguna Niguel, CA 92677 Telephone: 949-290-1316

BUILD Facilities Management Awards 2023 12 leadership and governance support to their boards as well as supporting their member service programmes. With our extensive membership, financial, and meeting management skills, we are able to respond to and resolve issues quickly and competently, deliver results on time and on budget, provide high levels of personal member service, and – crucially – always go the extra mile! We provide one of the most comprehensive suites of offerings in the industry, including serving as website developers plus newsletter and magazine publishers. By taking on the mission-critical tasks, we stay true to our goal of always striving to to reduce volunteer burn-out so not-for-profit associations can focus on serving the needs of their members and extending their organizations’ reach.” Jenna notes that one of the best ways to explain Megram’s work is through the lens of one of its most recently-acquired clients. “We have recently taken on a new client that became incorporated as a non-for-profit organization in 1945, with over 1,700 physicists working in academia, government, and industry. We are creating a more organized infrastructure to allow for the association to grow and be efficient at achieving their goals and moving forward with success. We research each client’s programs such as various events, scholarships, awards and certifications. Understanding how each unique program works gives us the opportunity to simplify and make things more streamlined. It’s exciting when we discover new tools that can benefit multiple organizations.” Through every beat of the conversation, it’s obvious and evident that Megram plans to match its clients’ pace, serving them best by becoming experts in each specific field or industry in which the non-profits are operating. Megram’s team is, understandably, essential to all of this, as well as to ensuring that Jenna’s ambitious goals for the company remain achievable. “I am extraordinarily proud of our team,” she says. “We work together to accomplish not only the goals of the associations but also the goals of our company. We push each association manager to take on new challenges for independent growth as well. We would not be the Megram we are today without the staff we have. When taking on a new client, we research the organization to make sure that our values align. We have longstanding clients whom we have retained by being transparent and realistic, from the initial phone call right through the entire ased out of Renfrew, Ontario, Megram Consulting Services has nurtured a service package that looks to satisfy its clients’ management needs across a variety of different avenues. Megram provides bilingual association management services to both provincial, national, and international non-profits. Today, the team offers complete office support with dedicated telephone, internet, conference call, webinar, and video conferencing services. But, wait, there’s more! Naturally, in the evolving digital landscape, Megram has expanded to include online payment processing services alongside secure paper and digital storage. Many companies have crumpled from trying to do less, so how does Megram do it? A back to basics approach involving solid management, a strong work ethic, a client-centric outlook, and a dedication to nurturing a potent internal culture sets Megram apart. “Our staff have backgrounds in customer service so they have experience in issue resolution and personal service,” explains Jenna. “We take full ownership of each client’s affairs with which we have been entrusted. We analyse processes and programmes and we recommend changes that will improve service delivery, reduce costs, mitigate risk, and make our clients’ organizations stronger. Megram offers an extensive range of professional services to an ever-growing roster of provincial, national, and international non-profit associations, and we tailor what we provide to fit specific requirements.” This client-centric approach has succeeded in creating an indelible reputation in the market, with customized solutions to solve every client’s bespoke needs, and elevate the organization to their ‘next level’ of operation – whatever that may look like. It’s no overstatement to say that the services which Megram offers are absolutely vital for sustainable operations in today’s technology-driven, mobile climate. The Megram team takes great pride in its proactive approach to internal professional development, staying up to date on every new technology and service that could, in turn, make a world of difference to their clients. “We are well-versed in the day-to-day administrative tasks required by every association,” explains Jenna. “We provide Best NPO Management Solutions Provider 2023 - Ontario Megram Consulting Services (Megram) excels what it does, and what it does is, well, a lot. Now celebrating over 20 years in business, we spoke with President, Jenna Parachoniak for more insight into Megram’s operations, achievements, and history of success on the back of its recognition in the awards programme. B May23725

