Facilities Management Awards 2023

Facilities Management Awards 2023 BUILD 9 “Reliable Industries Ltd. was humbly founded in the home of Steve and Sharon Smith in 1990. Steve was always passionate about the business and how to improve and build upon what had already been established. This meant expanding into different services and always seeking to provide the customer with the utmost care.” As a family operated business, Reliable Industries prides itself on presenting a friendly, small-family approach even when facing large-scale operations. It treats both clients and staff as members of its family, with their needs at the forefront of everything it does. It makes certain that all its employees are offered in-house training programmes regularly to align their skills with their jobs, maintain excellence, and ensure they feel equipped and confident in their jobs. For those seeking career progression, the company provides many opportunities for staff to be promoted within the company. Indeed, it boasts many team members who have been working with the company for over 20 years. Reliable Industries truly values its staff, and its fabulous company culture resolutely reflects this. Due to the rising cost of living and inflation in the Cayman Islands, the housing market has made rental properties somewhat unattainable for many workers within the professional cleaning industry. That’s why one of Reliable Industries’ major goals for the future is to develop a housing facility dedicated to its staff. It wants to ensure its valued personnel have stable and economically sound living spaces for generations to come. Such an endeavour would provide so many benefits for all the parties involved, but undoubtedly it would especially improve the quality of life for Reliable Industries cherished staff. With regards to future goals for its esteemed clientele, the company wants to continue servicing its Caymanian community in the most ethical and economical way possible whilst continuing to provide the excellent, high-quality service it is known for. Reliable Industries has been awarded the title Commercial & Residential Cleaning Company of the Year 2023 - the Cayman Islands, in the Facilities Management Awards. This remarkable and diligent company really stands out as a superb example of how to run commercial, industrial, and residential cleaning services, and wholeheartedly deserves this prestigious honour. Company: Reliable Industries Ltd Web Address: www.reliable.ky Contact Name: Jason Smith