13 Facilities Management Awards 2023 BUILD working relationship. We work together at finding solutions, then executing them as a team. “Megram operates more on the collaborative culture side. We communicate often and are there to assist with ideas and issues right away. Each team member is made aware from day one we are all there for each other and we need and want each association manager to succeed.” With all this in mind, it should be no surprise that the future of Megram looks to be defined by further expansion over the next five years, with a variety of other aspirations to compliment that growth and maturation of services. With 20 years of support to NPOs under the team’s belt, and with lessons firmly learned, skills developed, and mission in place, Megram Consulting Services looks set to be the de facto leader in the industry. Company Name: Megram Consulting Services Contact Name: Jenna Parachoniak, President Address: 180 Plaunt St. S, Suite 3 Renfrew ON, Canada K7V 1M8 Web Address: www.megram.com Contact Email [email protected] Telephone Number: (613) 432-9491 Jenna Parachoniak Ryan Parachoniak

BUILD Facilities Management Awards 2023 14 Over the last nine years, Enerbee Technology has endeavoured to offer solutions that solve prominent problems. In a world becoming ever more reliant on innovators, this team delivers in a space that is becoming more crucial as we move forwards. For Julien, the company excels within this framework, only too eager to meet new demands and set new benchmarks. “We are proud of the solutions that we offer to our customer because they contribute to the occupant’s well-being while we focus also on energy savings thanks to variable air volume system. F2A and Enerbee Technology cover main parameters from indoor comfort with indoor air quality and acoustic. Our energy harvesting system is our main unique selling point. This innovation is a true breakthrough for the ventilation business. HVAC is a conservative industry and it’s difficult to offer new product or new solution. Thanks to this development we are able to promote a product providing existing functions but with key features as IoT connectivity.” All things considered, the future of Enerbee Technology looks to be incredibly promising, with new clients and new growth in the commercial buildings side of its operations. Here, Julien offers more insight into their plans for the company. “We have an ambitious growth plan by 2027. We plan to grow with our current product range but also thanks to an acquisition. We would like to extend our product portfolio, still focus on occupants’ indoor comfort though indoor air quality and acoustic, and our industrial capacity.” Company: Enerbee Technology Name: Julien Musset, Business Unit Director Email: [email protected] Web Address: https://www.enerbee-technology.fr/ Address: 37 Rue Diderot – Bâtiment B, 1er étage – 38000 Grenoble nerbee Technology is built on innovation, and continues to grow and see success through the combined efforts and expertise of its team. Based out of Grenoble in France, the company has benefited from strong European links and an ever-eager market driven towards continued innovation in the energy space. Ultimately, all the pieces are firmly in place to secure Enerbee Technology’s enduring success. For Julien, the focus now must remain on delivering best in class, pacesetting research. “Enerbee’s multi-patented technology is the result of five years of R&D collaboration involving Grenoble’s world-class scientific institutions. Enerbee Technology’s capability for innovation has been rewarded many times, receiving several national and international awards. The main application of this energy harvesting system is smart ventilation. Enerbee Technology and F2A have developed a unique energy self-sufficient and connected variable air volume damper, e•VAV.” Predominantly serving HVAC contractors, consulting engineers, and facility managers, the company operates firmly within the facilities management arena. Despite offering novel solutions to energy issues, Enerbee Technology also endeavours to offer a plethora of alternate benefits to further distinguish itself from any potential peers and competitors. “We provide benefits for all of our clientele, including ease of installation and commissioning for the contractors, ease of design of the consulting engineers, ease of access to data, and ease of indoor air quality management,” Julien adds. With all of this in mind then, Enerbee Technology is a vital element of building management for its clients, ensuring that indoor air quality and ventilation remain the best quality possible, even considering various considerations such as budget requirements and restrictions. “Often the budget for the ventilation system isn’t in line with the challenges of occupant indoor comfort. During the design phase there aren’t enough focus on the ventilation system and then the poor design doesn’t facilitate the management during life cycle building. “More when the layout of rooms is changed during the life of the building (an office becomes a meeting room or vice versa) often it’s difficult to modify the ventilation system to fit to a new layout because the ventilation ductwork isn’t easily reachable or adaptable. Thanks to our damper that requires any cables or wiring, we can modify the system more easily.” Most Innovative Energy Harvesting Company 2023 - France Established in 2014, Enerbee Technology became part of the F2A Group in 2022, bolstering its offerings towards a wider market. As a research institute in the field of power generation and autonomous electricity, Enerbee Technology has become a standout element in this ever-evolving and ever-developing landscape. We spoke with Business Unit Director, Julien Musset to find out more. E Jun23430 Enerbee Technology

Facilities Management Awards 2023 BUILD 15 May23554 uke founded Total Facility Solutions Ltd in 2014 from scratch, with – quite literally – everything on the line and immense risk. Yet, today, it celebrates a multimillion pound valuation, and an incredible reputation within the industry it operates. It’s an impressive journey, and one defined by hard work, determination to succeed, and a mission to change best practices within facility management. The bulk of TFS’s work involves the supply of commercial and industrial cleaning services, but recent years have seen the company expand into multiple supplementary areas, including security, pest control services, washrooms, window cleaning, laundry services, and waste management alongside integrated management services around the UK. Here, Luke begins by explaining the background of founding TFS and how it has grown exponentially since 2014. “Starting with nothing and selling all valuable assets, I am delighted that in 2023 I now own and operate over £7 million successful national cleaning and support services organisation. Despite starting with nothing and with a 4 and 6 year old at home, alongside a stay at home mother, the risks were great. On multiple occasions throughout the first few years of trading, cash flow and associated startup costs were extremely challenging, with multiple close financial calls. Now recognised nationally in the FM industry, we currently employ over 1500 people across the UK and growing, servicing globally recognised clients including Snapchat, Nike, Peel Ports Group, UPS, Motorola, and many more.” He continues, “Due to our continued success year on year, we recognise our corporate and social responsibility, we have contributed over £20,000+ in local charitable donations, largely in supporting Rainbow Hub, supporting children and young adults with complex disabilities based in Ormskirk, helping to raise over £100,000+ in charitable events. Our environmental policies prioritise our core values, in providing a sustainable and environmentallyfriendly service, which take in consideration our transportation, production, using 100% recyclable materials, and zero waste to landfill goals.” More than anything, Luke understands that it is imperative to remain innovative and aware of technological developments on the horizon. Especially now, when technological development drives so much of the greater business landscape. You need to stay aware of all potential opportunities to improve, no matter how ‘outside of the box’ it may appear at first. “Our technological advance is superior to our industry competition, utilising geo-fencing attendance technology to identify both the location and time for each employee,” he adds. There is an element of ‘good timing’ in determining TFS’s expansion, especially in regard to the last three years. During COVID, TFS were considered vital to the ongoing operations and safety of many businesses, as Luke moves on to discuss. “During COVID, TFS were vital in protecting against infection and transmission, implementing strict protocols and procedures, directly protecting over 100,000 client employees. Enhancing our technical capabilities, moving beyond COVID, many clients have adopted flexible working practices, many working a combination of at home and in office rotation. Adapting to this new working model, we have developed and implemented office sensors to track and record office movements and average footfall. “As a result, we can now offer hybrid services that work around our clients’ needs and requirements, from real world data and analytics. As a business leader and owner, I have had to navigate and strategically coordinate the business through challenging and ever-changing industry environments, including COVID. With our 10th year anniversary approaching, I thought it prudent to be bold enough to enter into an award and recognition in reflection of the risks, continued success, and many proud achievements over the last decade.” But let’s talk about those four distinguishing pillars, and how Luke aims to develop TFS on an ongoing, continual basis. The first is costeffective services. The second, speed of delivery. Third, flexibility, and finally, a dedication to a high, consistent, quality of service. “Our exceptional pricing matrix is unmatched. Our competition cannot get near us price for price. We save our clients enormous amounts of capital. Speed matters to our clients. The ability to make key decisions in quick succession allows for fast delivery times and highly responsive reaction times. In terms of flexibility, we allow our clients to change the service provision including hours at any time. This enables clients to amend the service around the requirements of their individual business needs. “Equally, TFS and the TFS operations team are extremely proud and obsessed about cleaning and what we do. Our clients are a forward-thinking organisations that takes customer feedback very seriously. This matches our vision, together we believe TFS and our clients achieve great things.” There’s much more to come from TFS, stay tuned! Company Name: Total Facility Solutions Ltd Website: www.tfsgroup.co.uk Facebook: @tfssocial instagram: tfsgroup L Total Facility Solutions Ltd (TFS) has based its peerless operations on four pillars of distinguishing elements which have seen it cultivate a strong reputation in the space over a relatively short time period. We spoke with Managing Director and Founder, Luke Martin to find out more about its services and outstanding dedication to excellence. Facilities Management Business of the Year 2023: UK

BUILD Facilities Management Awards 2023 16 We also offer Equip-Clean, which is an equipment cleaning facility to support site housekeeping or act as an independent service aligned with our core SMR activity. Supporting the account management is the Engineering Services Team who are effectively the ‘engineroom’ of the business by providing the engineering solution that effects a cost-effective and robust ‘fix’ to the equipment.” Equipserv UK has moved ahead of the pack through a core mission of, in essence, ‘thinking of everything’, and driving towards peak efficiency through every decision across the company’s operations. “Our services are delivered by an experienced team of engineers, strategically located throughout the UK, each with a bias on a key area of expertise whether it be electrics, fabrication, hydraulics, or mechanical – this enables prompt diagnosis and a focus on a first time fix,” Chris says. “This is further enabled by stocking our vans with fast moving parts and access to more bespoke items via a mature supply chain network. Communication is a key element which is achieved by each engineer having a PDA unit and van tracker so job allocation and scheduling can be planned and altered to attend health and safety incidents as well as diversion on-route to site for parts and consumables.” Ultimately, this will stand Equipserv UK in good stead as it looks to a future defined by continued development and expansion, as Chris discusses in his closing comments. “We believe that we have the necessary attributes, commitment, and drive to achieve our vision to provide a high quality of service that differentiates us within our chosen markets to make Equipserv UK the supplier of choice.” Company: Equipserv UK Website: https://www.equipservuk.com/ Based in Sheffield, Equipserv UK has built a dedicated client base for its essential services through a commitment to client specific, product proposition, and service deliverables. As an independent service, maintenance, and repair (SMR) organisation, it looks to provide national coverage through a network of well-trained, regionallybased engineers. With a product portfolio comprised of a wide range of equipment, including balers, compactors, dock-levellers, conveyor systems and scissor lifts, Equipserv UK operates in an industry which demands consistency and reliability. In that, it looks to exceed every expectation. “Today, our total fleet size is in excess of 2,500, handled on behalf of over 200 customers contracted on a number of options namely, fully comprehensive, planned (PPM) and on-call. As a business, we also have the key industry certifications of ISO: 9001, ISO: 14001, and OHSAS: 45001, which cover quality, environmental, and health and safety, all of which are subject to annual audit. The accreditation of SAFE Contractor shows compliance to working on site, which is also subject to annual renewal,” Chris Duckett, Commercial Director, explains, setting the parameters for the company’s success so far. Through working in the markets that it operates, Equipserv UK understands that it must build a reputation based on excellence across all its operations – whether that be from customer service, or regulatory requirements, or anything in between. Reliability in terms of its equipment and mobilisation of supplementary services, to deliver the right service at the right time. The company continues to thrive and grow through its dedicated client-centric operations as Chris moves on to discuss. “Dedicated account management is routed through the Operations Team which promotes relationship building by acting as the key interface with customers on all aspects of job activity, from service scheduling to quotations for remedial work, problem solving, and MIS reporting to give a high level of transparency. “We’ve also added value-add services including ‘refurbishment’ which means exactly that, and not just a coat of paint that gives the appearance of a refurbishment without resolving the fundamental issues that brought about the decision to have the machine refurbished in the first place. Every aspect of the machine is fully assessed, and to do this every item must be removed from the mainframe for full inspection, to either be repaired or replaced. The areas of refurbishment are broken down into 4 areas: Mainframe, Hydraulic, Electrical and Mechanical Movement. Operating across a number of industry sectors, including the retail, manufacturing, waste services and public sector. Equipserv UK has cultivated a strong reputation for best-in-class waste handling equipment services and maintenance. B May23436 Best Waste Handling Equipment Service & Maintenance Company 2023 – UK | Customer Service Excellence Award 2023 Equipserv UK

Facilities Management Awards 2023 BUILD 17 May23433 hen it comes to electrical and mechanical service providers it’s rare to find one that offers integrated services with genuine expertise in every discipline. ASH Integrated Services offers exactly that. Having one organisation with the capability to deliver all your electrical and mechanical needs saves time and reduces risk. Clients have one dedicated point of contact for each Facilities Management Contract or Project. The company tailors its approach to its clients’ needs, offering standalone mechanical services, electrical services, or a combination of the two. Overseeing the lifecycle of each project, the company ensures efficient operation to optimise the life expectancy of each piece of equipment. ASH Integrated Services also helps clients to reduce energy bills and reduce their carbon footprint. Antony tells us, “Whether you’re looking for design and build, are undergoing a revamp, or need reactive and emergency support, the team at ASH Integrated Services can help. We have expertise in a huge range of disciplines including HVAC, combined heat and power, renewable energy systems, lighting, data points, hot and chilled water systems, and plumbing and drainage.” Understanding the issues associated with maintenance disruption, ASH Integrated Services uses its pre-fabrication workshop wherever possible. Pre-building off-site also helps the company to ensure consistent quality of service and saves time on site resulting in cost-savings for clients too. Antony says, “We’ve recently invested in a mobile boiler house too. It’s proving very popular with our clients, especially when having hot water is critical to their operations. We have also investing in a host of renewable-related services and training for our Engineering Team. We’re now able to deliver car charging points, solar PV systems, battery storage, underfloor heating, air source heat pumps, and green energy solutions.” As a people-orientated business, ASH Integrated Services is committed to investment in its team and the community. Antony explains, “We all should be making a real difference to the communities we work in. We know that there are skills shortages and diversity issues in the engineering and facilities management sectors. Our aim is to address these issues by training more apprentices from all backgrounds, ethnicities, genders, and age groups to become qualified specialists in their fields.” ASH Integrated Services now employs over 50 people and provides more employment and training opportunities to the community of Greater Manchester year-on-year. With its expansion into the renewable energy sector, the company has plans in place for a further recruitment drive. Antony says, “ We are a people business and when people are happy at work, they’re more productive. The best way to retain loyal talented people is to make sure they’re happy. Whenever we propose to grow or expand the business, we always look at who amongst our staff we can develop to take key roles. Professional, reliable, and friendly are words we’ve embedded into our culture, they’ve become our core values.” Recent accolades have served to reinforce ASH Integrated Services’ reputation as a safe pair of hands. So far this year, the company achieved ISO 9001 Quality and ISO Environmental Certification and received the EcoVadis Bronze Medal for Recognition of Sustainability Achievement. We’re looking forward to seeing what’s next for ASH Integrated Services. Contact Details Antony Grace- Director ASH Integrated Services Ltd Mobile: 07534150724 Office: 01615184232 mailto:[email protected] 2nd Floor Hindsford House Printshop Lane Atherton M46 9BJ Web Address: https://ashintegratedservices.co.uk W Based in Atherton, Greater Manchester, ASH Integrated Services Ltd specialises in providing joinedup mechanical and electrical projects and maintenance solutions. The company, established in 2019, offers bespoke solutions to clients across the North West and beyond. Directors Antony Grace, Sean Jackson and Howard Jackson have clocked up an impressive 100 years of industry experience between them. We speak with the company’s Director Antony Grace to find out more. Best Integrated Mechanical & Electrical Contractor 2023 - North West England ASH Integrated Services Ltd